Karting car business has more hot, 700 flat shop is full

01 storm bracelet shop network red card shop

In the 618th anniversary of the past, the storm also ushered in a peak of a wave, and the major franchise stores are no exception. During the Dragon Boat Festival, during the year of the year, the storm is lively than the children’s playground, becomes a new Jincheng red card point, to the store to watch, experience the customer’s customers more constantly, put the average of the store The order quantity and the income are pushed to the new high.

卡丁车馆生意到底有多火爆,700平门店照样爆满 02 Look at the storm 咔 加 店 店 店]

Hot wave is unstoppable

a week to drain 80-300 new customers

Average new member 30+

single-store two-day income collection directly exceeded 50,000 [ 123]

03 The store is hot in the store, the consumer word of mouth

The popularity of the storm is very popular, the atmosphere of the scene is very active, and the karting customers are endless, no matter The student party is still a baby cool baby, is willing to punch a card for TA … Even if it is a non-holiday, it is still the tide of the people ~

* The space is limited, only some store

[123 卡丁车馆生意到底有多火爆,700平门店照样爆满

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