Is the dish to earn money (how big is the profit of the dish)

Chengdu has a special cattle restaurant, the boss launches a particularly magical activity. As long as the customer enters the store, you will enjoy free drinking benefits, and if you drink 100 bottles, the boss will give you up to 1000 Dollar money, friends are indeed a cash reward.

At that time, this activity was pushed out, and immediately attracted a large number of customers into the store, and I thought about it to this boss, but the customer didn’t know, the boss took this event for one year, and the profit of 32 million What is going on?

Case Background:

The boss of this store is particularly ordinary, no three eyes, no five legs, is an ordinary graduation college student. 20 came from home, there is money, one breath, three shops, and started a burning bag \”Folk Builder\”, it is officially opened.


There is no twist story during the opening period, like the kind of one thousand thousands of millions, and then even a mysterious man, Give him a point, a program, and the result is successful to live this store, and there is no story of these mess.

People are directly open activities, and they will live this store. I want to say that this brother is really M. You have to say that the child who has a money in people have cultivated, except that the head is larger than your child, it has also realized a lot of knowledge.

His store activities I also saw, in fact, there is really a special place, nothing more than using human greed, the flock effect and gamblers are made, you listen to me, maybe you Can make more, and even more than him.


Opening activities: Opening five days, all customers can enter the store, can enjoy the benefits of beer free, and drink 100 bottles, you can also receive the highest 1000 yuan of cash rewards, children Bullying has no invisible consumption.

(Remarks: Beer can accumulate, do not need one-time drink)

Do you think this activity is simple enough? Don’t do anything, just let you drink, you can get 100 bottles for you once, right? That activity, how does the boss earn 3.2 million? 成都一家菜馆利用“赌性”营销,一年盈利320万,生意策略可借鉴 Profit analysis:

This activity did not have to say, true and effective, no one, who is not a fool, do you want to play some spectacular people still want to run in your store? So to do activities, come to the truth, don’t engage in something that is fallen.

But I will tell you, although I said this, but if you don’t do something, can you make money? But you have to make a little, reasonably, even if the customer sees, he will not say anything, just think this is very normal, people do business, don’t you make money? As long as I greed cheaper, I didn’t eatDon’t you do it?

As long as you do this, then you said that your activity can be unsuccessful? So what to do?

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First you go to eat hot pot, the boss will tell You, our family’s minimum consumption is 68 yuan. You go to eat Chinese, the boss will tell you, our home minimum consumption 55. Not doing, it is control cost, avoiding customers who don’t want faces, right?

I believe this rule itself has been accepted by all customers? As long as you have no heart, the threshold for the boss setting is reasonable, and the average person will never have opinions. Because people do business, they are not charity, you have a lot of live people to pick up the peanuts, sit on an afternoon, then you are not a pit.

So the first point in this shop is to specify that all customers enter the store consumption, the minimum consumption is 38 yuan.

The consumption of 38 yuan, according to the average gross profit, there are more than 20 yuan of profits. A bottle of beer is larger, and is an exclusive signature, so the cost is 1.2 yuan a bottle.

That is to say, every person coming in, as long as one is drinking 16 bottles of beer, or some of them earn, right ? But how many people have a one-time performance of 16 bottles of beer?

At this time, some people will say, then I will go to a few people. Three people go drink together, drink 10 bottles of people, not more than 16 bottles, and 10 bottles of people are quite Yeah, how did this do? 成都一家菜馆利用“赌性”营销,一年盈利320万,生意策略可借鉴

You want to look at the point, even if three people can drink 30 bottles of beer, do you eat 38 dollars? Don’t you have to sit in other dishes? As long as you order consumption, is the boss not still make money?

Secondly, 100 bottles of beer will give up to 1000 yuan in cash. First of all, 100 bottles, with a person’s normal alcohol, drink 100 bottles, how to say it 10 times? What does 10 go to the store mean? In addition to increasing popularity, the rest I want to increase, is it only a profit?

There is also 1000 yuan in cash, I don’t know if you see the \”highest\” word? The highest meaning is not possible, and the boss’s practice is that you have a 100-bottle of beer, I will let you draw a prize, the lowest is 100 yuan in cash, the highest is 1,000 yuan in cash, how much is completely luck, play is A gambling.

Since the extracted is indeed a cash, even if there is no medium 1,000 yuan, it is very happy to see the red and bright banknotes in this hand. Is it quite happy? Is this not the normal heart of the gambler?

How many customers go into the store, so many times, they have urged this store to be very popular, and they also attracted more natural customers.In one fell swoop, it became the most popular restaurants in the local area, and the last year had achieved more than 320,000.

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