Is selling earrings to earn money (sell earrings to earn money)

The Tokyo Olympic Games will be held

China sports athletes compete for the gold to win the golden silver, and they are exciting

The small commodities around the Olympic Games also follow the fire

[123 ] Among them, the same mask

快别买了!这个“奥运同款”全都是假的 reported by the Olympic health

快别买了!这个“奥运同款”全都是假的 The reporter saw that many merchants played the \”Olympic House\” signboard, and some monthly sales are up to 8,000. But recently, as the \”Olympic mask\” donor, Beijing Penglai, released statement, \”Olympic masks\” only donated to the China Sports delegation to the Tokyo Olympic Games, all Olympic masks sold are counterfeit goods. \”

\” Look at the Olympics is particularly excited, the masks wearing the athletes are also watching, so I just searched online, I really have something, immediately order! \”Ms. Zhang planted the\” Olympic House \”in the past few days ago. After receiving the goods, I still have a Selfie. Like Ms. Zhang, I watched the Olympics,\” Amway \”, the person who is\” Amway \”is not a small number The reporter opened the e-commerce platform to search \”Olympic with the same mask\”, and immediately squats a lot of options. One time sales, there are hundreds, more than 78,000, visible sales are hot. 快别买了!这个“奥运同款”全都是假的

[123 ] The reporter noted that in these \”Olympic masks\”, some merchants advertised \”qualification certification, not three\”, but have encountered the \”face\” of the genuine supplier.

Recently, as \”Olympics The mask \”Donor’s Beijing Penglai Pharmaceuticals said in the official Weibo:\” The Chinese team ‘Olympic masks \”only donated to the China Sports delegation to the Tokyo Olympic Games, not in the network platform. At present, all the \”Olympic masks\” are all fake and shoddy products, but also violate the flags of the flag and the Olympic Committee, but also violate our intellectual property rights, seriously damage our reputation! If consumers have purchased counterfeiting and shoddy ‘Olympic masks’, it is recommended to report to the relevant departments, let us jointly resist the ‘counterfeit’ products. \”


In addition to these suspected infringement\” Olympic masks \”, the reporter noted that there were some options in the idea of \u200b\u200bthe Olympic creative. There are merchants to take the Olympic weightlifting champion Shi Zhiyong winning scene, creating the sample The production of T-shirts attracted many netizens to buy. There are also merchants to make a controversial incident in this Olympic gymnastics. Comment: \”Take a bamboo shoot! \”In addition, like the same paragraph of the Olympic Golden Winner Yang Qian wearing the same paragraph, the earrings, etc., the earrings, etc., also sold into explosions.

快别买了!这个“奥运同款”全都是假的 Professionals remind

Olympics Creative peripheral products

must standardize the use of national flag national emblems

Unauthorized not to use the Olympic Organizing Committee related logo

This article is integrated from: Beijing Daily, News Morning News

[ 123] Source: View of News

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