\”It’s cold, the upper cascad will be warmer\”, \”Changsha elderly do the insole to give the doctor, the reason is warm

In early March 2021, Yang Lijun, a 77-year-old old man, was examined with colon cancer. After surgery, there were abdominal fluids and other symptoms, and the elderly learned that there were many side effects of chemotherapy. At the beginning, it was very resistant. Not willing to chemotherapy, but the abdominal fluid is more serious.

After living in Hunan Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, her attending doctor Wang Zhu and Niu Junjie have begun to encourage the old man: \”Now medical development, chemotherapy drugs are progressing, side effects are slowly reduced. You can also use traditional Chinese medicine and reduce the use of chemotherapy drugs. \”Encourage plus daily greetings, the elderly finally put down fear, and have completed four chemotherapy days.

On October 25, Yang Lijun took out two pairs of hand-held insoles and gave two doctors. \”It’s cold, the upper foot pad will be warmer, they gave me warmth, I also give them warmth. I hope to express my thousands of thousands of thousands of wiring.\”

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I am afraid of side effects, I can’t cultivate the treatment after seventy-year-old people “天冷了,垫鞋垫会更暖和”,长沙老人做鞋垫送给医生,背后原因令人暖心

Into the ward, Yang Lijun is holding a bit drop, two bottles of drugs are used in chemotherapy, a bottle of a bottle of yellow light yellow. She didn’t seem to lose weight, a black hair, speaking venue, and she still went to bed independent activities, which makes it difficult to draw Yang Lijun and tumor patients, and she has completed the four courses so far.

Yang Lijun is 77 years old this year. At the beginning of March 202, she found a symptom of blood. At the beginning, she thought hemorrhoids, I didn’t expect to final diagnosis of colon cancer. After the operation was completed on March 12, her abdomen began to have a effusion. At the end of May, my sister took her to the hospital affiliated to Hunan Provincial Traditional Chinese Medicine, and she began to eat traditional Chinese medicine treatment.

Slowly, my sister Yang Wei feels that simple taking medicine is difficult to completely eliminate ascites, I plan to let my sister do chemotherapy. But Yang Lijun is very resistant. \”My husband is a lymphoid cancer. After he is doing chemotherapy, the physical condition is deteriorated. After the people around me have done chemotherapy, I have died in the world, and the chemotherapy has a lot of side effects. People will be very painful, and they can’t walk. It is not a death that Yang Lijun is not dead, but the chemotherapy is unbearable side effects.

Doctor’s greetings and encouragement to let her put the fear

Wang Zhu, deputy director of the Department of Radiotherapy Hospital, Hunan Provincial Traditional Chinese Medicine, recalled that Yang Lijun just came to the hospital, physical condition is not very good \”There are a lot of ascites, the stomach is sighed, and things can’t eat.\” But with the fear of chemotherapy, Yang Lijun is very resistant and does not want to do chemotherapy.

In the face of this situation, Wang Zhu and another attending doctor began to make ideological work to the elderly. \”Now medicine has developed, chemotherapy drugs are progressing, side effects are slowly reduced, you can also work with Chinese medicine, and reduce the use of chemotherapy drugs.\” After the doctor’s persuasion, Yang Lijun finally said, \”I tried it.\” Bar\”.

JulyAt the end, Yang Lijun began to chemotherapy, after a course of treatment, the abdomen was made a lot, which made her confidence. \”Doctors have always encouraged me, tell me, you won’t hurt, good ‘, every day they come to the ward, I will ask me what I have to eat, have you slept well.\” Several medication Down, Yang Lijun did not have a more serious adverse reactions, \”I am not afraid of chemotherapy now.\”

\”In fact, grandmother’s mentality is better. Through physical examination and daily greetings, the elderly and our distance will slowly get close, plus family membership, the treatment process has been more smooth.\” Wang Zhu said Yang Lijun is a language teacher. Sometimes he will gave other doctors to learn experience before the old man’s bed. Such a scene allows Yang Lijun’s thoughts back to the past. \”The old man saw the situation of the class is very happy, occasionally She will also encourage us to listen to it, ‘! \”

\” I use my thousand wire expressions to their thousands of thank you \”

October 25th Wang Zhu and Niu Junjie walked into the ward, starting to give her a physical examination like it. \”Grandma, what did you eat in the morning?\” \”I ate a harvest, a egg. I have eaten something today, I don’t want to vomit at all.\” Yang Lijun took out two pairs of shoe pads, give two attending doctors one pair: \” This is my mind, I hope to use my thousand needles to express the thousands of thank you. \”

“天冷了,垫鞋垫会更暖和”,长沙老人做鞋垫送给医生,背后原因令人暖心 The reporter noticed that the two pairs of upper insoles sent by the old man, a pair of red bottom, a pair of green The bottom is embroidered on the bottom. \”I don’t have anything else to send, this is what I can do when I can vision, it’s cold, the shoe is warm, and they give me warm, I also give them warmth.

Received a sudden gift, the two doctors appear both surprises and happy. \”This is what we should do. Your situation is getting better and better, we are more happy.\” Wang Zhu said that the old man is getting better and better, he and the cow doctors have been greatly encouraged.

\”This is the old man’s family, can see the grandmother’s recognition for us, for our medical workers, we just do their job, can get the patient’s recognition, we are very happy, It is more serious to work in the future career. \”Wang Zhu said.

Xiaoxiang Morning News reporter is full of Yankun

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