Is the Shanghai goods label make money (how is the month income in the Shanghai Runa Larai)

Many people are attracted by the \”high salary\” of the triglla!

Free order, easy to get over 10,000! This is the slogan of the trig. At the beginning, I was attracted by this sentence when I was a little white. There is no leader to remind you, no production quota, don’t have to look at get off work. Easy to get rid of 10,000 months. For those who have a physical labor, it is too attractive to others, but I don’t want to hurt the body to change the high salary. Tell you today to tell the truth after joining the trium!

Let everyone explain the slogan of Dura.

Free Point: Members are preferred. The highest member is preferred. The contract is prioritized. The old driver is preferred.

You don’t buy members, it is basically not over, there is no list you can grab. Several members, add 15% 11% 8% 5% 0%, such as my middle chartered car up to 789 monthly, no extraction. Unlimited amount (there is no limit amount at all). There is no more than 7 orders in the order. Basically, I didn’t eat every day, and I was hungry and drinking water. East and west are sent to the place, temporarily parking cookies. Waiting for the next order. One day is like this. I didn’t have 598. The key is not so much every day.

The single amount is very stable. Basically, it is a place to go out, I want to go home. It is basically impossible. Unless the empty car runs back. The eight rock can’t knew that you can meet the road. I will definitely can’t grab it.

I am in Suzhou Kunshan, basically go to Shanghai City, a foreign limit, a traffic complex is fined many times, I really don’t dare, I am sorry, then you are waiting. risk. Just do you want to pick up your right one day. The key is that it will definitely go back. Shanghai is Pudong Xuhui Jing’an Changning, I will go back and forth in these districts. There is no place where the parking is, you just sit the ass hurts, unless you have money, you can pay the parking lot. There are fewers to Qingpu Putuo. The traffic jam is added to the line traffic police. Some customers really have a headache to receive the bustling street, or the tourist area small alley, that is, tell you that the risk of being fined, you stop parking!

The best is the industrial area, a company sent to another company, where is the car? This sentence is good. I slept two days in the car, and I didn’t take a bath sticky. That feels no.

There are many orders that can save, and people choose the small face. There are many real goods, and they can’t install it. I have encountered 2 times, people can’t cancel orders, you are far from a few kilometers away, and the time and oil is all your own.

For novices, the order is really difficult to grab. Maybe the order is just playing out. And you haven’t seen your attention, you are robbed. 30 yuan 50 packs sand help to move to the 2nd floor without elevator, but fucking, I have never seen such a big money in this life. 30 construction garbage loading yourself to find a place. What wonderfulBoth.Now that there is no driver in the order.Every road is down, and it is a car advertisement for ferry.

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