Is the doll machine be a project lying?Commercially available business opportunities are here

\”\” \”\” \” These furry dolls come from the red atmosphere, the circle powder countless small fairy, small play boy, the popularity index has been UP! UP! UP!

In the past, only the \”small support\” doll machine, now It is the main force of the subway station, playground, theater, commercial complex, theme park; the download quantity of the online doll machine app from tensors to hundreds of thousands of online doll machines is endless, people can not help but sigh these \”doll machine \”The net red charm.


Why is a debris time of the pasting tool – \”Doll Machine\” can quickly turn red? And its out-of-business cooperation has also become a project, which is a very common road number worthy of us worthy of good aftertaste and research.

Tomorrow playing \u0026 amp; cool tide

The sea area is very traffic, profiting revenue is just!

Recently, every day playing a Tao (Shanghai Metro Station, the doll machine brand) and Cool tide reached a marketing cooperation. Everyday play the \”sea area distribution\” of the subway station to the cool music play line, the cool music is played with \”Chao Welfare Exclusive Offers\” to play the Tao line, the two sides are mutually beneficial and mutually beneficial, promote the profiteering!

Advertising Benefits Value:

\”Everyday Play Toy\” Stabilized with 3000+ Equipment, Japan Millions of game orders, flexible placement of subway and surrounding business centers. Based on sea area traffic, cool tide played in its equipment, \”praise\” mall QR code and advertising, enhancing the sale of goods, and promoting revenue growth.


Both parties’ rights and interests:

Cool music play layout line new store welfare, consumer users can get \”Everyday Play Private Coupons\”, drainage Players caught the dolls to the doll machine, upgrade the operational activity of playing every day, lead the line to recharge and consume; when playing on the Tao online, you can get the cool tide to play the door shop, guide to the store to consume. Both parties closed loop drainage, mutual benefit.

Both parties give full play to drainage capacity in their own scene, from \”Revenue Value-Traffic In terms of value-added \”to improve the premium capacity, cooperation, double-benefit double harvest.

Tomorrow playing \u0026 amp; 爱 茜 里

One day can earn thousands, this marketing fire!

In addition to cooperating business sellerIn addition, foreign cooperation has a variety of operational models, in which the operation of the business independent assistance is especially flexible, it is said that one day can earn thousands. 娃娃机是一个躺挣的项目吗?暴利营收的商机都在这里

At the beginning of September, he played with Amoy City, and the love of the Russian Ring City. Get passengers under the store and doll lines.

Exotic collaboration:

Playing Tao in the star city every day \”爱 茜 里\” store in the store, the doll machine, attracting the store to grab the doll, driving the increase in the store, indirectly promoting the growth of the store.

Distrait guest:

\”Ai Ri Ri\” fully played the main force of the store under the store, and the users of consumption will drain the public to \”Toy Toy\” public. No.

The cross-industry cooperation, combines the independent operational capabilities of both parties, and through hot holiday manufacturing marketing, interoperability assists mutual benefits in the governing drainage.

Heart work cooperation \u0026 amp; lying earned items 娃娃机是一个躺挣的项目吗?暴利营收的商机都在这里

Do not undertake the charm of doll, this account is worthless!

Data show that in 2018, the doll machine has exceeded 370 units. The doll machine market has formed a market size of more than 60 billion yuan per year, and the market space is very huge. (Data Source: China Business Research Institute)

Such market size and development potential, and more and more doll machine enthusiasts swarmed.

As the main brand of the doll machine – \”Toy Toy Toy Toy\”, with the sea area layout and advertising along the Shanghai subway Variety value of benefits, growing in the mobile Internet environment and \”rejuvenating generators\”!

Such a huge flow entrance, it is not possible to attract the charm of the doll, attracting the joining and cooperation of large and medium-sized merchants. How to make profitability, how do this marketing account?

1, traffic is customer!

\”Time to play Tour\” 3000+ equipment massive coverage, stable operation, layout subway station, convenient supermarket, studio, commercial real estate and chain brand people traffic, over 10W + users, 7 * 24 hours The operation and maintenance service, can be flexibly configured online members, enhance the activity of the machine, and maintain a continuous profit.

machine across the board covering the Shanghai subway stations, a total of more than 1,000;

, Hangzhou family, Keshi, ape facilitation in cooperation with the Shanghai family of more than 500;

and SFC Shanghai film Studios, the film CGV, China Roth Studios, sea Pearl international cooperation Studios machine more than 200 Taiwan;

settled Universal Port, Metro City, ASE, Brilliance, KPS city, green such as shopping malls, more than 600 sets;

settled in Lok buy, easy early, Auchan, Carrefour; several kinds of machines has reached more than 500 units.


2, i.e., functional integration revenue!

\”play every day Amoy\” has its own two platforms: online management platform + applet management platform that can integrate different devices in different regions, sub-regional operations management or equipment global synchronization operations management, businesses may from time to time View revenue, the revenue guarantee business.

3, namely flexible operating profit!

\”play every day Amoy\” has a complete industrial chain of dolls and equipment, gifts and pay attention to the placing of the machine itself, with color and arrangement, \”compelling\” and some bright spots, can rapidly improve the player the desire to participate in activities, flexible ways of operating revenue for businesses to quickly list.

娃娃机是一个躺挣的项目吗?暴利营收的商机都在这里 4, the effectiveness of advertising revenue that is!

smooth and beautiful game interactive experience, moderate consumption with online advertising operations + applet electricity supplier can quickly replicate and implement activities publishing, business card coupon distribution platform for docking activities such as subsidies, new layout advocate.

5, i.e. subsidy profit!

+ applet management background of double insurance, support for multiple payment channels (such as micro-channel, Alipay, cloud lightning pay, etc.), pay below-market rates, the business activities to enjoy direct subsidies docking platform, profit difference directly credited business.

\”Do not underestimate this stage dolls, shopping malls and subway stations, the drainage can play a role; for businesses, where profit margins can not be underestimated . \”a senior industry sources crane machines clear.

To this end, called \”flow distribution machine\” Amoy play every day, how to get to the location advantage, cross-sector cooperation to help businesses achieve brand lie earn its operations very Preview: \”Amoy play every day Crane machine layout most point of the Shanghai subway station, covering almost all lines of the site, compared to shopping malls, the subway station has a massive flow of people is unmatched anywhere else in the lower line off the assembly line of strong advertising effectiveness and poly-off force , but other brands crane machines can not go beyond. \”

Indeed, the influx of cool music playing and Iceason already smell the operational flow of business opportunities ahead of clothThe bureau has a profit growth point, bringing a sharp daily red.While laying the doll machine in the layout subway brings the merchant sea area, it has also promoted its own revenue growth.

In the future, with a business opportunities that are profitable, and the foreign business cooperation with the doll machine is worth more than the brand merchants to learn from and the effect!

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