It’s not easy to make money.

Make money, such as tiger, how to pull the teeth, such as the horse, I am got up, I will get up for money, I’m going to sleep for money, I want to cross my ideals. Daughter tens of thousands of registration fees, son more than 10,000, plus The living expenses, feeling not easy.

I bought a home, afraid to take care of the family, afraid that my parents are sick, I am afraid that my money is not enough. Now this society, the man wants to have no material love, the woman wants a man who doesn’t have a heart, but the real thing is a man who has no money, and the material woman does not get love.

No one knows how much helplessness you have gone through, and no one cares about this process, only taking a short-handed saying – you have changed. Colorful life should not be chaotic. [ 123]

I want to make money to give my mother, like she takes her to buy clothes, do hair, give her a gold necklace, take her to the beauty salon, let him feel that there is no white to raise me, so I have a look . Come and wish.

From the new beginning, only the dreams and children in the eyes, I will adjust everything, I will not be defeated because some people or some things are knocked down, because my goodness, you can’t estimate

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