It is also idle, this thirteen sub-industries, casually more than work.

First, Baidu search Baidu knows the partner

I know in Baidu search, then stay in this Baidu’s subordinate platform, it is to answer Baidu know every day, according to your answer quality, answer the day can be probably Give you three left and right benefits. After you are skilled, you can do an answer for 10 minutes, so make more than 1000 ~ 2000, if you want to earn more, you can stay Select Team to stay, then promote your links, let others join your team so that your team will answer the question. Many people can’t find Baidu partners, open the computer version browser search Baidu, Baidu knows the partner, search for mobile phone.

Second, doing self-media to make money

There are many platforms in the media. Today’s headline is a very good platform, and there is a big fish number, penguin, a point of consultation, Sohu self-media, NetEase Since the media, etc., you can write an article every day, then publish to each self-media platform, this will have a benefit, using a special self-media tool to be synchronized to the major self-media platform, that is, you are the same article You can publish it to the major media platform sharing. It is still a point here. It is not necessary to participate in those self-media training. Since they say that they have to make money from the media, why also come to you? Only one reason is to do the money from the media. If you don’t train you to make a lot of money, you just keep your thinking can keep up, there is no need to spend money, such as you write an emotional article, then you will Read the population of 200 Essences, summarize the title, and summarize the structure of the article will have gains.

Third, knowledge payment

Knowledge payment, many people make money, some people don’t make money, as long as your thinking is released, there is no problem. It is also written in writing, but the side focus is different, such as knowing, brief, Douban, these platforms write article not to calculate money according to the reading amount, but your article is more dry, write well, just There are a lot of people to pay for you. I saw a 50,000 fans, the rewards of each article are more than 2000 yuan, knowing about 10,000 fans, big V giving others a good agreement, routine cost is about 300, you Do you think it is difficult to make money?

Fourth, alternative Taobao make money

Many people say Taobao does not make money, in fact, big mistakes, to make money, Taobao is the first, no one , Just you won’t operate. Do a good job in Taobao, such as a large product, such as this ostrich seedlings, the formal Taobao business is dozens of sellers, and the market demand is very big, so it is easy to make money, part-time Yes, my many friends are doing, and I have been shared with you before, I can pay attention to this idea.

Fifth, upload the document to make money

I have said before, IAt that time, it was that the 360 \u200b\u200blibrary. In fact, we can expand the scope, and that Baidu Library, I also said, we can go to Baidu Library, Douba Net, 360 Library, etc., there are many platforms. , I will extend it again. Some people don’t know what to upload. You can upload this lesson. The high school junior high school teaching plan can, and this lecture and courseware, this part of the market demand is very big, if you have aware Teacher can get the best courseware, you can upload the relevant documents used in our daily work, this basic charge is 5 yuan, you will find a more downloaded, you can see it downloads very much. The upload can be made up in the early stage, and the later stage is after going to sleep.

Sixth, take a photo to make money

If you will shoot photos, you can sell photos to make money, I can recommend some websites that sell photos, a lot of such platforms, you can go Baidu search, for example, this better called visual China, there are many domestic platforms, and there are also many photographers only rely on the photos, and they have already earned a lot, and now they are so convenient, you can also consider A way of making this photo to make money.

Painting Make money

can make money in WeChat expression open platform, there is best to paint the bottom of this skill, you can search for Baidu search, find a WeChat expression open The platform is applying for the expression maker. This is very profitable, some will draw, more than 500,000, and it is still part-time, and you can make some design to make money on the picture network. This is very regular. reliable.

Eighth, programmer programming to make money

If you can program, you are a programmer, you can also use your skills to make money, this can use the remote work platform, programmers make money Using the remote work platform, the price is very high, one day is around 1000, this need technology threshold, no technology, you can ignore this.

Ninth, translation to make money

If you will translate, you can also make money, you can make a translation to make money in platforms such as translation.

Tenth, video make money

Video make money, now the most fire is shake, the quick hand can, but don’t forget to have Youku Tencent video, in any video platform, when you When there is 10,000 fans, there will be advertisers to find you to advertise, you can also connect to Taobao shop to make money. If you don’t want to make a video, you can also sell the video account. Generally, a 100,000 fans can sell more than 10,000 yuan. Are you talking about a lot of hundreds of thousands of fans in hanging, you are .

Eleventh, Witkey makes money

is in the pig eight ring, time wealth, all people and other platforms to pick up the task to make money, these platforms canWith that you have design technology, you will earn more. If you don’t have design technology, you will be less, and some tasks have mobile phones, but it is more tired, for example, you can make a hair. Off, the public account that is concerned can earn such a thinking of two horses.

Chapter 12, Q \u0026 A Make Money

Just as you often hear, today’s headline has a Wukong Q \u0026 A, sesame questioning is a very formal question and answer platform, Everyone can operate themselves.

Thirteenth, modifying the resume to make money

People in the workplace still occupy the half-Wanjiang Mountain of the rivers and lakes, so there are many platforms to modify the resume, only you need to have relevant qualifications. Application, sit at home every day, help others to modify the perfect resume, others find high wages, you get your own return, this is a win-win job. 闲着也是闲着,这十三种副业,随便比打工强。


Summary: Every day, share the part-time project of the sub-industry to make money, every day is full of dry goods output, so that you are not confused in the workplace Let you not be confused on the road to enter the part-time job, let you make money through the sub-business project I share, you can make a lot of amateur income, so that life is getting better and better!

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