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Author | Small W Jiangyushan

Source | China Drink Express (ID: ZGYPKB)

[ 123] Open the history, 2014-2018, there is a tea brand that makes people in front of them. Their appearances have formed a semester of the tea market for hundreds of tea, and the flowers.

However, in 2019, until now, there has not been a new topic that makes the whole industry’s hot discussion. Talking about more people who come in the years or the giant giant to overseas. Aircraft carrier.

Newborn brand chooses collective silence this year, there is less than a sharp trajectory of history, or the casual disorder of the market? We started a fine since the hot search brands 5 years ago.

2014 – hot search brand in 2018

1, 2014, new tea concept is initial

[ 123] Finish tea, tender green tea, tea Yan color in the image, is from traditional milk tea shops, the same as tea and drink shop, but the style is one of the west, bringing more fresh elements to the tea market. Tea Yan Yue color, the slogan \”new Chinese fresh tea\”, the image of the tender green tea is called \”the first to star the stars and the tea brands\”. 今年的奶茶界有点冷清,让人眼前一亮的茶饮品牌在哪里? After many years, we were surprised to find that \”new Chinese tea drinks\” became synonymous in the industry. \”The Star Backer\” has become a small goal of many tea drinks. Although some people persist in publicity \”I am me, the color is different\”, but it is very strong.

2, 2015, Hong Kong style, desktop, new Chinese models

this In the year, the tribute tea has risen tea to more than 13 yuan, and the Royaltea, the Royaltea, who is queued, letting the milk cover this best-selling goods to be tight goods. To this day, many tea drinks are grateful to the promotion of tea, and the upgrades of tea is a huge contribution to the improvement of tea.

In addition to tribute tea, Huangca, 2015 is also a year of Hong Kong-style milk tea. There is a shop in the store name, the ice room is related to the port milk, such as Guyuan Shop, Datong Ice Room, of course, there is also an exception, that is, Mizhi Lian.

How many fires in Hong Kong milk? 今年的奶茶界有点冷清,让人眼前一亮的茶饮品牌在哪里? Take Datong as an example, the number of milk used every month reached a thousand box levels, and the growth of geometrical levels in the second half of the year, which is related to the opening of the country. In East China, Guyuan Shop, Hallou, Mizhi Lian, Guangfangyuan, and Lai also began in the region or national exhibition.

Desktop milk tea, 1 point, full expansion gestureIn the industry, they become an important topic. The general manager of a large chain brand in Taiwan will be in the mainland. It will be their future competitors.

The fact is 2016-2017, these two brands are in the national market (who is whose brand is, self-cerebral cave).

Shenzhen only 4 stores 813, two of which have more than 10 million turnover, in the milk tea shop turnover, \” The age of fried chicken, its influence is not imposed on several hundred brands. And the average price of 33 yuan, the high-top image is also a talker in the circle.

In short, 2015 is a desktop, Hong Kong style, new tea, and respective years. This has also laid the foundation for the 2016 tea pattern. 今年的奶茶界有点冷清,让人眼前一亮的茶饮品牌在哪里? 3, 2016, large-scale new tea, sports booster

Cheese tea, soft bag, financing, tea +, 2016 tea topic is contracted by these words contract .

Although the tea from the Huzaiki is not the industry’s first financing brand, the amount of 100 million yuan is in real way, and it is easy to jump in the whole industry, easily complete the \”small goal\” of Wang Jianlin.

After the tea financing, another brand Nahue’s tea also passed the financing nearly 200 million news, and finally was situated in March. Before the financing, Nakho broke the model of tea + soft European bag, he became the first \”queue king\” in Shenzhen, and the average customer price has a history of high history. It was transmitted at the time of Naixue 3 stores, and the annual pure profit was at least 18 million.

Ten thousand million financing, also let the tea, Nai Xue continues to be surgical and emulate, cheese tea, \”tea +\” model in the blessing of capital, triggered 2017 large-scale New tea exercise.

4, 2017, hundreds of fashion show accompanied by a confusion 今年的奶茶界有点冷清,让人眼前一亮的茶饮品牌在哪里?

Open the store or open the store? Do you have a cup of tea or a large barrel tea? Is it direct or joining? Doing fruit tea plus jam …

In the year of various tea brands finance, the guidance of multiple creative myths, of course, there are social media reports for 3 hours, yellow cattle increase price purchase, identity During the madness of purchasing, purchase restriction, let the tea have become a new continent in the eyes of many people.

Go to the new mainland Nuggets not only has a college student who has just graduated, not in love with the white-collar workers of tea, all of the full-time mothers who are at home, and there is a high-service executive or manufacturing. boss.

Due to the different social environment of cognition, they create milk tea with milk, black gold, business tea, Tea plus sand, tea heating dog, etc., the decoration styleNot only is a small fresh fresh, little luxury, and there are pink cute or gray mess.

In short, there are many brands that have emerged in this year, each with a memory point. It is also because too many memory points, resulting in a lot of \”nerve disorder\” of tea, it seems that every form may succeed, but who can last for a long time. 今年的奶茶界有点冷清,让人眼前一亮的茶饮品牌在哪里?

At the pleasure of the people of the son, they thought of life, and they were in the eyes of 2018.

5, in 2018, in addition to the \”three sworders\” of the style, COCO is also worth mentioning

as if it is still Yesterday, the shake brushed the answer tea, the black sugar pearl made the Luki Lane and Lele Tea, the bottle let the casual Thai tea become a new style of tea packaging.

This is the 2018 tea, three sword passengers we are familiar with the tea, bottle tea, and brown sugar, accounting for the top three counseling of the whole year.

But this year, the old tea Coco has gradually changed the style in the context of each new brand in the past few years, and the \”caramel Pudding Qing milk tea\” \”Refresh the consumer again to understand the brand.

In this subsequent, in the \”diversified\” style, the \”diversified\” style was opened with a \”diversified\” style, successfully broke the prejudice of \”Lian Po.\”

After a large number of people list the hot search brand, the purpose is to find the logic behind them. You will find that every family is similar.

今年的奶茶界有点冷清,让人眼前一亮的茶饮品牌在哪里? Similarly, 1: Differentiated product

The Bi roots in the tea of \u200b\u200bthe colorful milk tea; the tea milk cover plus cheese Naixue’s multiple domineering drinks used to \”rare\” fruit, such as durian, cars, mangosteen; 1 point 3 bottles of healthy drinks; answer tea interactive milk covered; Lele tea dirty Drinks, to distinguish other brown sugar pearl milk tea; Sanmetai tea bottle; tea covered with tea …

This During the period, every successful brand has a product, or even impressive products, or taste, or color value, or concept.

And these \”signboard\” products are also the best response to the slogan-productism, the company’s proposed in the industry.


Similarly, the two: \”Intermediary\” potential

A tea drink brand boss said that he has published an advertisement in a paper newspaper. Each month can bring 20 addition to customers, this is around 2005.

An investment franchise brand introduced that the cost of investing in Baidu promotion every year in 2010 is 20 million-230 million,The average number of stores per month is more than 200.

A newspaper, one network, but the expansion of the two has a \”intermediary\” – medium. This middleman, even in the new tea era, the rapid rise of the brand also plays an important role.

今年的奶茶界有点冷清,让人眼前一亮的茶饮品牌在哪里? In 2015, all kinds of eating a kind of WeChat public number rapidly rising, where is delicious, and you can be Amway.

In 2018, the shake kills the heavy surroundings in the short video platform, then you watch the star, see the paragraph, now more \”who who takes you all the world\”. \”

Push forward, each Weibo number tells you a variety of new things happening around them, this includes what I have eaten today, what to drink.

In addition, the rise of the takeaway platform also has made many brands from searching for business opportunities, pulling the distance from the competitors. 今年的奶茶界有点冷清,让人眼前一亮的茶饮品牌在哪里?

The so-called early bird has insects, in this 5 years, who uses these platforms, who uses, almost all points to dividends.

The cerebral cave, who is the cheese Mang, are you shopping, watch the poster or know in WeChat? The hidden drinking method is a friend secretly telling you, or is it in Weibo, and the WeChat is in a jimmy?

今年的奶茶界有点冷清,让人眼前一亮的茶饮品牌在哪里? I believe that you have your own answer.

Similarly, three: thickness is issued 今年的奶茶界有点冷清,让人眼前一亮的茶饮品牌在哪里?

Most of the brands that have exploded in recent years have two similar situations : The store is relatively concentrated, and the development area is clear.

In 2015, the number of Yutang stores is about 200, and the number will reach 600 after 2 years. At the end of the year, more than 1,200 stores are over 2,000 stores. And before this, the founder has struggled in the industry for 7 years.

In June 2016, the ancient 古 茗 开 开 开 开 开, 家 家 家 家 家 家 家 家 家 家 家 家 家 家 家 家 家 家 家 家 家 家 家 家 家 家 家 家 家 家 家 家 家 家 家 家 家 家 家 家 家 家 家 家 家 家 家 家 家Growth results. Before this, the ancient struggle was 6 years.

今年的奶茶界有点冷清,让人眼前一亮的茶饮品牌在哪里? Xi Tea was founded in 2012 to the first round of financing has been in the last 4 years.

The book also burned the grass in 2017, and the first store opened was 9 years ago.

7 Sweet Cut is known for the industry, and has 19 years old.

In 2015, there were 200 stores in the store, and it has been deeply cultivated in Shanghai for 4 years.

Today’s smooth, smooth, happy tea, is also a concept of dirty bags, dirty tea, cheese bags, tea plants, etc. Today’s scale.



Revealing the cause of the burst brand this year’s future future

In the past five years, it is indeed a golden time of tea development.

Newborn brand can create or imitate a differentiated product, with the media to enlarge and spread their advantages, form an identification, and quickly open the market or seize the blank market.

But in 2017 – 2018, since the scenery of the tea and drink industry, the successful people in many other fields participated in the market. . Investment changes in order to real burning money, but unfortunately, there is not enough money, and fire does not burn.

On the other hand, the old brand can be upgraded through the product, the store is upgraded, and the brand potential can be formed with a good reputation. At this time, the larger the brand potential, the more resources are inclined, and the \”rolling snowball\” effect is formed.

According to reports, the cause of promotion costs increases, the cause of the conversion rate is affected, and many investment franchises have lost their losses at the end of 2018. Some companies exited the tea and drinks and found other channels.

Their exit decreased the phenomenon of franchisees from the cottage brand, and there was a positive protective role in the original brand. However, the new brand wants to open a store after opening a store, and the opportunity to bring the franchisee now is getting smaller and smaller. 今年的奶茶界有点冷清,让人眼前一亮的茶饮品牌在哪里? One aspect is the cost of high rental, manual and raw material upgrade, so that the store is difficult to reach \”a cup of hard\” scene. On the one hand, it is necessary to face more powerful competitors, and it is slightly accidentally suppressed.

今年的奶茶界有点冷清,让人眼前一亮的茶饮品牌在哪里? Most people judged the brand in front of you is often not a product taste, store image, quality service, but through these factors stacked high sales, or high The \”brand aura\” brought by the density store distribution.

opened direct camp, single-store profit is difficult to support the feeding speed. To join, franchisees are willing to find the famous big names to enjoy the benefits of its brand appeal. Do too much promotion, platform homogeneration, consumers are not blamed. All of this, makes the newborn brand’s development space is limited.

Want to explode in a narrow space, perhaps only wait for media, differentiation, or time-to-time brands, one or more opportunities in the effect.


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