Is the rural automatic sales machine earned money (automatic sales of water machines can be profitable)

Before you share my case, let me know what I am doing. I know a little maintenance common sense, give me a buddy \”working\”, work is to help my buddy dozens of automatic water saving machines Maintenance, maintenance, usually be assured to the small area card work (for users to apply for water card), long time, often say more, it is more familiar, I have a habit, which is to go to a small district, will be advanced One day, I greet in the user group, there are more times, I have some users who will ask me to help bring something, my own customers? Let the 捎 捎 东, of course, there is no way to refuse, will help users bought the next day in advance, starting to make the belt, nothing more than family daily necessities, the price is transparent, no user said that I bought something expensive, let alone me It is also a probabilistic master, helping your users, you will definitely get the price.

Since the user’s requirements are directly @ 我, I am also very refreshing, so, slowly let me bring more and more goods, of course, the things are also the five The door, there is a market near my home, I always go to the one when I buy something, and I am also familiar with it. Have a boss asked me, what are you doing? This month, you bought five or six this month. What is your use, so I will tell the boss, hey, this is the boss to interested, tell me, you help me sell it. You have so many user resources, you buy one me to make you 5 yuan, I listen, I am thinking, so I have a very boss for two hours, not just the mop, other things have improved, less Mao, large number five or sixty, I have an extra income of the work. I have been willing. In order to make a few extra income, I will release a free goods notice in each community user group, I am responsible for more than ten The community, the user resources are four or five thousand people, it is just casual, I didn’t want to earn more, after all, many people can’t find you, because I understand a little maintenance, plus a sentence, all family lighting fixtures Relevant questions can ask me, free consultation, if I can do activities in which community can go online, the small problem is directly solved, you still have to say, after the notice, I really have to find me to repair the lamp, of course If you don’t need accessories, you are free, you need to replace parts, then purchase 喽.

Later, 嘻嘻, free live, but there is a little statement, the free service must be when I go to the community, I can’t do it alone, because I am going to be arranged every day. Don’t say that I don’t do it, my boss will be angry. I truthfully tell you, my boss is happy, because I provide users with free service to get the user’s recognition, every time I go to do card, many users will help me My card is the best in our colleagues.

Casual opportunity, I met a professional selling mop in my own community, I can say that there are dozens of sales a day, all the kind of seven or eighty, the kind of bucket) Although I didn’t know the profit at the time.More big, but I can feel a lot of money, so I will listen to the price. Later, I saw a custom wholesale mop, I have communicated, add the recommendations for the other party, and decided to do 300 sets first small batch , Of course, the material is better, after all, I used to sell to my users. I have to sell the water card. How much is it can be sold, but I haven’t reported how much hope, but I will definitely not smash. Because for more than a dozen communities in half years, I also bought six or seven (saying that there is a strange, something, as long as there is a user to buy, there will be other users have the same requirements, but also To be the same, if you take the market, it is definitely more than this number. Hey, the first time I sold more than 60, of course, my individual users didn’t help Zhang Luo, and I didn’t want everyone. A set of mop me earned. 15 yuan, in fact, according to the supplier, it is recommended that each set of 25 yuan profit, I didn’t do it, add 15 yuan, one day pure profit of more than 1,000, my 300 drag put it for ten days, surprises?

It is a bit doubtful that first, this model can be copied to other products? If you can, which products are more appropriate, you can’t always sell the mop, just more than a dozen communities, there is a day with saturated, there is no customer relationship, I don’t necessarily sell this. Second, there is no drawback in this mode, and there is no impact on the main business.

Everyone has a better netizen, who has a better door to share it, anyway, I will believe in a word, as long as I work hard, I will not hungry my belly. As long as the line is positive, I will use it. The big boss has the live law of the big boss. Let’s work in our work, just happy.

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