Is the sheet metal earning money (how much is the sheet metal processing profit)

How much profit space is produced by the manufacture of aluminum board? Do you make money? For these two questions, it is estimated that people who want to engage in aluminum board industries want to know. Because in the impression, Xiaobian always heard someone saying that the boss of the aluminum board company opened aluminum board processing factory, not only bought a famous car mansion, but also expanded the factory area how many times, This makes many people eager to try to do the idea of \u200b\u200bthe aluminum board industry. Today, the Xiaochang Building Materials Xiaobian hopes to learn from the following articles to interpret and analyze these two issues.

铝单板行业有多少利润空间呢?很赚钱吗?现状一言难尽 Houxian Building Materials · Pillar Pillar-painted Aluminum Single Plate

What is the profit space of aluminum board manufacturers?

A: This question is to see if the manufacturer of aluminum board is a bad vendor, why do you want to say this? The main reason is that in the current aluminum board market, due to the low threshold for this industry, it is good to be a micro-profit, but the madness of many aluminum board manufacturers still triggered a cruel industry price war competition. In order to obtain customer orders, some poor manufacturers use non-standard aluminum plate raw materials, and even recovering aluminum processing, the quality of inferior aluminum single plate products produced cannot be guaranteed, and there is a negative impact on the entire aluminum board industry. Bad vendors will give orders through low-cost strategies, after the order, whether in the sheet metal process or paint spraying, stealing the workers, to achieve the high profit you want. However, once such a unqualified product has quality and security issues in the construction site construction, it may not only provoke the lawsuit lawsuit, but also completely destroy his reputation, which is equivalent to himself.

If it is a qualified conscience aluminum board manufacturer, due to the downstream of the aluminum single plate processing, combined with the comprehensive cost of the current aluminum single plate, the actual profit space of aluminum board is approximately 7% – 10%. According to the size, technical strength and brand influence of different aluminum board manufacturers, there will be certain floating spaces in profits, but in the integrated aluminum board industry, such profit space can only say that only the basics of the factory can only be guaranteed. maintain.

Second, do you engage in the aluminum panel industry to make money?

A: Obviously engaged in aluminum board industry can make money, but can only be said to be tallily.

Today, all the news will not be a hole in the wind, there will be a certain fact, if you can always hear which aluminum board owner earned how much money, maybe This boss may not earn so much legends, but it must be earned. Xiaobian is engaged in aluminum board industries, it can be said that it also has a considerable aluminum board owner, which indeed made a lot of money through their own efforts, but also found them behind them. Common:

1, they do the aluminum board industry to adhere to product quality is the lifeline of the company, abandon the price warAlways stand in the customer’s perspective, starting with the actual needs of the customer, and regardless of the order size, it is strictly used in the material to consistent with the national aluminum plate raw material as a substrate, so they do not appear \”Stepping\” in this process. .

2, they will strictly implement national or industry standards for the entire processing process, all aluminum board products meet or exceed the national building materials test center testing standards. Many customers will view the detection and identification report of aluminum board in the process of purchasing aluminum boards, and this can be said that there is no problem for them, and aluminum board manufacturers who have no test report may lose a lot. Customers bring irreparable losses.

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