Is selling stones to earn money (stone can sell money)

Is the old stone worthy? The answer is negative, and anything is valuable, but not everyone can explore the value of things. Very simple truth, the film and television drama can often be seen that there is no unusual to be unusually encountered before the famous teacher, and the famous teachers will be famous. Obvious people have never changed, changing the master, and this can reflect the importance of Bole. In the real life, this is the same, and genius is being used as a madman before I have encountered Bole, but it will have a giant change in Bole.

Stone and people are actually similar, and they need Bole, and they have not been lying in the river in front of Mr. Quarry. Mr. Quarry has found that after wearing, the stone can re-rejuvenate. Suppose is jade, the price is greatly increased, and the probability of shooting the high price is high. Even if it is not jade, it can also engrave a delicate object and is collected by people. It is believed that people who have been paying attention to the stone market for a long time should understand the joy of scrap stones turned into high-end jade.


In recent years, there are often people who have acquired waste stones in rural areas. There are three categories: a life item, the stone products in the previous life, such as stone mill and stone bench; two is Qi Shi, Qi Shi refers to the shape of the shape, a stone with some biological characteristics; three is ordinary stone, finger Ordinary stones with potential, such as ordinary stones, jade. In addition, some people also acquire stones that take away the inscription, these historical and cultural values, the inscription is doubled from the value of the name.

In the case of the author and some stone acquisitions, some merchants have sold the stone during the year, and the profits can reach hundreds of thousands. This is just the acquisition of stone products and strange, assuming is to acquire jade, and the profit margin can double. However, people who make money have, those who have lost their money, they can really make money, they have highly distinguished truth.

农村有人高价收“旧石头”,很值钱吗?一年能赚几十万,真假? By acquiring stones, earning hundreds must absolutely no problem, provided that there are three basic conditions: one has a leader, stone acquisition seems simple, but in fact complex It is necessary to have industry-leader and basic industry knowledge; the second has sales channels, online and offline channels, selling stones like a fish waters; three have basic industry values, stone acquisition is a profiteering industry, profiting is that only merchants know stones Value, therefore have basic values \u200b\u200band cannot be cheated. Mastering the above three points, earning millions of people in the year, very easy.

In real life, friends have friends in the field. Most of the products is the offline trading, most of the quality is sold in the Internet, and the stones of different phases can have good destinations. In this business model, the overall profit is considerable.

Whether it is stone acquisition, or wood acquisition, the author is a very high profit, especially in rural areas. In rural areas, people’s cultural levels haveLimit, there is a good item in your hand, you don’t know that you are precious, often sell for sale at a low price.I have seen some people using 500 yuan from the rural areas to the Old objects in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, and they can do tens of thousands of pieces.This is just a general trader to trading for traders. It is assumed that it can get a high-end trading market, and the price is estimated to turn to more than ten times.The truth is cruel, there is no value in the hands of ordinary people, but there are sales channels, you can sell big price.

农村有人高价收“旧石头”,很值钱吗?一年能赚几十万,真假? Although the stone acquisition is high, the risk is equally large, and the market has great instability.In contrast, the game sex of stone acquisition is reflected in the heart of the game.Finally, I want to say: Don’t worry about stone acquisition, or collect it, I can do a long time, only to value the interests, the whole business is hard to do.

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