Ji’an Shoufu family secret history: resigning vaccine, not to live 5 yuan shop, now 36.5 billion



Du Weimin, born in 1963 in a poverty rural family in Xinhe County, Ji’an City, Jiangxi Province, parents are farmers who are \”facing the sky\”.

The poor family is early, and Du Weimin understands that for his rural children, only reading is the way to change fate.

In 1984, Du Weimin took the inspection profession in Jiangxi Province. Three-year specialist life passed, after graduation, he was assigned to the provincial health and epidemic prevention station to engage in environmental inspection.

After the work, Du Weimin has taken the Department of Chemistry, Jiangxi College of Education, and goes back to the original unit after graduation.

吉安首富发家秘史:辞职卖疫苗,不舍得住5元店,现身家365亿 A rural kid can jump out of the pearl of the pearl by his own reading, staying in Nanchang, the provincial city, Du Weimin has become an example and proud of the village.

Later, he married a woman named Yuan Liping, with his own home in Nanchang, and the days did not live in salty. Yuan Liping was born in 1971, which is 8 years old than Du Weimin, graduated from foreign economic and trade universities.

At the beginning of the 1990s, the system in the system was again hit again. Du Weimin said many students, and friends resigned, some south, and some cross-sea went to Haikou.

The little health and epidemic prevention site can no longer host the dream of Du Weimin. If you want to change, you must go out of your comfort, Du Weimin apparently understands this.


In 1993, Du Wei people resigned to the sea and became a vaccine sales salesman. He is just 30 years old this year.

Just started, Du Weimin did a few pharmaceutical companies’ sales salesperson, and they were run everywhere, using the human resources established during the provincial health and epidemic prevention site, and many vaccines were promoted.

If he is tired, he just find a place to kneel, or sit on the stool for a few minutes, according to him, the most difficult time is not reluctant.

In February 1995, he appointed the sales manager of Changchun Changsheng Biotechnology Co., Ltd., which is more than 4 years, Changchun Changsheng’s organism later is forcibly returned because of the sale of fake vaccines. However, Du Weimin has almost all of the first bucket of gold here.

In December 1999, he resigned from the sales manager. He has established Guangzhou Allied Biological Co., Ltd. with his friends. It has purchased 0.68% of the company’s nominal investment of 0.68%, and the Changsheng Industrial is a long life. The predecessor, take this opportunity, Du Weimin became a small shareholder of Changsheng’s organisms.

Jiangsu Yan Shen

In June 2003, Du Weimin also entered Changzhou Pharmaceutical Yan Shen Biotechnology Co., Ltd. and became the company’s directors and vice director. In 2007, Du Weimin withdrew from the Changsheng Biological Shares, andFriends partnership have funded 20 million yuan to win 90% of Changzhou Yan Shen, and the company will be changed into Jiangsu Yan Shen Biotechnology Co., Ltd. and seek the company’s listed arbitrage.

吉安首富发家秘史:辞职卖疫苗,不舍得住5元店,现身家365亿 In March 2009, Jiangsu Yan Shen fell into a vaccine fraud-to-counterfeit wave, Jiangsu Yan Shen was sentenced to 3 million yuan, general manager and five employees were sentenced to five employees due to the crime of producing and selling fake products.

However, under the operation of Du Weimin, Jiangsu Yan Shen quickly got up Dongshan, but seeing the company’s listing without hope, decisively, the company’s shares, there is more than 200 million, and it is smooth.

\”I want to get rich, listed first.\” Du Weimin understood the capital, he never gave up the dream of creating a listed company.

As early as 2008, Du Weimin purchased a large number of shares of Condown, the state-owned enterprise in the property rights transaction, and later passed the right to Zuo Zuo, successfully made his ex-wife, sister and nephew and other relatives Direct shareholders, let themselves become the actual controller of Kangtai.

In September 2008, Shenzhen Kangtai Biology and Du Weimin’s Beijing Civilians Biotechnology Co., Ltd. realized strategic reorganization, planning the listing of Kangtai creatures Big chess.

Beijing Civil Sea Biology, is a private enterprise, which is a famous private enterprise established in Daxing District Biological Industry Base in 2004, has been committed to the autonomous research and development of vaccine products in China,

[123 吉安首富发家秘史:辞职卖疫苗,不舍得住5元店,现身家365亿 Du Weimin

, Du Weimin, reorganized, Du Weimin refers to the company’s listing standard, under the blessing of capital, Cantai organized in February 2017, finally landed in Shenzhen, medium and small board markets, and became a listed company.

Du Weimin held 54.46% of the company, the listing price of 3.29 yuan / share, as of February 10, 2021, the company’s share price has risen to 203.2 yuan / share.

吉安首富发家秘史:辞职卖疫苗,不舍得住5元店,现身家365亿 Shenzhen Kangtai Biological Products Co., Ltd.

Du Weimin initially invests 600 million yuan of Kangtai creatures, now the market value is up to 139.3 billion yuan, Du Weimin’s wealth is also up to 62.5 billion, stable Ji’an Ji’an Ji’an.

However, the world is difficult, and the old man will not let us do their best. On May 29, 2020, Kangtai Biological release news, Du Weimin divorced because of Yuan Liping.

When splitting property, Du Weimin held 51.26% of the total share capital, with 161 billion stock ex-wife, only 27.27%.


Low-key Du Weimin

According to the nearest Condown Biological stock price 203.2 yuan / share price, Du Weimin is divided into 32.7 billion ex-wife, far super Kunlun Wanwei, Zhou Yahui to give ex-wife 70 100 million. (Interested friends, movement reading \”Lijiang richest legend: restIndustry, 38-year-old family of 19.5 billion, divorce was divorced 7 billion \”)\” It is called A-share price divorce.

However, although the 58-year-old Du Weimin is divided by this wedding, there are still more than 36.5 billion wealth, or a proper Ji’an junior.I don’t know how my friends look at the history of Du Weimin?Welcome to share in the message area.

Punch is not as good as concern, pay attention to the lion finance, it will not let you down.

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