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9:30 am to 5:30 in the afternoon, Chen Wei did decorate in construction company. The respondents are mapped

34-year-old Jiangsu Rugao guy Chen Wei \”fire\”. Because 8,000 yuan earned to Nanjing, he harvested the media and netizens.

Three years ago, he opened a fruit store in Nanjing, relying on the marketing strategy of small profits, attracting a large number of consumers around, and has developed more than 500 recharge customers. Unexpectedly, the new crown pneumonia epidemic situation, he has supported more than a year, has to close the door, return to the old home to make a living. When the fruit store is closed, he also owes hundreds of money to recharge our customers. In order to gain the trust of consumers, he decided to work on it, while still paying money.

\”Under the epidemic, everyone is not easy\”

In April 2019, Chen Wei found a facade in Qixia District, Nanjing, and got more than 200,000 yuan. Opened a fruit shop called \”Orange Fruit Garden\”, at that time, the turnover of one month was around 2300,000 yuan. When the business is hot, the store has ranked forty or 50 meters long.

In order to facilitate middle-aged consumers, \”Orange Fruit Garden\” has made a recharge service. The recharge card plane value in the store is only three: 200 yuan, 500 yuan and 1,000 yuan. \”I don’t engage in the kind of recharge, because my fruit is already very cheap.\” Chen Wei explained that he never recommended customer recharge, just provide convenience. \”Orange Fruit Garden\” quickly has more than 500 recharge customers, and the amount is more than 200,000 yuan.

The business has always been very good. He has been busy to the New Year’s Eve, and he will return home to reunite.

The annual Spring Festival is the peak season of fruit sales. At the beginning of 2020, Chen Wei immediately returned to Nanjing, entered 10,000 yuan of fruit, prepared for the third year of the year to earn a \”open door\”. But the night, he received a community notice: All stores can not be open, waiting for notice.

According to the community requirements, Chen Wei passed the circle of friends, and the difficulty allocated 8 pieces of protective clothing, 1 amount of temperature gun, more than 10 boxes of alcohol, and enough mask. Thirteen, the first month, \”Orange Fruit Garden\” opened. But he found that almost no one goes downstairs to buy things, and the whole street is empty.

Such a situation lasts for a long time, Chen Wei is very torment. One month’s rent is 12,000 yuan, and the wages of the clerk have added more than 10,000 yuan per month, and the turnover of \”Orange Fruit Garden\” is several hundred yuan per day. Chen Wei has been very clear, then the maximum day of the account is 2,000 yuan. Before the outbreak of the epidemic, the daily turnover of \”Orange Fruit Garden\” is around 10,000 yuan.

\”Consumers have originally bought more than 100 fruits, and the eyes are not looked. Now buy dozens of dollars, I have to consider half a day. And, high-grade fruits are sold.\” Chen Wei said, \”epidemic Below, everyone is not easy. If the income is reduced, there is still a mortgage to return, and the hand is nervous. \”

\”Solving the trust of the customer, it is a matter of thinking to make money\”

Although he is still supporting, Chen Wei still wants to do something to do with the anti-vision, hoping that the society will resume normal.

On February 2020, he opened a 7-seat van, pulled dozens of boxes, 6 protective clothing and some masks, sent to Qixia District Center for Disease Prevention and Control.

He silently moved the fruit in a box, the base, and the epidemic prevention materials, placed in the door of the disease control center, quietly. He said: \”This is what I can do. It is also something that I do.\”

I didn’t expect, after a while, several people came to him at the door of the store, to inquire who is \”orange fruit garden\” \”Chen Weijie\”? Later, the CDC sent him a banner, I got on the book, \”Mr. Chen Weijie, Orange Fruit Garden, the snow, the sky, the homes,\”, \”,\” Decidium \”, Qixia District Center for Disease Prevention and Control Center.\”

\”I don’t know how they find me, and the name is still wrong, ‘Chen Weijie’ is my WeChat name.\” Chen Wei said.

After the \”orange or garden\” closed, he brought this banner back to the hometown, hanging in the hall. He believes that this is a honor.

He thought that the epidemic has passed, and the fruit store will be as hot as in the past. I don’t expect, with the development of online shopping, community group purchases, the offline sales of fruits is more difficult.

An old customer told him that the fruits you eat now are daughters purchased online from online, and even \”getting a home\”. Such consumers are not in a small number.

Chen Wei is a bit supported. The longer the time, the more losses, and the funds of the fruit are beginning to be nervous. He told the clerk to give them two or three months, search for out.

In March 2021, Chen Wei began to do notices in the \”Orange Fruit Garden\” member group, let customers who have not consumed it as soon as possible. He left his mobile phone number in the member group, and he added WeChat, explained apologizes.

Before Chen Wei is ready to close the fruit store, there are more than 140,000 yuan of recharge funds lying on the card. One month, he retired more than 200 recharge customers a total of more than 60,000 yuan until he had no funds.

No matter how Chen Wei explained, some customers are big in WeChat or phone, he is a liar. Some customers have also established the \”Orange Fruit Garden\”. \”Thinking, they are yet. But I really have no money, I can only explain it over and over again, my brother, my sister, I can’t help, my uncle is aunt, please understand more … I hope they give me time. Money, I will still still. \”

He knows that it is necessary to pay attention to all debts, governing the trust of customers, the urgency, it is necessary to make money.

Working every day for 14 hours, and the shaft is transferred to three workers.

In Nanjing, Chen Wei has no one, he can only go back to his hometown to find a way. If there are a few bosses, I have heard that he wants to play a few workers. \”You have to do it, do you do it, do you do it?\” They don’t know what Chen Wei’s hardships, Chen Wei is unclear. After raging brains, he finally \”reasonably\” uses all the time you can use every day.

6pm to 9 o’clock in the morning, go to the lamb slaughterhouse to give the lamb to bone, and then wash it to the hotel. I sent it a few times, I mixed with the restaurant owner, and then ask the boss to let him disappear, mop, mop. This time period, counts a job, earning 2200 yuan per month.

At 5:30 in the afternoon, a construction company in Nantong did decoration. In addition to the original door lock business, Chen Wei also tried to learn the way to go. \”The boss is good for me, and I have to do it every day.\” This, he can earn more than 6,000 yuan per month.

To 9:00 pm, go to the rookie station to send express delivery. In this way, there are 1800 yuan per month.

Chen Wei rides a battery car, and it works nearly 14 hours a day, and it can have nearly 10,000 yuan in income. In order to facilitate middle-aged and older customers, he rushed to Nanjing Qixia District 10,000 Mall on the 15th, a pen in the shopping mall.

More than 1,000 yuan, less only a few yuan, Chen Wei remembers very clear every account. For 7 months, he has returned more than 50,000 yuan.

Do these things, his parents have just begun, but lover and father-in-law are very supportful, \”\” I owe people’s money, I have to go sooner or later. \”

During his day I have encountered a trouble – some recharge customers, I can’t contact it. He was a movement, and he thought that \”there is difficult, find the police\”, once the \”110\”, hoping that the police helped him find customers.

The police learned that Chen Wei’s idea of \u200b\u200bworking on the debt, and quickly got contact with customers. \”They didn’t expect the ‘orange orchard’ boss to call alarm, and the purpose of the alarm is to pay attention to the money.\” Nanjing Municipal Public Security Bureau Qixia Branch Maiqiao Police Station police Zhao Kefeng said.

Nanjing TV reporter received this information and interviewed Chen Wei through WeChat video. \”At that time, I didn’t know that the reporter was doing the show, just told them my intent. I also hope that the TV station will be able to publish my phone number, let the recharge of the show take the initiative to contact me.\”

Always The father of the drum Chen Guoked, and I received a call from the village director Zhang Chunxia a morning, and Chen Wei was not his son. \”She sent a photo first, then called again.\” Chen Guo said smiles, \”I just thought that my son made a mistake outside, Director Chen said that our son is praised by Nanjing TV.\” [123 ]

Chen Guo pays and verifies with his son, and only knows that working is still debt. \”I owe debt, the sky, the sky, this is what he should do.\” Chen Guifu faintly said that he was lifted by Chen Wei’sMove, there is no big strange.

\”Because the trust chosen me, can not let them chill\”

through the help of the police, through the mouth of the customer, plus the media’s publicity, those related to the contact Customers, soon found it. Chen Wei suddenly became \”Xin Yida\”. Some social enthusiastic people have contacted him, willing to fund him, they are refused by him.

Chen Weiti mentioned a Hong Kong businessman \”Axuan\” with him. After \”A Xuan\” failed to do business, she owed someone million yuan, and later made the debt through their own efforts, and there were some balances. He saw that the relevant report was very emotion, found Chen Wei with WeChat, hoping to help.

After being euphemistic refused, \”Axuan\” persuaded him to take care of the body, \”

Germany is not alone, there must be neighbors. Chen Wei said that although there are many bosses in the society, there is a branch of debt, but they are definitely like \”A Xuan\”. \”These customers have chosen my store because of trust, I can’t let them be cold.\” As for the money, what is going on, Chen Wei has no specific ideas, it is a matter of time.

In this seven eight months, as long as one salary is a month, Chen Wei is going to Nanjing. \”January 15, 2022, is my last time to pay back. I have finished money.\” He said that the current two recharge customers have not found it. \”I believe that they will eventually find them.\” \”(Reporter Zhu Xudong)

Source: Xinhua Daily Telecom

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