Is the car wash to earn money?

With the increasing number of car insurance, the industry-related industry has been quickly developed quickly. The car wash shop is also more visible, attracting many people to go to the car, then the car wash shop is not Is it worth doing, can you earn money?


The development of artificial intelligence and Internet of Things technology, smart car washing machines are more efficient, intelligent, car wash stores can save a lot of operations compared to traditional artificial car wash compared to traditional artificial car washing. cost.

In the venue rent, because the amount of smart car wash is small, the area occupied area is small, and the rent cost can be greatly reduced.

洗车店到底值不值得干,能不能挣到钱 In terms of manual cost, traditional artificial car wash, washing a car at least two car launchers, and low efficiency, washed a car to take halfway Time is around. According to the survey, an ordinary car wash store generally only washing 40 sets per day. And the smart car washing machine is carried, and the unattended operation can be achieved through the Internet. It only needs to regular maintenance. At the same time, it takes only 5 minutes, and the cost of labor is reduced.

In terms of water, traditional artificial car wash requires a lot of water resources, while the smart car washing has a professional sewage treatment system, which can realize the circular utilization of rainwater sewage, reduce the waste of water resources, compared to traditional artificial car wash Can save more than 90% of commercial water volume.

洗车店到底值不值得干,能不能挣到钱 In addition, the artificial car wash has no uniform measurement, there will be a lot of uncontrollable factors, and the vehicle is washed clean or whether the car is carried out, the attitude of the launch, The quality of the cleaning tools … and the smart car washing machine is collected by the car wash robot, the intelligent identification model, the degree of cleanliness, relying on artificial intelligence self-learning ability, to achieve the best cleaning effect for each car design exclusive car wash process, and attract Customer, retain customers.

Furthermore, the car wash store can use the combined operation mode of the online line, carrying the car wash service as the basic project, actively do the corresponding supporting services, such as automotive beauty, car maintenance, automotive maintenance, vehicle insurance, etc. Improve the quality of service throughout the car wash, thereby reaching the purpose of profit in the fierce market competition.

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