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In a community near Suining City, Hedong Experimental Primary School, there is a sign of obvious afternoon. Sichuan Daily reporter Wang Ruota’s photo

The fire of the afternoon, many actually unlicensed business?

In the surrounding prie of primary and secondary schools in the cafeteria, it is very common, but the reporter finds that there are many problems in the current afternoon-based operation

Recently, Sichuan Daily People’s Warcasion, Sichuan News Watching the People’s Hard Traffic Channel and Sichuan Online Policy Sichuan Platform received a multi-purpose parent reflected: some primary and secondary schools in our province did not eat a canteen, and the children can only go to the \”small dinner table\” or \”lunch table\” near the school at noon. \”I don’t know how to do it is not clean.\” Is safe? \”A parent’s straightforward: I have worried before, during the epidemic prevention and control, my heart is more uneasy.

Is there a reason to worry about parents? What is the operation of the afternoon Town Work around the school? With doubt, the people ‘s hotline reporter survey.

In the school that did not have a cafeteria, the afternoon Bang became a helpless choice for children

\”The baby is eating in the afternoon, thinking about it.\” In June, he was on the front of the prizes, in front of the Dragon Spring Festival of Chengdu, waiting for the lady who took the child to live for lunch, and the words were irritated: \”After sending dolls to school every morning, buy the food. At noon, I took the doll home. After the lunch break, I sent it to the school. The time tied to the child a day. \”

and in more dual employee families, picking up children impossible. \”Now, most of them come to the nine nights. We have no time to go back and return to the child.\” He Yanqiong, who was experimental primary school, Suining City, said helpless, in order to solve the child’s lunch problem, these people have chosen the children to take the child to the afternoon .

People’s sentimental hotline reporters saw that in Suininghe East Experimental Primary School The reporter learned that these special \”parents\” were originally responsible for picking up student staff. The number of people, the reporter is Qi, after the assembly is completed, the staff will bring the students to the afternoon of the school. In the Jialing District, Nanchong City, the flowers, near the five-star primary school in Shunqing District, Nanchong City, and the reporter visited the discovery, and there were four or five good afternoon TB.

\”Morning Tuban is mainly responsible for students to provide lunch and lunch break.\” Mr. Yang, Parents, Parents, Parents, Parents of the Jialing District, Nanchong City, told the People’s Warm Hotline (028-86968696) reporter, his children have been near the school Tobuty eat.

\”Although the afternoon Town is only solved a meal, the charge is not low, the cost is averaged at 30-40 yuan, and the school cafeteria lunch generally only 10 yuan. But expensive, always Can’t let the dolls are hungry, \”Mr. Yang said that many parents he know can only give the child.class. And his choice is a high grade, in addition to the lunch, you can also provide a lunch bunk.

relative price issues, parents are more doubts about the safety issues of the afternoon of the afternoon. \”Most of the afternon Tuban are in the residential community, do you have a health certificate? Is it unlicensed? These we are unclear. In this regard, Mr. Yang said the same feeling. \”The person is messy, the space is small, and there is a certain security risk.\” Mr. Yang said, as if he saw, the afternoon of the afternoon of the people’s health management, the student’s dining distance, and the management of ingredients, the management of ingredients is can’t put, it is really The helpless choice of parents.


Napo mechanism does not require, most of the practitioners do not have health certificates

Do not reason in the fear of parents? The reporter explores it in the field.

Under the guidance of parents, the reporter came to a good afternoon of the Aucheng Garden Community next to Suining City Hedong Experimental Primary School. The afternoon is located in the second floor of a residential building. The living room is a student’s dining place. More than 20 tables are placed in the living room in the living room. After the living room, more than 10 foldable small Bed, compared.

In addition to the students, there are three staff in the living room. \”My sister is responsible for picking up, I am responsible to seeing the child to eat lunch break, my mother is responsible for cooking and cutlery cleaning.\” The person in charge of the afternoon said that they were completely family-style, although looked at the lunch. It is \”just need\”, so the business has been full of customers for two years. \”Many parents do have no time at noon, so business has always been good.\” The person in charge said.

When asked if there is a business license, a catering service license and a health certificate, the person in charge decisively: \”There is no scorpion documents, we are private.\” She also told the people’s feelings (028- 86968696) Reporter, other Qi Tuban also have no such documents, and their industry \”default\” does not need to be handled.

The people of the people visited the Ning, Nanchong and other places in Suining, Nanchong, and found that most of the afternoon battles were \”unlicensed driving.\” Depart from the five-star primary school in Shunqing District, Nanchong City, take a few minutes to the Ms. Ms. Miye. The reporter saw that the afternoon Town is located on the fourth floor of an old community, the corridor is very narrow, the width is about 1.2 meters, and the 3 people need to be wrong, and the reporter did not see other safety channels. A resident living in the same building expressed concern. \”There are many children running on a day, we are worried about step-up events.\”

In this afternoon, 20 children are divided into 5 to 6 people. A plate is placed in front of each person. \”We are very hot in the afternoon. They are all introduced by parents, and they need to be booked.\” Talking about health safety issues and business license issues, the boss He said, \”I have done so many years, noI heard from Nanchong which afraid of the afternoon. \”In the absence of a license, in order to win the trust of parents, Ms. He said:\” Reassure, my child and your child are dinner on a table. \”

C supervision is difficult

The lunchtike institution in the residential area, the relevant departments said that they can’t manage or not tuned

Why don’t you operate in the afternoon? Lunch Town Operators revealed that because of the complexity of business forms, the license process is relatively cumbersome, which makes many good afternoon bosses like her.

From Nanchong City Gaoping Seventh Primary School \”Transformed\” is the boss of Nikikan, and Ms. Zhang tells her own history of \”Ibolic\”. \”Because I have to engage in business activities, I need to go to the Market Supervision Bureau to handle the business license, and later because of the food and beverage services It is necessary to go to the food and drug regulatory authority to apply for a catering service license. It is said that it is also necessary to handle environmental licenses, employee health programs, etc., need to provide multiple materials, waiting for a long time. \”Ms. Zhang said,\” It’s too much trouble, I think that everyone has not been recognized, I just don’t do it. \”

The people of the people visited a number of good afternoon, except for Ms. Zhang, the person in charge of other afternoon Town classes said that it is not clear which documents should be handled.

another In terms of the supervision of the inhabitants in the residential area, the supervision of the inhabitants seems to be blurred, so that the bosses of the afternoon Tuban don’t have to handle the corresponding documents.

The reporter first dialed the telephone number of the Suining Education Bureau, staff said Under the guidance of the staff of the Education Bureau, the reporter contacted the Social Working Bureau of Suining City, the staff of education, health and health. The staff of the bureau told reporters that there have been many parents to reflect the afternoon Town. Regulatory problems. \”But we can only manage the managed institutions outside the residential area. Since most of the afternoon Town is in civil house, such as the communities around the school, we don’t manage privileges, can only contact other relevant departments. \”The staff said.

Nanchong City Food and Drug Administration staff told reporters that the food safety issues of the afternoon Town do not belong to their management category,\” Please contact other departments \”.

[ 123] Subsequently, the reporter contacted the Market Supervision Bureau of Suining City and Nanchong City. The staff of the two games told reporters: Because this private afternoon carriage is very hidden, scattered in the private manner, and many of the temporary short-term operations, they supervise It is difficult. On the one hand, they are difficult to enter the private examination. On the other hand, even if they enter, many badges without obvious signboards will say that this is a relative.

\”Napo mechanism It is the industry that is generated by the market demand, there is a certain reasonable, but due to the complex business form, there is a regulatory point. \”The president of the Sichuan School Culture Construction Conceiver\” Gao Shufeng believes.

D expert advice

School live social resourcesThrough unified purchase services, the child’s lunch break is solved

Despite chaos, the current afternoon-based agency is still a \”just need\” of many parents. How to standardize?

Gao Shanfeng believes that the service form provided by Napo, involving many units such as industrial and commercial, education, and health, and the current statement is critical. At the same time, it is targeted for the tedious problem of the afternoon. \”It is recommended to improve the ‘one-stop’ certificate window, shorten the process process.\”

\”School training institutions and pro-campus management agencies are different from the definition, do not provide training The service of the afternoon should belong to the categorical categorous category. \”Sichuan discovers Yang Lao lawyer’s lawyer,\” At present, the province has issued relevant laws and regulations for the standard management of school training institutions, but the laws and regulations of the relevant school managers also Not perfect, it is recommended to introduce relevant normative legal documents as soon as possible to promote the development of industrial norms. \”

The fire is hot, its roots are some lunch, lunch issues in some children’s school students. In this regard, experts call on relevant departments and schools should plan to work, solve problems from the root cause.

Hard Peak recommends that schools that are difficult to open in the cafeteria in the short term can make full use of social resources, through purchasing services, invite parents to choose qualified third-party diet units, implement a meal system, or link nearby organs School shared airy, etc.

The Secretary-General of the Sichuan Provincial Education Society also believes that the school that has no ability to host the cafeteria can touch the list of students who have a demand for noon, in the form of buying services, find a group of qualifications, norms The To Mechanism conducts professional hosting. \”The situation allowed, the teacher can arrange the teacher to the afternoon.\”

Ji Dahai also believes that the afternoon is a kind of service after class, not only requires the effectiveness of the resources such as schools, families, and society. Integration, more specific operating methods and policy support. \”For example, to carry out the school’s noon, the school should introduce the supporting charter of the NPT management, and train the teacher. At the same time, for teachers, governments and schools that provide extracurricular services should give certain labor compensation, this compensation must be legal, otherwise It is difficult to continue. \”Said the sea.

(The original title: \”How many nap in the afternoon of the fire is specified for unlicensed business chaos?\”)

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