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From the development track of the entrepreneurial channel on the low door laser, six years ago, the traditional industry is not good, people have moved the micro-business; three years ago, micro business is not good, people will transfer the social agent Platform; Today, the general trend has been going, the e-commerce platform threshold is also getting higher and higher. Under the catalysis of the epidemic, people aimed to the community fight. In the past two years, micro-commerce, community group purchase, e-commerce, offline physical stores have embarked on the community fight, and these people are attached to WeChat communities, integrating traffic resources, operations and achievements, and have achieved good results.

However, the pillars of the community group, the trunk, is not the party of the gun, and they are in the public, and they like to have a lot of money. A large feature of the community fight. For those who want to go to the bureau group, rarely have the guidance of a successful case and opinion leader. In this issue, the social e-commerce media interviewed Chen Yongqing, the founder of Masters Group Buying System, and he analyzed the six major problems of the future developing industry in the future development of the community. !

Chi Mini Science and Technology President

Zhongshan University MBA

This interview will be divided into Upper and down, the upper discusions:

1 The form and business model of the community group purchase

2 live broadcast to the community group purchase?

3 The future development space of the community group?

Next Discussion 3 issues:

Where is the traditional enterprise transformation line channels?

5 Community Group Buying Industrial Chain Division

6 The future opportunities and challenges of communiums represented by \”Master Bear\” [


The constituent form and business model of community group purchase

\”Last year Master Bear served more than 1,000 community household customers, the future development of the industry summed up some of their own views.\” Chen Yongqing said.

01. The composition of the community group

From the essence of social e-commerce, it is actually a seller, but the past social e-commerce uses traffic, traffic The source is not entirely consumers, and people who sell goods, such as agents, heads, and those who sell themselves finalize the form of social e-commerce, and the entire industry is more disabled. The distribution social e-commerce that is now survived, including the original stock of the stock’s micro-commercial, new community group purchase, and the social e-commerce platform of the baby, the gathering, the global catcher, etc., the end is the community group purchase. These platforms are delivered to everyone, they are no longer in the heart, and the micro-commercial form of pull-headed head, but sell the goods to the end consumers.

For the community group, its composition is mainly including the following power.

First, all e-commerce groups and big brands have the ability team to jump out, form a community group, sell online;

Second, some chains in the traditional industry Enterprises have their own private domain traffic, enabling a group of people online, such as Man Tianyu. Man Tianyu as a traditional offline clothing brand, each online store shopping guide will have a service community, these guest groups are the core fans, which is its resource, reasonable integration of these resources to the line, directly to the clerk Supply, let the clerk sell online, it will form a community. Moreover, the form of selling in the community is not too big to be in the entity, just moving to the line, many business acceptance will be very strong.

02. The business model of the community group

The business model of the community group purchase is like the WeChat group, just the business of the traditional marketing scene for the community. Moreover, the activated people also contain a lot of grass roots, and the payment ability is general. So what kind of way they will still use a way? The past social e-commerce and micro-business are nothing more than solving 2 problems: how groups; second is how interests are allocated; community group purchase is simplified these two issues.

Since the supply chain ability of social e-commerce is now overflowing, the group supply chain is more simple, and the group group purchase will participate in several conferences, you can find a long-term Supplier, it is different from the community group purchase, no need to establish a position, no need to match, do not have to put too much manpower and material; It can only be simple and rude, and it is recommended to sell products every day, and finally form a simple supply group style. Its front-end traffic acquisition method is actually a micro-commercial set, but non-licorred goods; training is not like micro-business \”MLM\” education, no need to fight chicken blood, as long as you will sell, Zhang San can change Li Si, there is always someone to sell the goods to form a community, and the training cost is low.

In terms of interest distribution, it is actually establishing contacts, the head of the group will lead to the package separation system, and each order will contact him, and naturally there is power. But if you want to be a social group purchase, three people can form a team. A group of heads, a group of goods, one to do customer service, and the survival rate is extremely high, one group can sell 100,000 yuan, 10% of the gross profit can earn 10,000 yuan, the cost of entrepreneurship is extremely low , Will not lose money, will not die, can live down. This is also mostly dispersed teams, they are willing to take.

Chen Yongqing said to this summary: ‘A simple set of figures and a simple traffic acquisition form forming the present community group purchase, we will define the community group purchase For a private manner in private domain traffic, it is called \”Full Stars\”Just like a star, each star is an independent selling team. In the future, this\” Star \”community team will have a long time, this trend is survived by their survival The environment is determined. ‘Why? Give everyone a simple example.

Assume that A is a very capable person, the group leads to the B, when B’s wings are full The same ability as A, capable of organizing a group of people, capable selling; at this time, a only value to b is supplied. But now supply chain overflow, easy to find supplier, under a guide , B will bring the team out and jump out. According to this evolution logic, this group of people who sell in the community group in the future will be dispersed, and there is a team a team. [123 ] 社群拼团能活多久?| 访大师熊社群团购系统创始人陈永清(上)

Does live band form an impact on social group buy?

At present, live broadcast belts are very hot, and the impact on social e-commerce industry is quite big. Why can’t I do it? I am driven by live broadcast. I used to sell more than 100 boxes of masks. Later, I was twitching platform 99 three boxes, and I was directly 9.9 boxes, and there was a lot of pricing with spells. And the trick faster traffic increase Speed \u200b\u200bquickly, the user’s entertainment time is terrible, many users’ first shopping path will be completed in these live platforms, but the WeChat group is difficult to cover this group. Currently, shake and fast hand of new traffic Covering and conversion may be much higher than WeChat, will these phenomena cause a certain impact on the community group industry?


Pull is greater than the impact

Chen Yongqing said this The influence of live broadcast on the community’s group is more. We generally define live broadcast as a marketing method. This marketing mode is to guide it with a better video show form and end consumers. The community group purchase is a channel, organizing a lot of people who can sell goods, service terminal consumers. At the same time, the community group can also take a live broadcast, more effective than the text image, small video method, improve the terminal Transformation rate, this is a bulk that lives to this industry, of course, there is a certain impact in this pull, but it is limited, because the future live broadcast will form two tracks.

One is a domain live broadcast That is, there is no traffic to go to a real-life platform live broadcast, \”Either cost is used to change traffic, or save money. \”The other is the private domain live, private domain live broadcast is a conversion in the existing traffic, and the community team is to go this channel.

Private domain live is divided into two types of people The first class is a live broadcast. It is self-contained in itself. This traffic is free, but in many live people, Kol Feng rush, only moved hair circle, calling, you can let many people watch live KOL There are few days.

Most of the traffic is gathered by many people.For example, a community group purchase company, its traffic source is the group of fans and hundreds of heads of fans. So how is this traffic better? Community group purchase + live broadcast is a good way to combine. In this process, the interest allocation mechanism to establish a connection can stimulate the traffic to the platform.

The PK

Chen Yongqing, the Elephant and Ant Legion, believes that the competition between live broadcast and community group purchases is like elephant and ant leggings PK issues. The final competition is the end consumers. Elephants are a large-scale live platform, like shake, fast hand, Taobao, take traffic, and transform through guidance, this is an advantage. Ants is the organizational, high-quality, direct selling, which is more familiar with end consumers, and more viscosity between a service and consumers.

So, who is more adsorption? Essentially also discusses the logic of underlying requirements. Why consumers like hanging tricks, because they can consume time, they have been affirmed by these platforms, and the community group purchases its main shopping demand, using familiar relationship to consumers, these ultimately evolved into consumers A demand selective problem, live broadcast platform and community group purchase is to meet the different needs of the same consumer.

further from the sales level, no matter the online red live or group, their identity is sold. Live platform and community group is the PK between multiple heads and a certain number of kols. At present, the number of live broadcast platforms looks a lot, but Kol, which truly has the ability to take the goods, and is a few, and the ability of KOL is relatively high. For example, there is a relevant talent, you can sell it after you have a fan; Well selling things. From the body of the two, who is big, who is still not good, but a key consideration factor in social e-commerce field can have a larger volume is: who occupies more selling goods, then multiplying by selling goods ability.

Take a solution, there are 80 million people in China’s selling, and the hanging tricks have cultivated millions of KOL with Selling capacity. Many MCN institutions have cultivated head Kol only in a small number. Returning to the remaining group, they don’t need too many professional skills, just need to operate to the guest group.

Summary, although the individual transformation rate of the head of the head is less than Kol, but it is not a larger. And the future community group purchase platform and KOL will have a cooperation trend, KOL belt capacity is very strong, the group has traffic, and the group gives KOL must have a certain pit fee plus, cooperate with live broadcast. 社群拼团能活多久?| 访大师熊社群团购系统创始人陈永清(上) 3

How long can community group buy?

According to the relevant research, the fast hand has been adjusted this year, the target is about 250 billion. This year’s goal is 200 billion, Taobao’s body is not small, this yearThe standard measure is broken. Chen Yongqing said that compared with these platforms, the transaction volume of community group purchases is more difficult, but according to the second eight principles, 20% of the head occupies 80% transaction volume, and several platforms, such as 团However, the volume reached a billion, and this year’s group purchased tracks is possible.

How long can the community group purchase in the future? This is a question that everyone is most concerned. Chen Yongqing replied: \”In the next five years, the survival of community group purchases is no problem, and the development space is large, especially if it cuts a need for traditional enterprises, and the traditional line of the private domain is in the traditional line group wants online. Selling, community group purchase is their best choice, this part of the company has excellent resource integration capabilities, incorporating the community of social group, will be a huge potential stock. \”

[ 123]

Currently, there is a more obvious phenomenon that passes through the epidemic, many offline chain companies have gradually operated their private domain traffic, and some companies have no net red genes. Employees do not have the ability to adsorb fans through talented tricks. Then, the way the community fights + live broadcast is the best tools they walk online.

Take the luxury handbag brand COSCIA as an example:

Shenzhen a luxury handbag brand COSCIA (), I haven’t purchased a purse with the community, I didn’t have the big bear talk, I found the Master Xiong cooperation at the beginning of the year. Want to do a social group purchase, this is planning to start this year, but because the oppression of the epidemic needs to be started immediately.

In addition, the boss of the people in the end of last year, I saw the opportunity at the end of last year. Some shopping guides in the store will take customers and friends around the WeChat group to serve them, recommend products, based on trust relationships, these People are also willing to buy things in the group. Sometimes some customers see new products that they like, they are too lazy to go to the store, directly in the group; Effectiveness; before, the store is in the store when the staff is small in the store, and after the community, the employee will also be more active to pick up the goods, based on the cost of operation under high offline. Broaden a line distribution channel, why not do it.

It is to see these positive impacts. At present, there is a good effect on the community fighting project from bottom to, and reach a good effect.

社群拼团能活多久?| 访大师熊社群团购系统创始人陈永清(上) In addition, now makes fragrant, good province, these social e-commerce platforms, they have the \”genes\” of the e-commerce community, and found that the community of the group will make money, some people must want to put the society. Group groups have become their own business, expand or directly jump out of this track. Furthermore, now social e-commerce and micro-business channel threshold is high, and the average people can’t enter, low-cost entrepreneurship, community group purchase is the preferred tool.

In the future, with the development of the industry, community group purchases may experience some optimization, but its underlying logic is simple group market.And simple traffic operation methods, based on this essence, community group purchase will definitely have future.Moreover, the user turns into a community, just the beginning of the goods, what opportunities will be generated in the future, is a dynamic process.

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