Is selling plaster to make money (how to sell plaster can earn 10,000)

As a worker in the country, Zhang Yubi has never worried about life before the age of 25, until the sugar factory bankrupt.

That is in 1994, it is already laid off behind two children’s mother. Make a salesman, when wait for life, business, sales … Try a variety of make a living, Zhang Yubi finally saw business opportunities from the self-made plaster of the Anglang. She developed her grandfather’s Chinese medicine formula into an asett, creating a brand, and promoted to the country in a chain operation. In just a few years, the franchise store will open the north of Jiangnan.

I can’t forget my hometown. In 2017, Zhang Yugui raised his business, 300 mu of landing in Dongxing District, 300 mu of construction of Chinese herbal herbal medicine base, driving the surrounding villagers to plant Chinese herbal medicines while promoting employment. After the new crown pneumonia epidemic situation, Zhang You donated more than 300,000 yuan worth of materials, and became a US talker in the local area.

Laid-off women’s workers walked into the entrepreneurial road

Speaking of \”Three plaster\”, many citizens have heard that they have been exposed. It’s just a lot of people who don’t know, this plaster is the native Neijiang brand. And its founder Zhang Yubi was a laid-off female worker.

Zhang Yumei

That is in May 1994, the original \”iron rice bowl\” has a \”iron rice bowl\” in the state of Shizi Town, Dongxing District. . At that time, she was already a mother of two children.

The woman is weak, just for the mother. For the sake of livelihood, Zhang Zhang, who laid off, did the ticket seller, and tried to do a small business. 内江这位下岗女工再创业,“一张膏药”卖到大江南北

At first, she and her husband do auto parts business, need to be shipped frequently. Without the money to buy a car, Zhang Ji borrowed some money to relatives and bought a second-hand motorcycle. The motorcycle was welded to the steel frame, known as \”water motorcycle\” (mostly most of the motorcycle at that time). It is a restaurant in the city to be dragged into the water. Zhang You also regardless of the image, riding such a \”water motorcycle\” to travel in the city’s street alley to customers.

Although the husband and wife have hard work, but due to lack of experience, auto parts business ultimately owned more than 70,000 yuan. Retraudential to Zhang Yubi, and started working career again.

That is February 2000. Zhang Yubi, 31, entered a car import and export trading company, became a waiter of a terminal tea. In order to pay attention to the debt, she works during the day, and she is stall in the evening, and the debt has been cleared within two years.

At the same time, in the company, Zhang Yubi is reluctant, and it has also won the affirmation of the boss. She turned from service life to sales, from the grassroots salesperson sales manager until the general manager assistant.

When the life is getting calm, the little savings of the accumulated Zhang have also born \”single\” thought.

She first did a medical agent, with an income of 89 million yuan a year. However, when the business is booming, the agent recovered the agency, so that Zhang Yubi worked hard to pay a few years. This makes Zhang Yumei angry, \”\” Doing agents is subject to people, still have their own career! \”

What do you do? Casual room, Zhang Mei thought of his own grandfather.

It turned out that Zhang Yugong was a famous Laolang in his country, which is good at making plaster to relieve rheumatism, neck and shoulders and leg pain, kidney deficiency and other diseases. Foreign public doctor do decades, accumulated valuable experience, forming their unique secret, and recorded it. After the death of the grandfather, no one inherited in the family.

Those years, Zhang Meng every time I returned to my hometown, I heard the homemade plaster of the folks. How to inherit the blog of the plaster, benefiting the people, become a dream of Zhang Zhang.

\”A Plaster\” achieved a dream

Doing Chinese medicine, Zhang Yumei did not experience, nor did it.

In order to inherit the outer public plaster formulation, she not only learned from the book, but also spent a lot of time, far went to Guangxi Guilin to the old Chinese medicine as a teacher, while studying the study of herbs Planting, development.

After the preliminary entrepreneurial preparation, 2014, Zhang Yub and friends partnership, founded the first pharmaceutical factory in Kaixi County, Guizhou, successfully developed her grandfather plaster formulation into finished products Plaster, and extensive extensive extension.

Zhang Yubi is adhering to the elderly

Entrepreneurial is a road, lack of funds, lack of experience, shortage … Zhang Yugu I tasted. But she leaned the world with an integrity, in just a few years, the development of the plaster is operated into a brand, franchise chain stores and sales networks all over the country. To this end, Zhang Mei also planted the land in Suining British County, planting Chinese herbal materials, providing raw materials for the pharmaceutical factory.

The tree is high, and the leaves fall in the roots. When poverty, don’t forget home, and it’s rich. After many years of hard work, Zhang Yubi often throws his hometown.

In recent years, in Nashan, I’ve implemented a good policy driver and relatives and relatives of the \”home project\” in Neijiang. At the end of 2016, Zhang Yuli chose to return to Neijiang.

In January 2017, Zhang Meng established a Biotechnology Co., Ltd. specialized in research and development and promotion of Chinese medicine health cream.

After multi-party inspection, Zhang Yumei traffic 300 acres in Baihe Town (formerly Sujiaxiang) in Dongxing District, and creating Chinese herbal medicines planting base. At present, there are more than 20 Chinese herbal medicines that have been planted in Huang Jing, Tianmen Winter, Bai Yan, and Angelica. Zhang Meng’s environmental protection concept, she asked her base to plant Chinese herbal medicine, not fertilized, no herbicide.

In order to promote the cultivation of Chinese herbal medicines, in addition to the employment, please ask the local villagers, but any villagers buy medicinal seeds in the base, the base will provide technical guidance for the villagers for free, and ensure that the seeds are governed. The medicinal material can be recovered and the villagers can create. In the past few years, the folks got affordable, more and more people who added Chinese herbal medicines.

Now, Zhang Yugi’s traditional Chinese medicine planting base in Baihe Town can solve 100 employment of the villagers all yearus. Every month, the villagers in Chinese herbal medicine planting base work can earn more than 1,000 yuan at home. The villagers who are independently planting Chinese herbal medicines can create 2 to 30,000 yuan per year acrons.

内江这位下岗女工再创业,“一张膏药”卖到大江南北 As of now, Zhang Yub has three planting bases, a pharmaceutical factory, a total of more than 2,000 employment. But Zhang Yub did not satisfy it. At the moment, the company is developing a toned product for treating skin diseases and gout. Zhang Yumei, this year, the country has to increase the 200,000 franchise stores, and more than 2 years in the past 5 years.

In recent years, more and more people looking for Zhang Ji Ji Plaster Business in recent years. Taste the hardships of laid-off and entrepreneurship, Zhang Yi will always give selfless help on those who have a lot of experience in economic difficulties.

One time, an economic difficult boy in Baihe Town in Dongxing District wanted to open a store, but he did not have funds. Zhang Jiuyin helps the cost of the mat. Thanks to Zhang Yubi’s ancient road, the guy is working in the store. After a year, the cost of the original eyebrows will be completed.

On the occasion of the new year, the raid neogp pneumonia epidemic became the focus of the people of the whole country. When the epidemic prevention and control situation is the most severe, protective products such as masks and alcohol are shortaged. Seeing that the folks are worried about the epidemic prevention materials, the Zhang Ji, who is engaged in the pharmaceutical industry, can’t sit.

For patients, plaster

She launched a family, friend, Internet search, four medical protective suppliers such as masks, alcohol. Once you have heard that there is goods, Zhang Yub and son, younger brother, and your brother, immediately drive to buy. A family of three cars is full of masks and other supplies to return to Neijiang, and rushed to Shengli Town, Dongxing District, Baihe Town, Shuangcai Town, and donated it to the local folks.

During the prevention and control of the epidemic situation, due to the implementation of closed management, the people live shopping, Zhang Yub is in the supermarket.Buy a large amount of edible oil, rice, laundry powder, paper towel and other items give to difficult people.

That time, Zhang Ji donated more than 300,000 yuan.Although her company has also been affected by the epidemic, Zhang Mei always said that \”the hometown soil is raised, I have the ability to do something for my hometown today,\”

After the epidemic prevention and control enters the normalization, Zhang Yut is actively organized to organize poverty alleviation and help the old love activities at all levels, will leave the elderly, lonely old people, difficult households, and the five-year-old households as a help object.

Heart hometown, love your hometown.Zhang Mi used her practical actions to practice entrepreneurial social responsibility, and made a \”unforgettable news of mulberry\”.

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