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Spain \”Message Report\” website issued Pigra Alcar Morro’s article on November 18, inventory of 14 sustainable entrepreneurial opportunities, the full text is as follows:

The opportunity contained in sustainable development is huge, whether in consideration of green traditional business, or formulating solutions to address current issues in a particular industry, such as online shopping delivery, traffic and liquidity inside and outside the city, reduce food waste or transform energy To clean energy, etc..

If the sustainable development goals are more sustainable guidelines for a company, they can also be used as a guide to discover opportunities. \”Ultimately, the sustainable development goals marks the problems and challenges of us as human beings. Many of the developing countries are related to developing countries, such as eliminating poverty and hunger, there are many applicable to Europe and Spain, such as developing more sustainable cities, More responsible production and consumption, get quality education, active aging, gender issues … This reflects many questions, but in turn is a chance to do with it to find business model. I think these are all very good. Clues. \”The President of the Spanish Community Fund, Magita, pointed out.

She added: \”New crown is also made to pay more attention to sustainable food, sustainable tourism … There are still many things to do, and doing it. Don’t forget that technology is very Outstanding role. \”

Here we provide you with some small samples in progress, and you can help you achieve a selection of accelerators and plans for sustainable projects.

1. E-commerce end

\”In the last one, there are several trends that tend to be consistent and are being regulated. Like the city’s low emission zone, there is still a so-called commodity city distribution Basically, it is also a protected area. Protecting the city center and looks for a model to be responsible for the last mile company to complete their work. For example, the parking lot is transformed into a multimodal transport area, the largest truck can stop There, then use smaller vehicles, electric vehicles, and other vehicles to allocate goods in a more effective manner, and use technology to group demand, minimize the chance of empty car operation. \”Serbs, general manager of interconnected mobile hub ยท Ties said.

2. Sustainable long-distance transportation

In long-distance transportation, Begas’s program is very popular, it encourages the reuse and re-use of trucks and urban bus fleets, They become an ecological vehicle. The company has developed 100% liquefied petroleum gas engine and has already helped to convert the old team into a sustainable team, which greatly reduces pollution emissions.

ECOMAGNET also developed a subversion program, which is committed to recycling and processing outdated motor materials, thereby obtaining raw materials for the production of the required magnets in the new motor industry. A proposal will allow these magnets to be manufactured in Spain in Spain and replaced them expensiveGet the supplier of these materials in a serious pollution.

3. Design City Mobility

Mobility in urban environments must be redesigned to achieve sustainable development. In recent years, we have seen some programs given by companies, and developed more effective mobility of scooters, bicycles, taxis, cars … Today, it is time to further promote companies such as Solum, the company develops a sustainable charging point for electric scooters, ie, the discarded street facilities and converts them into a facility with electricity charge through solar panels.

4. Enterprise Recycling Materials Market

Enterprises require more sustainable suppliers. This is why SCRAPAD or Recovo, which provides regenerative fabrics for the fashion industry, can enter the reasons for connecting can be recycled between suppliers. Tarkete has developed a program with the Swedish IKEA home chain, used to recover, recycle and transform the old floor.

5. Recycling specific industries

\”In terms of traditional companies, this is part of the company’s relationship between the company, such as Cocircular, is committed to eliminating the garbage from the construction department. Waste of the landfill. In Spain, the final landfill produced by the construction industry is about 45 million tons, and the material can be reused to introduce them to the production chain again. \”Margareta Olbes said.

6. Packaging and innovation

One of the main work of the loop is to reduce the impact of packaging. Here, we seek how to improve everything, from the source of materials to the design of the container, as well as the service life of the container already in the people. Sagarias Tovedo, Coordinator, said: \”We must also handle the last part of the chain, which is recycled, reused in this chain or other chain, re-introduced into the packaging as a raw material, and Improving the awareness of citizens. This is a different production and consumption model, considering where the product is from where the flow is flow, it considers that some products that are currently waste become new raw materials. \”

7. Plastics Recycling

\”Today, only 30% of plastics are recycled, and the rest are buried, and some of them will eventually enter the sea. It is estimated that plastics need for more than 1500 years to degrade.\” Hu An Bayo, Presser President In this case, it is said that when there is a chance in such niche markets, \”\” By converting the useful plastic into advanced biological liquids, we use zero waste technology to re-produce high-quality plastics. We are the only use of Spain to manage waste plastics reuse Companies from the entire process, from the best position of the factory to the government’s negotiations, waste supply, design and manufacturing, using thermochemistry to obtain biological fluids and ultimately develop their commercialization, etc. \”

He believes The need to recover plastics is obvious, \”\” There is currently indispensable for human beings, noThere are similar materials to replace it, it is indispensable for manufacturing medical supplies, food safety, telecommunications, construction, etc. \”

8. Plastic credit trading

Another opportunity is help Polluted companies from elsewhere to purchase rights, reducing the environmental footprints of these companies through these credits. The current solution we can see is such as the program like Repurpose Global, which is a plastic credit platform, which is intended to recover the company as much as possible. The ocean plastic waste, and promoting the product of a particular customer group more environmentally friendly.

as Filantropico, this is a kind of coffee consumption into one New coffee brands of unity and sustainable behavior, which donate their sales to social and environmental impact programs to improve the world. Consumers can purchase coffee through their online stores, and directly choose the business they hope to cooperate with it. You can also choose a specific project to allocate donations to improve its influence.

10. Circular agricultural products

About 30% of the hotel’s buffet was wasted. Therefore, focus on the company Solutions, by avoiding waste to help them more sustainable development is still a good opportunity.

Too Good To Go’s strategy is well known, it will discount the restaurant and supermarket near the shelf life For sale.

However, you can also seek more niche solutions, such as the start-up of the bread waste brewing beer, and the recycled bread is good and fresh, can replace 30% used in normal production. Raw materials.

There are also some enterprises to use good water management technology, such as Swedish startups Irriot developed a wireless irrigation platform, using self-powered and Internet of Things technology, can reduce agricultural water waste reduction by 50%, Raise 30% crop yield.

Olbs pointed out: \”Organic Boosting is a company we have in social innovation, it hopes to make organic products Consumer democratization. This kind of consumption is not a luxury consumption of food, but can spend daily life. The company cooperates with large and small supermarkets to introduce or focus on organic product lines through automated export platforms operating in different parts of the world. This automation technology platform allows these supermarkets to make such import and export procurements easier.

12. Green hydrogen

Since the project-related projects can be supported by the European Fund, it is one of the important sources of entrepreneurship opportunities. \”Hydrogen is not just a kind Energy, still a carrier, can be applied to three areas: energy sector, industrial sector and transportation sector, this is also twoThree fields of carbon oxide emissions. In the energy sector, the deployment of renewable energy is being promoted, and one method of incorporating them into the power system is capable of managing its availability, for example, only wind. Therefore, it is necessary to store, while hydrogen plays a key role. Similarly, hydrogen can also play a key role in the field of natural gas. \”H2B2 company business development supervisor Evilka Castro pointed out.

She said:\” Hydrogen is consumed in the industry, but most of them are produced by natural gas. Gray hydrogen. It is desirable to reduce the use of gray hydrogen by decarburizing and convert it into green hydrogen. In other words, hydrogen produced by hydroelectric solution in the refining or fertilizer industry replaces the hydrogen produced by natural gas.

13. Forecasting Technology

\”Technology development has an opportunity to help optimize and automate various processes to reduce costs, improve sustainability and help companies improve competitiveness. We analyzed new technologies that contribute to improve energy, hydraulic and sustainability efficiency. For example, we have seen opportunities for creating technology, such as the technology of preventing natural disasters in the US investment initiating company Divirod. The United States is a region that is very susceptible to climate change leads to high temperature, hurricane, fire, rainfall and other disasters, requires a lot of sensing and predictive analysis tools to increase random response. \”GOHUB CEO\” said.

He said: \”We believe that agriculture needs to measure and improve all land and crop management using techniques such as Auravant agricultural data companies. Process, this is another major problem of our investment. We are no longer in the automation phase, but in the sustainable development phase, the efficiency is higher. Of course, we are very concerned about the technical transformation of water resources and other fields. \”

He said:\” We also bet 5g because it is covered with the entire real-time monitoring section of the water world, which is more efficient. In short, techniques for analyzing and prevention can help us make better decisions about things that will happen. Here, natural disasters can be involved, and it can also involve water shortages, water efficiency and consumption efficiency.

14. Water Resources Management

Paste also said that in order to better manage water resources, it is necessary to monitor. To this end, the sensor is essential. But now we are further, including artificially intelligent centralized sensors to obtain data that helps long-term prevention and decision-making. All centralized and sensor management, real-time monitoring and predictive analysis of infrastructure, remote management technology have the opportunity \”.

\” There are also very important consumption issues, and especially important leaks, we are Satellite intelligence, radar and artificial intelligence have worked a lot to avoid all water leaks that may occur in urban and homes. Most importantly, we must promote water resources and consumption, and strive to ensure the water quality of more families. To this end, we will ultimately try to make technology more and moreAdhes and efficient.\”Paster emphasized.

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