Is the West Point of Baixiang? (How about Baixiang Lin West Profit)

多图+视频→直击市“两会”,今天下午政协委员们来了|联播记者在“两会”|终于传来声音 Today is January 17, 2021

Sunday Fuyang City Five People’s Fifth Session The Fifth Session of the Five Meetings will be from tomorrow Since the beginning of the opening, today’s news broadcast Xiaobian will bring you to this desk reporter from the report of the \”two sessions\” to see news

1, multi-picture + video → take you directly hit Fuyang Member of the CPPCC 5 sessions of the Political Consultative Conference

This afternoon

shoulder the trust and heavy trust of the people of the city 多图+视频→直击市“两会”,今天下午政协委员们来了|联播记者在“两会”|终于传来声音

Member of the CPPCC member

participated in the five sessions of the CPPPCA,

connected to the General Assembly

Network Team Take you multi-picture direct attack on the scene





2 pm The CPPCC member 多图+视频→直击市“两会”,今天下午政协委员们来了|联播记者在“两会”|终于传来声音

has come from all over the country

多图+视频→直击市“两会”,今天下午政协委员们来了|联播记者在“两会”|终于传来声音 to check in the check-in information and other orders


To ensure that the \”two sessions\” is successfully held

多图+视频→直击市“两会”,今天下午政协委员们来了|联播记者在“两会”|终于传来声音 strictly grasp Epidemic prevention and control measures

One of the key tasks of the \”two sessions\” 多图+视频→直击市“两会”,今天下午政协委员们来了|联播记者在“两会”|终于传来声音


多图+视频→直击市“两会”,今天下午政协委员们来了|联播记者在“两会”|终于传来声音 in the next few days Time

The committee will surround the economic and social development of Fuyang 多图+视频→直击市“两会”,今天下午政协委员们来了|联播记者在“两会”|终于传来声音

Jian Yan Yan to enter the good wisdom of the good fortune

多图+视频→直击市“两会”,今天下午政协委员们来了|联播记者在“两会”|终于传来声音 In order to create a new situation in Fuyang Damei Fuyang

[123 ] Contributing wisdom and strength


Want to know more, please open the live video

多图+视频→直击市“两会”,今天下午政协委员们来了|联播记者在“两会”|终于传来声音 ↓↓



Fuyang City Five People’s Congress Five meetings, the five sessions of the People’s Republic of China

will be grandly opened [123

Fuyang News Network reporters

Also ready to send a full preparation for the General Assembly

Everyone has a curious

How is the reporter behind the TV screen?

Xiaobian Today, I followed everyone to the scene

Record the instant of the small partner prepared for the General Assembly ~


Fuyang News Network

多图+视频→直击市“两会”,今天下午政协委员们来了|联播记者在“两会”|终于传来声音 Opening tomorrow, we are at the scene! The fifth meeting of the Fifth Fuyang Municipal Committee of the CPPC! # 安徽 阳 # 现场 # 报者

3, finally, the sound is shown in the well!

At 14 o’clock on January 10, Shandong Qixia Colorful Dragon Gold Mine took an explosion accident, and 22 workers were trapped.

The reporter learned from the rescue site that this afternoon, the rescuers opened a drilled hole from the ground to the trapped workers. By tapping, he received the sound from the downhole. Whether to tap the sound of the drill pipe for the trapped miners, it is still confirmed.


多图+视频→直击市“两会”,今天下午政协委员们来了|联播记者在“两会”|终于传来声音 There is a echo! Qixia Wat Mountain Gold Mine Accident Rescue Hoard and received downhole signal. Stay, willing to return safely!

多图+视频→直击市“两会”,今天下午政协委员们来了|联播记者在“两会”|终于传来声音 4, nine latest epidemic rumors, don’t be cheated!

99.9% of new crown virus 10 minutes by tea

New crown vaccination open website reservation

2021 Spring Festival Express in advance

Spring Festival is directly \”canceled\”

The year will arrive until

There are many new crown epidemic rumors Online circulation

Xiaobi took you to see the truth behind the nine latest rumors 多图+视频→直击市“两会”,今天下午政协委员们来了|联播记者在“两会”|终于传来声音

[123 多图+视频→直击市“两会”,今天下午政协委员们来了|联播记者在“两会”|终于传来声音

[ 123]

5, 1 yuan egg tart on the street, can you really eat?


\”Egg Tart One Yuan!\”

I believe that there are few people to see this Several big characters, can hold back the saliva under the heart, turn your head. After all, there is no meat in a bowl of noodles, and there is no meat, and the egg tart is a dollar.

When the school’s roadside, the cake shop, bakery, subway, and a private seller under the dormitory, and the automatic soldier in the dormitory. This magical \”white\” egg tart. \”Egg Tart One One One\” Signboard Sign up to the store, you can attract the people like the long dragon to line up the wool.

△ Source: Water on onion

Even if you don’t like eating egg tarts, you will endure The accomplices are: \”This is a good thing, this is a good queue.\” Then because of the curiosity of the team.

After you have finished egg tarts, you may once again ponder again: \”It seems that the taste is not good, do you really lose money? This dollar tart will not Is there a problem? \”多图+视频→直击市“两会”,今天下午政协委员们来了|联播记者在“两会”|终于传来声音

As a contrast, in the origin of the grape egg tart, Macau, Majia Lie and Andrew Egg Tart is 8 yuan, KFC’s portal egg tart It is also 8 pieces (a cold knowledge: I have no egg tart next door), the delicious egg tart is 9 yuan, and the semi-cooked cheese egg tart is sold in 25 yuan. 多图+视频→直击市“两会”,今天下午政协委员们来了|联播记者在“两会”|终于传来声音

Even if it is a local bread West Point room, most will be 3-4 yuan, and there are two dollars in Wallace, egg tarts. 多图+视频→直击市“两会”,今天下午政协委员们来了|联播记者在“两会”|终于传来声音

This kind of egg tart … What is the greasy? 多图+视频→直击市“两会”,今天下午政协委员们来了|联播记者在“两会”|终于传来声音

8 dollars a tart, and 1 dollar tart, where is the difference in cost? 多图+视频→直击市“两会”,今天下午政协委员们来了|联播记者在“两会”|终于传来声音

Actually, you will know that you will do a tart at home, you will know that the egg tart is the roasted oil, so easy. Even if you can buy it online, you can buy 51 eggs in the online, 22 yuan, folding the egg tarts (Of course, it is not good to eat). 多图+视频→直击市“两会”,今天下午政协委员们来了|联播记者在“两会”|终于传来声音



maybe some people will say, even if it is a pure profit of five cents, then Also low. However, the so-called small profits but quick turnover, the mystery is here, even if there is a single profit, but as long as there is a surplus, even the surplus of the Head, sell enough, you will be able to win.


123] This situation is most common in mobile stalls who specialize in one dollar tarts. The owner purchased the equipment in the home, purchasing raw materials, produces tarts and tarts, and put it in the car in the car, go to the school gate, walking the population of this type of population in the pedestrian street. Almost equivalent to a small seller, the province has stored rent, freight, circulation and other intermediate costs, how much can we earn, is it not beautiful?

The cost of opening an egg shop is not very high. You can open a small facade. The franchise fee can be low to 10,000, which is typical.

△ Source: A joining website


Of course, there is a moist egg tart that is actually lost money. For example, a cake shop, a dollar tart in the tea restaurant, it is more like a \”drainage\” role, even if it is the most sensible consumers, I saw the Arab number \”1\” of the signs on the signboard on the signboard. Can you not have a pupil earthquake?

As long as it succeeds to attract consumers’ eyes, attracting them to the store, the marketing purpose of the egg tart is reached. Because of the truly make money, it is the other things in the store. Since passing a dollar tart shop, the durian crisp, the puff is also a bit?

△ Source: foursquare@hiroki.k

This low-cost drainage is in marketing The world can be described as uncommon but a hundred tests.

And most consumers will hold \”I have come in / row, I bought it / bought, I bought it, I don’t have something else.\” Pointless – see, the profit point will appear naturally. 多图+视频→直击市“两会”,今天下午政协委员们来了|联播记者在“两会”|终于传来声音

When you can ask here, then this kind of egg tart, there is no food safety problem, you can open your stomach and don’t eat it. ?

According to our previous analysis, the egg tart can reduce the cost to less than 1 yuan or less, or use a small amount of money to make a net redhead. push.

In these two cases, a moist egg tart can be assured to eat. At the same time, there is also a part of black-hearted merchants in the market, and when purchasing flour, eggs, milk and other basic ingredients, buy inferior materials, expired materials overnight, do not pay attention to hygiene when making it in the production.

Search for a lot of food safety incidents for the egg tarts. There have been manufacturers found that they have made black, full of green hair, come to make egg tarts, some peopleI have eaten flies, hair, glass slag in the supermarket homemade egg tart … 多图+视频→直击市“两会”,今天下午政协委员们来了|联播记者在“两会”|终于传来声音

△ Source: South China Morning Post

[ 123]

After some kinds of gastrointestinal are not very good, they will even trigger gastroenteritis. Originally, it is delicious and cheap. It takes a few dollars to buy a few egg tarts. The result is cool, but I have given a few hundred, and I have been sinful since the body.

Despite now Bailin, Yundu West Point these parity cake stores are still selling, but the business of a dollar tart is increasingly difficult. Obviously, with the improvement of your living standards, you will not be excited for 1 dollar tart, and then use it for a few times. Everyone is also tired.

The dollar tart on the street is getting less and less, and a dollar egg tart in the supermarket, sometimes it can be put neatly from early to night, no one cares.

Carefully recall, when the student is still a student, I can be happy for a whole day, and a dollar egg tart may not be very delicious, but the kind of wool Happiness is simple, this is perhaps the most disturbed point of the one-dollar egg tart that has been full of streets (but not suggesting everyone to open the store).

The last intimate reminder, although the egg tart is delicious, but a tart is 300 cards, which is equivalent to a bowl of rice, and a friend who is fitty, it is recommended to take careful to eat carefully.

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