Is the eyelash earn money?

Our reporter Chen Lingxin Sun Keqiang Zhang Dejie

Received a \”hot stamping\” business card given by Alibaba, Shandong Province. \”Place of origin is our hope to help the origin supply to create a business card belonging to this place of origin. It is a brand image shape. We will build this business card by shaping the standard.\” Alibaba 1688 market high-grade operation experts Yu Fang said that both parties will build a win—win false eyelash industry chain with the help of each other.

As the largest false eyelashes production base in the country, the horizon is the true hometown of false eyelashes. Hardworking and equivalent people, using a pair of hands to sell a pair of false eyelashes near the Japanese and Korean, exported to Europe and the United States, the best craft, the most competitive false eyelashes from Qingdao flatness. According to incomplete statistics, it is active in the flat-eye eyelashes production enterprise, the processing workshop is large and small, and the false eyelash production accounts for about 70% of the total output of eyelashes, with billions of yuan, driving more than 50,000 employment.

It is understood that the flat-phase vacation eyelashes industry has been in the 1970s, and the high-quality people who dare to dare to give the Dagu Mountain people in Qingdao will introduce the false eyelash industry into the local area from Qingdao and other areas. Many advantages have achieved a breakthrough in the false eyelashes industry from zero to one. With the growth of demand and the expansion of sales channels, the false eyelash industry has grown local in the local area.

\”\” The beginning of the racing market, running the provincial capital city, later arrived in Guangzhou, Yiwu. In 2004, in 2005, the eyelash belonging to the low valley market did not go out, the product is relatively single, the product is over, the production is large, sales No. Later, to Guangzhou, Yiwu, after the platform, foreign businessmen came more, sales is getting bigger and bigger. \”Facial eyelashes producers remember.

At present, the flatness has formed two more concentrated false eyelashes production bases in Dagu Mountain Town and the urban area. There are thousands of machining points, and many companies have long-term makeup tools for Japan and Europe and America. Business OEM produces false eyelashes, and the flatness has become a veritable false eyelashes of Chinese name.

\”This factory built in 2008, from the factory, the factory, to overcome many difficulties, developed to more than 100 people, now the main goods are sold to Europe, Japan, mainly exports. \”False Mao manufacturer Li Xiangying said. With the development of the false eyelashes industry, its drivenity has gradually emerged. According to preliminary statistics, there are more than 50,000 workers engaged in fake eyelash processing, and the false eyelashes industry has become an important way to increase the income of local people.

\”My family is very close, I started working at 7:30 every morning, then I went home at noon to give my child, there is still more than a dozen acres of land, and the farmer is busy. Then there is no heat in winter, there is air conditioning in the summer, this is not tired, you can earn more than 200 yuan every day. \”The worker Zhang Zhenfang said.

With the horizontal and AlibabaThe flat-grade eyelashes industry welcomes a new development opportunity. At present, more than 200 related companies have settled. At the same time, the allocation of all relevant units is using platform-grained thinking to make multiplication, and constantly enlarge the false eyelashes industry value chain, increase its brand value, so that they will achieve the quality from one to one hundred.

The Xuanl E-commerce Garden Park in the Platform Development Zone, currently introduced 4 false eyelash production enterprises, and forming good cooperation with Taobao, Tmall, spelling a lot, Vipherium will form a good cooperation . \”We focus on fake eyelashes, etc.

\”On the basis of research, it is planned to establish an eyelash demonstration park integrating processing zone, product display area, and warehousing logistics area. Developing a batch of leading enterprises, driving the pool of eyelash industries and faster Development. \”Wang Shuqin, head of the Corporate Service Center of Dashan Town, Pingdu City, said.

\”The flatness has introduced 28 opinions that support the development of the entity this year. It has a very important aspect of the foreign trade transformation and upgrading, cultivating independent brands, supporting our brand to internationalization, more open up international Market. \”The relevant person in charge of the Pingdu Municipal Bureau of Commerce said that the current level is actively docking the China Light Industry Association, striving to declare the declaration of false eyelashes industry as the national foreign trade transformation and upgrade base, further enhance the brand impact of the flat-holiday eyelashes industry Force, the international market pioneering and competitiveness.

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