Jiangsu boss opened the health museum, using \”a foot bucket\”, earning 1.5 million years, learned people

With the gradual increase in people’s health, there are many large and small health museses in the streets being popular. Some of these health museums are listed in the mall, and some are hidden in the community residential buildings. As the saying goes: There is no market in the market. This sentence is very practical regardless of the industry. We used to say that the catering industry is difficult to do, and the competition is fierce. But in fact, in the current market, the competition in the health industry is also terrible.


We have to do massage before we go to those clubs. now what? At the entrance of the community, we can meet our needs. It is conceivable that how many bosses aimed at this money. But under such a fierce competition, how do we open a well-owned health museum? Today, I will bring you a case. The owner of the health museum uses \”a foot bucket\”, earning 1.5 million years, earn a pot full of full.

[1] Case Background

The boss of this health museum is actually a relative of my relative, according to the relationship, I have to call a song. What is the owner of the boss, 53 years old, and the old family is ranked at home. We all call him two brothers. Speaking of this second brother, I am not very impression on him, why? Because he especially likes to borrow money.

In my memory, I used to be poor when I was young, and my family and my family were not much longer. However, every time I have difficulty, I will inevitably run the money, let me originally not affluel. Family, but also snow. Originally we can eat a sweet potato rice, as long as we come, we have to eat sweet potato porridge, can you say that you can not bother him?

Everyone has grown up, each has its own careers, each family, this second brother, as a big man, do not find a job, but sit on the table every day If you don’t eat, he will not go down. Even if you only have a dish for tomorrow tomorrow, he has to take a card and say it. What should I do if I lose money? Nothing, find my family borrowing.

Let me be the greatest, I really can’t stand him in a few years ago, I will give him divorce. After this, the second brother is estimated to know how far before. The stun is washing your heart, abandoning the gambling, and opened this health museum. Here, I have to say a question of the problem, the money of this health museum, or the second brother to find a few relatives, if you don’t look at the relatives, I am too lazy to take care of him.

But there is a saying, since this year, since he is not a young table, after washing his heart, it is also an ability person. This is not, the health museum has opened to this day, but only a year, the second brother earned 150 million, and the arrears did not say, and the little days were more comfortable.

江苏老板开养生馆,利用“一个足疗桶”,年赚150万,学学人家 [2] The program introduction

During the event, you can enjoy a free pedicure as long as the customer enters the store. If the customer is willing to be a member in the store, you can also take a free 588 yuan health football.

This is the activity launched by the second brother in the Health Museum. It doesn’t seem to be simple? Can I feel that this activity is particularly lost, right? Everyone guess, how did the second brother make money?

Any industry, as long as you understand the way of making money in this industry, know how to use some small methods, business problems can naturally be solved. More Money Cases and Marketing Tips, you can look at the columns in the following columns, the ready-made business strategy of master.

[3] Profit analysis

The first is this free pedicure: During the event, as long as the customer takes a friend to enter the store, you can enjoy a free pedicure. Note that two people enter the store to enjoy a free pedicure. In other words, you can free pedicure, but your friend is not free, he has to spend money.

Everyone thinks that the cost of pedicure is not expensive, you are willing to let your friends look at you and then do it? To be honest, anyway, my friend is like this to me, I won’t come again with him, such a friend is not allowed. If you are you, will you be willing? Then you don’t want, do you have to ask your friends to do a pedicure? Do you have to spend money? That is calculated, is this not a 50% discount? According to the profit of the health museum, will the 50% loss lose money?

江苏老板开养生馆,利用“一个足疗桶”,年赚150万,学学人家 Then there is a free footwater barrel: Second brother puts forward, as long as the customer recharges 500 yuan in the store, you can get 500 yuan of consumption. A pedicure bucket worth 588 yuan, and the second brother will return these 500 yuan of money to the customer.

Customers recharge 500 yuan, get 500 yuan consumption quota, this is normal, right, I will not say more here. As for that foot bucket, it is worth 588 yuan, in fact, there is less than 88 yuan, it is very cheap. As for the 500 yuan of money, it is a fission manual of the second brother. As long as the customer can introduce friends to the store to consume, then customers can get 10% of the commission, wait until 500 yuan, this kind of welfare is made.

Of course, if you think 10% of the commission is too small, the second brother can’t give you more, but you have to charge more money in the store. The more the amount you recharge in the store, the more consumption, then you can get the proportion of the commission. Due to the limited space, you want to know the follow-up friends can enter the column. There are still a lot in the column. About the strategy of physical stores, if you are interested, you can click on it.

Finally, the second brother is relying on such a magazine, in just 1 year, earning 1.5 million, earned a pot full of full.

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