Is the underground city earned money (how to make money in the down town game)

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The 60 version is in contact with DNF. At that time, I don’t know how to move bricks. The 17-year Gladi version is moving brick. It is 16 open law. From the 1st level to the equipment to move bricks for a month, then the proportion of the time is still more than 1:40, and the salary of 4500 is also available in one month, bringing the completion of the completion of the completion of the color, one month It is more than 6,000.

At that time, I immediately wanted to open a DNF studio. At that time, I used the recorder to move brick. My boss said with me. If I want to do this, I can teach me for free. Not allowed.

However, the device is bought back, the account is bought back, it is okay a few days ago. 50 levels got up the next day, the whole army didn’t, no one survived, the heart was cool, I contacted my boss, he came to my studio asked me some things, IP issues and others Question, so I re-bought a batch of continued upgrades, the process is very smooth, the level can be moved, then the equipment, account, black diamond, including other trivial things, investment is 3/4 million !

The next definitely is a tasteless moving brick, the first month, the second month, there is no matter, if it is three months, the first number of death in the morning Heaven, at that time, I didn’t take a machine. I stopped a machine, other as usual, the next day, basically I will die every day, please re-raise the number, the result, no one month, 32 accounts, joint The 16 accounts are all dead, EMMMM!

The three months also earned a little money, the machine has been idle, after two months, come into contact with the script, bought a script for a few days, still stable, It’s a batch, there is also a dead time in the process of the number, but it is not too much. The new number of death continues to reach it, and I have not moved it, I will directly enter the steel, and the bricks are also very stable. After more than three months, I will die and die, until the number is dead, and decisively retreat.

This is not a 100-month return for three months. Not too difficult, the script is stable, some instably, hardware, software investment will now invest a little more, recommend single IP IP, hardware investment, can be used.

The number of accounts, now recommend the old Q old adventure group, after all, the new Q new adventure group save the survival rate without the old Q, the old adventure group survival rate, the early investment may be big (see how many equipment yourself, How much is a number?Grinding, the script can move directly into the storm.

There is also one of manual, at present, I am 1 Tor 4, a total of 8 devices, the starting must have a posture, otherwise it is white, but it is recommended to use the old Q old adventure group, posture, Tiger tooth liveThere are 4K to open an anchor, you can learn, you can get a lot of time to do the equipment will be a lot of time. The lazy people do not recommend manual, the script is small to fight, and if you open a jobTake 8K, a role 100W method is not 30 minutes a role, that is, a role of 8 characters 800W is a dozen dollars. If you say only 10 characters, the revenue is still very objective, after all, manual, orIt is necessary to see your own efforts.

Now moving bricks don’t say it, I can only say that DNF doesn’t fall, I don’t fall, as long as I insist, I can do it, come on !!!

ourselves to DNFThe moving brick now has some small recommendation, don’t like it, thank you!

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