Is there a wreath shop to earn money (why do you want to flow a store?

First, how much is the flowers wreath?

We will always want to know how much the flowers wreath is, in general, the wreath of the styling atmosphere, the amount is much more, the price is not cheap.

鲜花花圈多少钱一个:参加葬礼为什么都用菊花?送其他花行不行? How much is customized? How much is a wreath? One

How much is a wreath, the specific amount is, cheaper, 400 yuan, expensive will often exceed 1,000 yuan, but the price of various grades has, if you need For purchase, we can consult more styles and prices to our flower shop.

How much is the problem of flowers wreath, next we analyze, white-proof wreaths, flower materials, chrysanthemums, and what flowers can choose.

Second, whitening should send chrysanthemum?

Chrysanthemum flower is \”parting\” and \”sad\”, symbolizing living people who have been sad for the departure of the dead, can be sent to spend, mourn the deceased.

In addition, the funeral field is suitable for colorful color, and the fresh flowers, white chrysanthemum in chrysanthemums and yellow chrysanthemum, the color is quiet, bonded, and miss the funeral atmosphere.

And the chrysanthemum is very common, the price is also relatively cheap, which is more affordable to pay homage.

Second, send other spending lines?

Influence the chrysanthemum, it can be sent to other flowers, but it is necessary to match the flower of the chrysanthemum, suitable for the flower of the chrysanthemum, also need colorful, hue can’t be too happy, recommended by the same flower as follows.

How much is customized? How much is a wreath?

White Lily: the white lily of temperament and elegant, can praise the character of the deceased;

鲜花花圈多少钱一个:参加葬礼为什么都用菊花?送其他花行不行? White rose: pure white white rose, meaning the dead of the dexterin;

[123 ] Don’t forget me: I don’t forget the small cleaning, indicating that the midday of the defenders;

Orange infarction: The elegant platycodon flower, dedication to the deceased.

These four flowers are suitable for white things, but they need to reiterate that they are usually only suitable for flowering flowers as chrysanthemums, which are not recommended separately.

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