Is the second-hand house independently traded a new channel real estate agent to withdraw from the market?

The official second-hand housing transaction supervision service personal independent listing is online, meaning the second-hand housing independent transaction has a new channel to a certain extent, to increase the supervision of the second-hand housing market.

Recently, Hangzhou second-hand housing transaction supervision service platform has been launched a new function of \”individual self-laistrar\”. For a time, many netizens are difficult to cover excitement: individuals can release a list of houses on the official platform, which means that you can bypass a multi-purpose room bypass the market, you can save a big mediation fee. For real estate intermediary service companies, this is obviously not good news, and the sound of singing is quickly kept, and it is considered that the second-hand housing intermediary is about to be replaced by the official platform. It may be affected by the official trading platform of Hangzhou official trading platform, in the domestic intermediary head enterprises in Nasdaq, the stock price should fall.

In fact, the official second-hand housing transaction supervision service system has always been \”ready to move.\” Hangzhou’s second-hand housing official platform is not new in these days. As early as 2016, it has been launched, but this time I updated my personal independent listing function. The official platform is not only Hangzhou. It is understood that Beijing has also launched a storage room trading service platform many years ago. Henan Shangqiu Yongcheng also established a property information center, providing second-hand housing purchase, sale and house rental, rental and other services.

Before Hangzhou, the latest developments come from Shenzhen. On June 24 this year, Shenzhen was short-on-line, the official \”second-hand housing transaction system\”, and its function also contains \”self-service room\”. The local relevant person in charge is the explanation of the low-line line is that the system is currently only in the test phase, and the system’s goal is to strictly control the listing price of the owner, let the second-hand housing transactions more transparent and assist in the supervision of the intermediary market.

The official platform is self-lanover, which means that the second-hand housing independent transaction has a new channel to a certain extent, to increase the supervision of the second-hand housing market. In recent years, with the increasing amount of second-hand housing transactions in total trading volume, the second-hand housing market is stable and more important to stabilize the real estate market. In the past, the real estate market regulation measures were mostly for new housing markets, the second-hand housing market regulation and the relatively weak supervision. This year, many cities have introduced second-hand housing guidance prices. Playing a good second-hand housing transaction supervision service platform is to increase the control and supervision.

Currently, the official second-hand housing transaction supervision service platform must truly play, and still need to further improve its function, and intermediaries are difficult to replace in the short term. The relevant person in charge of the official platform of Hangzhou said that the main purpose of \”personal self-laid-source\” function is to provide new selling channels for the personal home owners. The homeowner can hang the listings on the official platform, and can also be hung on the intermediary and improve the transaction opportunities. If it is involved in mortgage loans, property rights surveys, there is still no way to go around the intermediary.

Hangzhou’s official platform function is still a single one, and only the listings and landlords can be displayed. If the buyer and the seller agrees with the price, it is clear, No loan demand, only using official platforms to be transaction. However, most of the second-hand housing transactions are more complex, mature intermediaries can verify the provision of housing qualifications, taxes and fees, screening listings, and analysis, analyze comparison, help mortgage, loans, pay deeds, network sources Waiting for a series of professional services. More importantly, there are more hidden dangers in trading security such as capital risk, transaction, etc., and the existence of intermediary helps to reduce the risk of trading in both trading. The relevant person in charge of the official platform in Hangzhou also said that the current platform has not established a fund supervision account, and the next step will consider establishing a fund supervision account to solve the worries of the buyers and sellers.

Undoubtedly, for the official second-hand housing trading platform, the masses are very happy. The official platform provides a full-time information display of listings, which is conducive to the information between the two sides of the buyer. The government’s backbone, high credibility, which is conducive to eliminating fake listings, purifying the trading environment, avoiding buying and selling to obtain false information. Although the official platform is difficult to provide a more in-depth service, if more cities launched the official second-hand housing trading platform and gradually improve, it will affect the development structure of the industry. Some insiders also believe that official platforms can be divided into the intermediary service organization, and it is not necessary.

Buyers’ high expectations from the official platform, to some extent, the broad masses of the masses are dissatisfied with the status quo of second-hand housing intermediary service institutions. The current second-hand housing transactions are frequent, and individual intermediary service agencies and personnel will attract buyers through falsers, and they will hit the price of the owners. More vomiting comes from high intermediary fees, especially in hotspots such as lines, with the total house price to calculate the intermediary fees, is a uncommon expenditure.

The supervision of the relevant departments for intermediaries is further increased. Many cities will increase the supervision of second-hand housing intermediary institutions in many cities to rectify the real estate market order. This year, the Housing and Construction Department and other joint issuance will issue a notice, and the proposal will achieve significant improvement in the real estate market in about 3 years, and the supervision of the intermediary is once again mentioned, and the standard mediation service is the expectation of the market. (舒)

Source: Economic Daily

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