Jingdong Plus price!Don’t panic, learn the gold coin mall in a minute!

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The so-called this year’s gou toss, 2018 is still over half, Jingdong adjusts the membership \u0026 amp; basic rules, cancel the Plus e-reading, the Spring Festival increases the basic freight, this month’s Plus price increase, now There is always a very low gold coin mall to join in the fun.

Third, Gold Coin Acquisition


[ 123 全文 2000 words, 8 pictures, cherish life away from wool.

First, the gold coin mall

Gold coins is the behavior of Jingdong Finance for financial members. It is popular, Jingdong Financial Steel + Gold Coin, It is equivalent to Jingdou, Jingdong Mall, or because Jingdong Mall and Jingdong Finance is a subsidiary of two independent operations, the gold coins are found to have existence.

Boldly predict, Jingdong Finance sooner or later will put gold coins, integrated into steel, after all, this is very low, even the Jingdong old driver is rarely playing gold coins.

In April 2018, Jingdong Finance launched a new version of the gold coin system, including the acquisition of gold coins and the rules of rights and interests, which is obviously called Call for gold coins. Simply put, the new version of the gold coin system has the following changes:

京东PLUS涨价了!别慌,一分钟学会金币商城薅羊毛大法! ▲ Get method: After the behavior is triggered, it automatically acquires the + task to complete manual acquisition, adjust to receive the task and complete it. Key words are necessary to click \”to do tasks\” to collect tasks, otherwise they will not get gold coins even if the task conditions are met. In short, lying is not a gold coin.

▲ Right and Welfare: On the basis of the original interest, new exchange of steel 镚, redemption insurance and exchange products are added.

▲ Member level: gold coin rights according to the level of financial members, ordinary members, gold members, and platinum members’ benefits are slightly different.

▲ The balance of the gold coin before the system is still retained, and it can continue to be used in the new mall.

Finally, the entrance to the gold coin mall: Jingdong Finance APP → I → Member Center → Click on the gold coins, I wish you all a happy!

Second, Gold Coin Rights

Gold Coin Mall currently provides six equity, gold coins, gold coins, red coupons, rights exchange, exchange Exchange steel, redemption insurance has not been placed.

1, gold coin bag


500 gold coins opened once, each day limited to 3 financial coupons with a total value of more than 500 gold coins, randomly random denominations. After the Kim is more thin, it has got a white strip and full coupons, and the crowds are full of coupons and fund coupons. It is still a good time. Pay attention to the validity period of coupons.

2, gold coins to win the treasure

京东PLUS涨价了!别慌,一分钟学会金币商城薅羊毛大法! Zhang Aunt’s lucky house release, 100 gold coins (or 100 gold coins integer times ) After investing, the total gold coin is randomly draw, and the gold coins will be refunded by the standard, and the activities are from Jingdong Financial crowd.

3, against coupons

The most intuitive benefits can be exchanged for various financial coupons, just needed. Note that \”My Coupons\” below the page is actually the number of coupons that can be exchanged, name is not true.

4, the rights exchange 京东PLUS涨价了!别慌,一分钟学会金币商城薅羊毛大法!

can be exchanged for the coupon of a third party platform, nothing to say. Beneath misnomer again ……

5, exchange good thing


is definitely a local tyrant welfare, with gold exchange goods directly crowdfunding, basically hundreds of thousands of gold coins, It’s better to play.

6, exchange steel 镚

The most practical benefits, exchange steel 镚 with gold coins, can directly consume. During the promotion period (April 17 to May 31), 9 o’clock a day, 14 o’clock and 18 points, limited to 1.88 steel per week, platinum members need 400 gold coins, other members need 500 gold coins.

This rights should be long-term activities, and may be fine-tuning after the promotion period.

The measured test is not difficult to grab, there is a one alarm clock every week, it is good to look at the value / time ratio, it is definitely the highest cost-effective Jingdong long-term wool! The only question is, do you have a spicy gold coin?

Third, the gold coin acquisition

Get the only position of gold coins is to receive the task and complete it. The so-called task is the various behaviors of Jingdong Finance, including white strips, gold bars, flash payment, crowdfunding, Finance, insurance or transfer, etc. It is true that these tasks seem to be intimate, but the end of the threshold is not low, and the final gold coin income is not high. 京东PLUS涨价了!别慌,一分钟学会金币商城薅羊毛大法!

Entrance to the gold coins: Jingdong Finance APP → I → Member Center → Click on Gold Coin → Earn Gold Coins, you can open the mission center, where the \”mission market\” is listed All current tasks.

The gold coin mission is divided into single task and cycle tasks:

▲ Single task can only be done once, single task income 50 ~ 100 gold coins For example, the first transfer, purchase XX insurance or set fund sets, etc.

▲ cycleThe task is reversed on the month or weekly, the single task earnings 100 ~ 200 gold coins, such as small gold library, credit card, small gold library, white strip, or 6 times a month.

Takes chestnuts in the monthly exchange of four steels, and platinum members need to spend 400 * 4 \u003d 1600 gold coins, then at least 10 tasks per month, this difficult mountain is big.

In the new version of the gold coin mall, it is not difficult to understand the root cause of the roots of the door. The gold coin welfare looks beautiful, the rights are rich and strong, especially exchange steelIt is called Jingdong Wool Fighter.京东PLUS涨价了!别慌,一分钟学会金币商城薅羊毛大法! The problem is that the acquisition posture of gold coins is slightly cumbersome, the task system is too complicated, the threshold is high and the income is low.

Obviously, Jingdong Finance is full of ambition in gold coin system, trying to use richer rights to increase financial members’ viscosity, but financial users really care, only real income and simple listbehavior.


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