Jiaxing has been pitted by the professional intermediary of Suzhou. It is necessary to lead to the quit.

In the graduation season, every year, everyone discusses the most, what can you do after graduation? The graduates of key colleges are the most bitter, and the most relaxed work is looking for, many well-known companies will directly ask. Classmates do not participate in the school, whether attending the national examination or a career preparation test, or to go to large state-owned enterprises, there is still a certain amount of option.

The students who graduated from ordinary undergraduate graduates, the home is a bit powerful, and it is not too difficult to find a decent job. After all, the whole-time undergraduate is an knocking tile, which is the minimum requirement of decent work.

The easiest graduates are the easiest when they learn, but they are the hardest. A little work is not at the wheel, because you don’t have the knock on the door. The work of the first line is not difficult to find, but many college graduates can’t see it, I feel that it is tired and bitter, and it is not decent.

In many professional black intermediaries, they promised to help college graduates or even in the middle school, high school students found high-paying work, but all kinds of sets make people to prevent, and finally find lives, money, money Also pay, the salary is still lower than the temporary work. For example, I will talk about the \”logistics and car\”.


The black intermedion here is from the surface is a regular company, the license is complete, but in fact, there is a \”black conscience\”, some people have a few years. Just buy a house in Suzhou and buy a car.

Xiao Wang is my relative of me, graduated from the logistics management of Jiaxing Vocational and Technical College. Although it is a college student, I learned that logistics management is professional, and it is not difficult to find a job. However, Xiao Wang is very rated from Xiaoyu, can’t eat a line of work. He thinks that it is easy to relax and make a good month.

The reality is cruel, one has not left from the parents’ giant baby repeatedly touched the wall. In just one year, I have already changed three jobs. Once an accidental chance, Xiao Wang saw a logistics and car recruitment information on the Internet. Although the logistics and the car are running with the truck, but winning is free, don’t sit down, more importantly, the other party’s commitment is over 10,000, it is the kind of job that Xiao Wang wants.


After contacting the other party, Xiao Wang first went to Suzhou internship for one month. After the local designated location, a professional driver came over. Xiao Wang is in the afternoon to Suzhou. I can’t arrange it into the factory on the same day. So the intermediary will take Xiao Wang to a hotel. Note that this hotel is also their \”cooperative unit\”. The price of job seekers will be high, and the intermediary has commission.

An interview in the second day, in order to hide the eyes, they arrange the interview on the bus. The interview is actually telling some of the entry factory instructions. And inform the job seeker, which plant internship, turn forward, and is responsible for the product of which plant area.

There is no problem on the surface., Job seekers are young people, and they will not doubt. After entering the factory, you need to buy some daily necessities. This intermediary is also laborious, and dozens of quilt sells more than 300. Also do a new mobile phone card, you can make a pen here. Everyone has run the campus card in the school, and those who sell the campus card will have a commission every time a card will have a commission. 嘉兴有人被苏州的职业中介坑了,要引以为戒,不要轻信高薪工作

After entering the factory, we must sign a contract. At this time, someone will make an objection, why isn’t it logistics? So the business personnel of the intermediary will stand up and say that the contract is a form. You remember that you will be logistics and car, don’t listen to the factory staff.

After a few days, the business personnel of the intermediary will add a job seeker to the route application form, with a variety of ribs to choose from. Professional, this is always impossible to be lie. The purpose of this is to let job seekers at all in the factory.

The purpose of the intermediary is to let the job seeker stay in the factory, the longer the better. They want is the recruitment return fees given by the factory, how much money is given, and the price is marked. Near a month, let the job seeker take a photo in the factory, which is also to protect the interests of the intermediary. As long as the factory rebates, the job seeker has no use value, and the group will dissolve, and then be black.

Xiao Wang also learned to be knew after a month, he would know that he was deceived, he would go, the factory seven-button eight deduction will basically have a few remaining. It also set up a day of accommodation, as well as the purchase of daily necessities and mobile cards. The money did not earn, but also lost money, it became a tool for others.

嘉兴有人被苏州的职业中介坑了,要引以为戒,不要轻信高薪工作 However, these salesperson pressure is also very big, because they have to go to decene every day, which has also formed a industrial chain. So many people will ask, why is Suzhou? Maybe Suzhou factory, the need for the needs, the demand is large, there will be a market.

Finally, I also hope that these intermediary do do something to do, make money to go forward, don’t lie to others. Time is long, no matter whether the job seeker is still the factory, it will not believe in you.

College graduates have their own roads, as long as they are not good, the example from the grassroots level is also a ratio, but more energy and efforts are given. Who will not work hard before, which is complementary.

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