Ji Customer Log Analysis: Barrel water manufacturer saves millions a year?

on the Internet, in recent years we talk too much. As a bottled water manufacturer, we should understand the Internet and how to think about it? An industry is concerned, any new model, we only need to focus on two key words: \”efficiency\” and \”experience.\” A good business model, must be greatly improved the efficiency of collaboration within the industry, or significantly enhance the customer’s shopping experience, or is it both ways. Today, we have the perspective of these two simple analysis of the value of the Internet on water prices.

First of all, take a look at the traditional bottled water trading.

short chain aquaculture barrel, quantities of water to the water production station, and then distributed to the consumer water station. In addition to water stations, hardly any other alternative channels.

because of heavy goods, consumers are make a phone call, and other water-to-door, so customers can not shop; because packaging recycling, distribution and consumers to exchange barrels, so the home; because consumption is stable, turnover low, so we are willing to accept pre-sale. Home, charge barrels, three pre-sale characteristics, determines the water station and some customers have closed the transaction characteristics.

What is closed transaction? Running water, electricity, gas pipelines are typical of closed transactions, consumers can only multipurpose or less, have no right to decide who to buy. Customer water station is half closed, customers are stable, years or even a phone orders are playing this decade. Therefore, the water stop shopping guide has a very strong ability.

almost no contact between the water and the consumer, only occasionally do some brand advertising. This is a one-way transmission of information, so that almost no interaction between water and consumer channels, there is no relationship between money and logistics (see figure below). Almost no difference between


the traditional model of water and consumer interaction channels

In fact, water has always had a stronger marketing capabilities than water stations, but can not play. Many also try to provide water provides water services directly through the call center, but still have to rely on water distribution stations. Wiring, transfer orders, settlement, etc. are all additional costs. Call center barely complete closed-loop information flow, capital flow but can not complete the loop. The whole system is concerned, there is no call center to improve efficiency, but also additional costs. Consumers hit the telephone call center not as a direct telephone stations draw water, and bottled water may be faster, more direct communication, so customers do not experience any improvement. Accordingly, the water companies improve the efficiency of the call center that is not nor enhance the consumer experience, can only be regarded as a short-term excessive mode.


call center does not improve the efficiency and experience

Now, with the development of the Internet, consumers are changing rapidly, consumers are already very accustomed to 70-90 after the network transactions, information present a clear, transactions anytime, anywhere, no cash. Phone provides water experience can not meet their needs.

and had call centers, water play to their marketing advantage, using a network platform available to consumersHow is the effect?

Consumers have booked water through the company’s own WeChat public account, and the presence of water plant brand information transfer and promotion activities will become very simple, and the funds are paid directly. The order is automatically assigned to the water station, and the water is stationed in the app to pick up the mobile phone app to the distribution worker. The water plant is set in advance to the settlement method (distribution fee + replenishing position) of the water station, and the APP of the water station automatically presents the funds that should be settled, and can be cashed at any time. The information processing efficiency is greatly improved!

Let’s compare the call center, improve what efficiency, let’s take a look at these costs of the call center:

1, take the person, one seat is connected to 200 orders a day, 1 Thousands of orders require 5 seats + 2 round-owned staff;

2, venue costs, sitting on the office space;

3, management fees, training, recruitment, daily Management, etc .;

4, financial expenses, homogenous station, transfer, verification, and most troublesome water tickets, deposit management, etc.

There are only one computer now only need a computer. And there is no leak and wrong form, fake ticket, etc.

If, according to 100,000 sales calculations in one month, the transfer order plus management personnel require 25 people, everyone can calculate, how much is it a year? How can I get millions? The average of each order saves a transfer cost of 1 yuan.

At the same time, the water station will save 80% of the wiring costs through the network, and save 80% of the wiring cost, and the settlement and summate.

Let’s take a look at the consumer experience after using the network platform:

1, never occupy the line, you can order anytime, anywhere;

2, It can be seen that the service is recorded;

3, more assured, corporate platform, purchase more trusted, electronic ticket will never be lost.

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Experience improvement, can be more likely to increase and stabilize customers, increase income; efficiency improvements can reduce costs. In the two, it is ultimately a total profit, and more benefits can be allocated throughout the entire system. Increase in gains can continue to improve product quality or attract employees, and further enhance service quality and enter a benign circulation.

This analysis, the barrel water company understands that the Internet platform is not so complicated. How to build this network platform, there are still many details. For example, how to make the water station willing to order, and can guarantee the quality of service? How to use this platform to enhance the brand and expand the market share? Simply put, the key to building a network platform is, \”Lian Water Station, caught customers\”. Specifically, how to implement, please search, consult \”Ji Customer Road\”.

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