Is selling eggs to make money (egg chicken make money)

[Lead] March eggs and eliminated chicken prices were operational, and the egg hooks were mostly losses. April demand is limited, the supply surface lacks well, and the transformation of the egg hooks is not strong.

The national egg ratio is 2.43 in March, which has increased by 9.95% from the previous month, a year-on-year decline. According to the current price and cost, each density is 10.70 yuan after the end of the cultivation cycle in March.

March of the egg hi culture important data comparison


The National Development and Reform Commission is issued in combination with Zhuochui Information

Note: 1. The price of eggs is the national average number of appearances; 2. Feed prices are the average price of feed raw materials, which is calculated according to the finished feed ratio, mainly including corn, soybean meal, stone powder and premixed materials; Egg price is the ratio of egg price (already eliminated chicken prices) and feed prices; 4. The egg covalent balance point is dynamic value, according to the change of feed, manual, water and electric heating, drug, elimination of chickens, etc .; 5. Expected earnings \u003d 20 × (egg price – equilibrium point) × feed price.

Analysis of the factors affecting the breeding of the egg hooks

March egg price low oscillating operation, the average price of eggs in the main production area is 2.79 yuan / catties, 8.56% from the previous month, 8.22% year-on-year; The average price of eggs in the pin zone is 2.90 yuan / catties, the annual increase is 10.27%, which is 11.31% year-on-year. Made in March, the catering industry, the catering industry has increased in the middle of the individual regions in the middle, and the monthly sales of eggs increased in the same period, but below the same period last year, the price of eggs was inadequate. Production links gradually alleviate and densifying a bonus loss, chicken farms are unsupericated, and the downturn in the month is not large. In view, under the market supply and demand game, the price of eggs in March is swimming.

March, the price of chicken eliminated the price of the country in March, the monthly average price is 4.22 yuan / catties, the annual increase of 21.26%, the year-on-year decline is 1.86%. Supply, there are some elder chickens in the 2-March production area, and the low price of the farming unit is not available, and the supply of Amoy chicken is relatively much. In terms of demand, the slaughter enterprises started basically normal, but the product is digested, cautious in procurement; the increase in trading volume in the farmers market is slow.

March corn market has more positive factors, each acquisition subject is actively acquired, continuously pushing corn prices, according to Zhuo Chuang statistics National corn monthly price of 1865.40 yuan / ton, rose by 0.47% from the previous month, 4.77% year-on-year . March soybean meal prices show a strong rise, due to foreign soybeans to Hong Kong, 3-4 months oil mills fell to low levels, plus the continuous upgrade of international public health events, the uncertainty of supply, triggered the market for supply expectations The panic emotions, support the price of soybean meal. According to Zhuochuang statistics, March 43% protein umea meal is 2992 yuan / ton, the annual increase of 6.63%, a year-on-year increase of 16.6%.

March terminal consumption is not obvious, domestic pig prices are shocking and falling, and the exterior price is 36.36 yuan / kg, which has dropped by 6.05% from the previous year, a year-on-year increase of 147.52%. Due to the low quantity of the pretext, the supply of meat chicken in March continued to be tight, and the company’s acquisition was large. Some farmers were low-priced, and the price of chicken is still going to trend. According to Zhuochuang statistics, March domestic white feather broiler is 4.15 yuan / catties, the annual increase of 70.78%, a year-on-year decline is 14.08%.

Overall, the main reason for the density in March is still an egg, and the price of Amoy chicken has a low operation, followed by the increase in feed costs; pigs, meat chicken prices have little effect on the egg chicken products.

April density breeding profit and loss is limited

It is expected that the domestic corn price is high in the high level of domestic corn, and the balance of the grassroots, the downstream link has a retention demand, and the industry is stronger to medium and long-term market confidence. . The price of soybean meal in April or the next fall, the supply surface of the first half is still tightened, the soybean or concentrated into the port, and the supply plane is relieved. The price of live pigs in April is low, the clearing demand is limited, the pig price is slightly rebounded, but the supply surface is relatively sufficient, the price of pig price is large; the price of white charcoed chicken this month will rise, affect the price The main reason is that the last half of the month is still less, and the restoration is increased in the second half.

Overall, in April feed costs or stable and strong, farming costs continue to improve; related products pigs and big meat chicken prices are shocking, overall volatility or little, the price of eggs and elimination chicken Obviously well.

Zhuo Chuang Information Monitoring Data Displayed, the theory of the theoretical or maintenance of the egg supply face in April, the sales volume will also increase slightly, but the supply is greater than the demand, the egg price lacks up the power, and it is expected 4 Monthly egg price or continue to oscillate. In terms of elimination of chickens, it is expected that the number of eloben in April has increased slightly. The slaughtering enterprises have a normal acquisition. The transaction volume of the farmer’s market is slowly increased, and the price of chicken eliminating the price or rising power is insufficient. Overall, the price of eggs and eliminating chicken in April or continued to oscillate, and the eggs of egg hooks still have a loss, and the profit loss is not strong.

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