Is Snooker earned money?

O’Shali has earned a lot of money on the Snooker, but no one is more money. The rocket did not choose to rely on gambling to make money, and it was a little low. This year, the rocket is busy with the play and speaking through the show and speaking. 奥沙利文赚钱方式可真多,除了打比赛,还靠嘴赚钱

Rocket Performance Poster

March 18, that is, O’Sullivin will hold a performance competition in Rosotevte along the North Sea of \u200b\u200bthe United Kingdom, named O’Shali . The fare is £ 60, which also includes a buffet. It’s really a conscience than a concert of some stars. And the last O’Sari Wen also slammed 147, it is worth seeing.

奥沙利文赚钱方式可真多,除了打比赛,还靠嘴赚钱 Rocket Speech Poster

On June 15 this year, the Rockets will speeches in Bradford Hotel in Brad, and the content tells its own sports life. Ordinary tickets are 35 pounds and 25 pounds. The VIP fare is 65 pounds, and a rocket is signed by the latest novel \”being framed\”, but also with the rocket.

O’Sullivan 奥沙利文赚钱方式可真多,除了打比赛,还靠嘴赚钱

Also O’Sulli has its own radio. O’Shali language makes money, it takes a mouth. If a rocket comes to China to hold a performance match or a speech, will you buy a ticket?

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