Is the flooring brick earned money (how much money is earned in the ground bricks)

# 深圳 # # 哥: Guangdong Shenzhen Restaurant solves how long the floor tile too slipped bricks

♥ Tile anti-slip liquid is a green environmentally friendly ground non-slip material, which can be kept on the ground Very good water-slip effect, you can also keep the beautiful scene of the tile ground, running brothers tile preventing long-term anti-slip effects, and the ground has a water and slipping effect is also very obvious.

♦ (i), do not change the original appearance of the tile, after the anti-skid treatment, will not damage the original style of the ground, almost no change and influence, maintained the original style of the floor tile. The effect is lasting, sprayed once, the conventional use frequency can be maintained for 3-5 years of anti-skid effect. Environmentally friendly, this product is a high molecular aqueous polymer, no contamination of the environment, and does not produce harmful residues to the human body after use. \”Running brother anti-slide\” construction is convenient and fast. Outdoor outdoors can be used in the ground, producing friction wires that are invisible in the ground, and there is water to increase the surface of the foot and the ground friction surface coefficient. \”Floor brick anti-slip liquid\” is useful? \”Floor brick anti-slip liquid\” is a certain use, especially the phenomenon of water smooth with tiles, can have a good improvement effect. Floor brick anti-slip hydraulic maintenance slip time will also have a long time, just use floor brick sliding fluids to remember to complete it according to relevant methods.

♦ (ii), in fact, in the ground tile, most families have taken into account this problem, generally use anti-skid tiles. The non-slip tile is actually mainly doing work on the surface of the floor, such as: rules of pattern, sand, or uneven irregular heterogeneous treatment, so although it can make the ground brick to enhance the gentleness in the normal floor tiles However, it is still very slippery after the water is met! Sprinkle water or oil on the ground. And it is difficult to clean! Difficulties and sediments are difficult to clear, easy to bose! This is another big hidden danger for the ground.

♦ ♦ ㈢, running brother anti-slide: Help you completely solve the problem! The small area of \u200b\u200bthe family is recommended to purchase \”running brother anti-slip\”. Running brother slip (free technical guidance) ground non-slip engineering, national home construction.

Pay attention to Belgo: Sharing ground security anti-slip knowledge every day to prevent accidental slipping, protecting family safety. # How long does it take to use the floor tile anti-skid? # # 餐 餐 解 地板 地板 太 滑 方法 # # 防 防 滑液 #

奔跑哥:深圳餐厅解决地板砖太滑 地板砖防滑能用多久 [123

奔跑哥:深圳餐厅解决地板砖太滑 地板砖防滑能用多久

奔跑哥:深圳餐厅解决地板砖太滑 地板砖防滑能用多久

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