It’s really hard to earn money, what extent?

It is really difficult to earn money. Everyone is coming over, no one is more likely to, we all know.

After I haven’t deposit, no room has no car, no work, is currently in the unemployment phase.

The age of this stage, I urgently want to change the status quo, I am so hard, it is really difficult, I can’t force it.

There is never difficult to make it now, I always think about making a little grades, prove that 30 years old, there is no white living, this is the most difficult, there is no grade, the whole People are not good, in anxiety, insomnia, can’t eat, no spirit.

We all have young, we didn’t cherish it. Now it is 00, and even the world is in the world. After we are 90, it is the old aunt, the old uncle It’s not a beautiful girl who is too late!

When I first came out, I always thought about it. I can have a lot of time to waste, to achieve the value of life, but the reality has given me a slap, call you, call you You don’t know what you have in the beginning.

I have become an unemployed visitors. I don’t want to enter the factory. I feel 30 years old, I still have to work in work, no future, no technology, no crafts, often ask yourself: a lifetime Was work? Will it work in the factory for a lifetime? When you are old, is there anyone in the factory?

I always think that I don’t enter the factory, I always have to make up my mind. I don’t enter the factory to work, I can do anything, I will not go to work, I will wait to starve, so I finally enter the factory, drag it. Now, 30 years old, no money, no car, no room, no marriage, no everything.

I don’t know if you are like me, don’t know where the road is?

It is really difficult to earn money, it is difficult to go to the real life, compromise …


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