Is the beauty studio made money (do you make a beautician make money)

A newly opened beauty shop new store decoration, rent, equipment, etc., a total of 200,000, and nearly 10,000 monthly spending, because it is a new store, there is no local customer accumulation, and the store is not a downtown area, relatively biased, Naturally, customers who enter the store are very small, operate for nearly one month, lose money, hard work, and ask what teachers do?

I firmly believe that it is not difficult now, but the way to do business is behind market demand. The theory of freshness all over the sky is not very suitable in this era of iterative evolution. Only by the moment of compliance, it can be won.

\”Today, I will share the beauty salon method of this era.\”


This beauty salon found us Team, our team spent 2 hours and she made interactive, understanding, sorting, diagnosis, finally, giving her a complete set of free and outstanding fission solutions, 1,000 people in the last week, earning millions of years Torp it to win.

And the result is that the customer has split it, what is going on?

Let’s take a look at the whole process of carding diagnosis and program execution, I believe you will be inspired by you, and you will be more and more like WeChat fission marketing.

First step: understand the status quo of her new store;

1, how long is your store?

Answer: The store has been opened for less than a month;

2, what is the principle of your freckle, weight loss product? How’s the effect? Can I promise zero risk?

Answer: Freckle is the combination of instruments and products, promise that ten years does not rebound, lose weight, avoid the recipe;

3, now every month’s spending lot money?

Answer: 10,000 monthly spending;

4, how is your surrounding situation, how many cells, schools, business?

Answer: The store opened in the community shop, there are three weight loss stores around;

5. What is your surrounding competitors within 3 kilometers?

Answer: There are 7 beauty salons in 3 kilometers. There is only freckle without coincidence;

6, now run a month, what is the current situation?

Answer: Half month, I have made a few half-lasting customers, it is the previous customer introduction, the nail is also done, but the profit is very low, the freckle is good, and the price is also expensive, the price is also expensive, do not dare to do, ask ThreePersonal; half a month income is about 6000;

7, the cost of nail, half permanent, freckle products, and price?

Answer: Nail cost 6 to 40, charge 50 to 380; half permanently charged by color material 1180,1980, 2980 costs between 100 to 200; freckle cost 2000 to 3000, charge 5000 to 2000; [123 ]

8. How is the freckle charge?

Answer: Freckle is charged according to the species and freckle area, there is a blend of reasons, high area, high time;

9. How long does it take for freckle? How long is the service cycle, is there pain? After getting it, what if it is rebound?

Answer: 8 days to half months, first extract pigments, and then repair the conditioning product, repair the product cost 2000, single purchase price 5000; freckle 60,000 to join, the effect does not rebound, brand Square promises customers to retreat;

Step 2: Find out the root of the problem;

1, it is recommended to lose weight to do:

First, because there is no investment cost, it can be easily went;

The user has low overlap with the front end;

Third, you more items You will have more troubles, and more competitors;

fourth, lose weight, this effect may be more trouble more than the freckle;

2, nails and half permanent And the freckle has overlapping, then suggests the front-end of the nail;

3, freckle is high pain point, high profit, high trust products, theory should cultivate it to be transaction; she has no freckle around, the county only Her family;

4, it is necessary to use fission activity to quickly Toptender.

A third step: give a solution;

At this time, three problems:

1 How to perform value output? What is the benefit of a customer, why, how to pack and create value?

2, how to make a secondary fission? What is the advantage of fissure, why, how to record fission data and fission relationship?

3, how to control the process? How to invite customers to the store, how to consume upgrade after arriving at the store? 新开美容店运用裂变+异业模式一周拓客1000,扭亏为盈

Step 1, making fissure activities

Considering that the new store is not strong, determine this Tourist first using WeChat channels, and perform precise strikes..

After another three weigh, decided to adopt customer limited payment + value gift package + red envelope feedback to share the sharing of tactics, the details are as follows:

Customer payment online pay 29 yuan, get three One gift package is worth 1980 yuan.

1 Net red with the gold beauty rod a value of 280 yuan

2 in the store project, a total of 690 yuan

3 instant enjoy the whole store universal voucher 1010 yuan

Why choose such a gift combination?

1, the gold massage stick is a net red product, the current market is very hot, the price ranges from tens of yuan to a few hundred yuan, only a massage stick is far more than 29 yuan payment value, this is effective Value output;

2, in-store projects are paving the experience marketing, many customers directly upgraded into members, promoted into the store transformation;

3, the voucher did it The spot was reduced, which promoted the final topping of the transaction.

On the book, such settings must not make money, or even a loss of money. Maybe some people have questioned, such as paying customers to pay 29 yuan to a strange merchant, this matter is hard to do, 29 yuan to so many things, this must be a loss, etc. In fact, our result is that Top 1000 will be more than 1,000, and the monthly payment is close to 1 million, and the decree has reached more than 20%.

Note: Here you can clearly Say the gift package setting must be sincere, there must be physical gifts, give 100 yuan to the old customers enough to contact us, 99% of the old customers will refuse you. Why can the red envelope fission only use a few dollars? I have been trying to use psychological logic to explain this interesting phenomenon:

1. Reduce negative sense

Customer believes that a valuable information share that is forwarded is one The piece can account for a good thing, but if the participation is entirely dependent on the other party, there is a certain sense of forwarding a certain forwarding of manufacturing buds;

2, the value output

There are two levels: payment meeting Get a lot of money, share the red envelope reward, the merchant does the value output of these two levels, participate in this natural willingness to gum;

3, instant reward

Meet the human brain Demand for immediate rewards. Complete a payment will reward a red envelope, just like a game clearance. Contintrous hormone will be addictive, while the second-level cash backful red envelope stimuli will make people have a super fast sense.

Step 2, about the secondary fission

Early set mechanism: Sharing to a friend, after the friend joins the member, the system automatically issues a commission to the customer account. The commission is set to level 2, distributed logic:

1, made logic settings against \”MLM learning theory\”, and the cash back is generally decremented by step until the N-class will disappear.

2, this time only 2 level cashback design, the first level is only 2 yuan, while the secondary cashback is 7 yuan. This more embarrassing the enthusiasm of participants in convicting education. Assume that A has developed 5 B, only 10 yuan commission. And A teaching B went fission C, you can receive a 7-membered commission, and a has a total revenue of B1B2B3B4B5. If each of the B1-B5 is only developed from 3 offline, then A can earn 5 * 3 * 7 \u003d 105 yuan. Therefore, such a incentive mechanism that has stimulated fissure, and it has also reached the final purpose of secondary fission.

Step 3, Imposient customers, send a US VIP recharge card, price setting 78 yuan;

1, by lending others of fish ponds, for example: haircut The store, SPA, yoga homewhere, etc., but complement to you, not competitive relationship, send a US VIP recharge card;

Don’t let him Give you, feel that the salesman, no one will send, tell other shops, you have a big member, you can drain them to her, but also provide gifts to him;

2, community , Commercial street public welfare nails, like a recharge card, the strategy is the same, enter the store to cultivate, traffic will be more;

You think about it, if you take the surroundings 3-5 All fish ponds in kilometers, if there are 10 cooperation with you, each store will help you enter traffic, 2 each store, 20 stores, 600 a month;

[ 123]

Special reminder: Design your own pricing system, remember not to let others just consume 78 yuan, or not enough, either it is rich in it; if the minimum consumption is 50 yuan, then others are holding this Zhang Chongqi card to consume, consumption, there is still 28 yuan, then she will come next time;

If she is coming, she is not enough for 28 yuan, nature It is necessary to recharge again. This seems to be the first time, the second time can be recovered twice. If she chooses consumption, she wants 128 yuan, the Carry is only 78 yuan, then she will make up 50 yuan, the same is not lost, the first time will recover the cost free;


Step 4, cultivate customers with heart

If you have high-end, it is necessary to make someone spend more money., Then be enjoyed by VIP, after the same money, the same money will be uncomfortable;

1, after entering the store, you ask her to be with coffee, juice, or Red wine … This is very bad, because some of the Nail shop only white water is drinking, but your nail environment is comfortable, the price is the same as the outside;

2, engage in a female makeup course every month, or theme \”Draw a lucky eyebrow\”.

How to achieve results?

From the market research, it takes a day of time to determine the content; next to find someone H5 page design to spend a night, looking for a supplier of gold rod to spend 3 days (including mailing sample) Generating WeChat activity fission poster has spent 1 afternoon.

Now the problem is coming, how do I find the seed user for the first wave spread? I have done according to the actual situation, internal incentive mechanism:

6 people, beauty divisions, 3 people, 1 person, totaling 11 people, each person pays 29 yuan . Enjoy the same treatment as the customer after payment, not only can you receive others.

Divided into two groups, friends and relatives and professional groups; friends and relatives are mainly the boss’s husband and wife and another shareholder. The professional group is the beauty salon and the dean and beauticians. Set the Japanese champion reward and the championship reward, in the form of PK. Set a 1000 yuan ultimate award. Effectively inspired participating enthusiasm and fighting.

新开美容店运用裂变+异业模式一周拓客1000,扭亏为盈 Of course, in order to prevent transitional consumption of personal human resources, the following movements are also made:

1, offline scanning code, send feather pen, only 2 Times, send 77 pieces, pay 29 yuan, 70 people, forwarding the link;

2, join the nearby community community, chat promotion, the specific data has no detailed statistics.

The result is a total of more than 1,200 online payments in a week. 998 people at the store, 8 have not come, and there is a 1000 person to go to the store.

Everyone pays attention to the store transformation effect: 298 people transfer card consumption, the total amount of the transfer card is about 320,000 yuan, the total amount of direct months is close to 1 million.

Note: The transfer card consumption is actually the entrance to the next marketing funnel. I know that friends from the beauty salon know that 200 old customers means that it can last more than 1 year of business, and the final year’s profit will inevitably break through millions.

Finally, give everyone a few suggestions:

1. Sino-small beauty salons must have their own marketing ability, can’t rely on the manufacturerHelp;

2, online Tourism is not divided into the season, as long as there is a need to hang online, after the number of payments, it can be harvested regularly;

3,Marketing Internet Tools is a general trend, and bonus is in the moment;

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