Lawyers make more money (lawyers make money more or doctors)


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Now our urgency is to kill all lawyers.

– Shakespeare \”Henry Sixth\”

After you become a lawyer, are you ever?

People are often difficult to change.

The United States is the largest country in the world, with 1.35 million lawyers, accounting for 35% of the world.

However, one survey in 2013 shows that lawyers are the group \”least affected by the public\”.

In this survey, the \”social recognition\” of the lawyer has only 18%, with the highest group military (78%), teacher (72%) and doctors (72%) and doctors. 66%) compared to the anemoid.

On the US question and answer website, more than a netizen question:

\”Why do you hate lawyers?\”

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After reading hundred answers, you can find that netizens are still misunderstandings about lawyers’ careers, some of which belong to any actual stereotypes, and some are biased with logic.

These misunderstandings may have encountered lawyers around the world.

Here, we sorted out these netizens’s seven typical misunderstandings of lawyers.

Misunderstand one charge is too expensive

Reddit netizen @dirtymoney:

They play the actual role, finishing all the charges.

And, they gave a lawsuit to rush through the \”reconciliation fee\”. Do you really think they will struggle for \”fair justice\”?

Quora users @tiffany r. lunn:

This is a truth with the car mechanic. Many people don’t understand any mechanical principles, of course, will not believe that the repair workers \”can help them provoke.\”


Just like people don’t understand what the lawyers do, I will only feel that \”TA will receive me.How much money?

Don’t true, first consider the cultivation cost of lawyers! The Jedi School’s 3 years of tuition is $ 1.86 million, equivalent to 800,000 yuan, which is still not a cost of various qualification exams.

Moreover, I really thought that the lawyer knocked on the head, turned the pen, and the solution \”automatically generated\”?

How much homework should be done for each case, customers often can’t see.

Misunderstanding two smart over

reddi netizen @justicepain :

They are all professional debilities. No one likes to quarrel the feelings, even if you know that you are wrong. Their rigorous logic will suffocate the people who argue with them.

Blogger @Jim Olsztynski:

Those embarrassing politicians are from lawyers.


is like Like the game, everyone is not \”\” teammates are God, opposite is pigs. \” You feel that the lawyer is too smart, just because he is not your \”teammates\”.

If you ask a lawyer, would you still be too intelligent?

Misunderstanding three loss people

Quora users @linda caisley:


In order to help their customers win the interest, they must harm the interests of others, whether it is people’s money or feelings.

reddit netizen @The_Write_stuff:

I don’t hate my own lawyer, because he helps me do things, but I hate all other lawyers. It’s a bit like politiciaries, \”our people\” are good people; other people are bad people!

The lawyer certainly only represents the interests of their customers, otherwise the customer asks them to do, do Public welfare?

Social wealth will not increase, one party benefits, there must be another party, which industry is not this?


misunderstood four bad guys

Quora users @Shelly -Lynn Agnes Besner: 美国为什么那么多人讨厌律师?

They are too greedy. For the sake of interest, they can reverse the black and white, put those poor criminals from prisons \”save\”. And these criminals, this application has made up for the sins they committed.

Reddit netizen @ ronniejean1:

Simpssess case, Caican Antong, Jordi Arias case They all left a bad impression. But you can’t have a ruling lawyer. After all, people are always difficult to understand the lawyers \”defense for bad people.\”

Kill the wife’s wire, Simpson is unnowlved


The criminal lawyer has to do, never turned the bad guys into good people, but to determine that the bad guys are 100% of the bad guys.

\”bad people\” is not as defined casually. If a person is severe, just after a fair judicial process, it is still considered guilty, then he is a 100% bad guy.

Why is the \”private penalty\” abolished by the rule of law society?

misunderstanding five counted cautations

reddit netizen @eldorchart:

For work reasons, I often have to deal with lawyers, but I hate to work with them. Sometimes, it is easy to do what you can do, but they always block me. 美国为什么那么多人讨厌律师?

I am even too lazy to talk to them, because they seem to always remind me \”Which one of you will be a problem,\” or \”this is their expertise, please find them .

I feel that the lawyer is too cautious, it may always blame yourself after something. The lawyer \”is not cautious enough\”.

Misunderstanding six provoked disputes

Reddit netizen @ROTTINGUY:

Take a look at the world created by these lawyers. Look at people coming to each other, how is \”joy\”, just for the smelly money.

From ancient times, where there is interest, there is conflict. This pot, lawyer can not be back.

The lawyer just solves the conflict. I believe that in the civilized society, \”I will tell\” is better than \”I am playing\”?

Misunderstanding seven do not speak people

reddi netizen @cpqrray:


Because they are talking about \”another language\”. I really hate the lawyers and complicated the contract and embarrassment, as if they deliberately don’t want me to understand.


is not a lawyer I want to write the files to be complicated, but the industry specification requires this to write!

Legal terms are rigorous and accurate. Is it written in the court? Is it written in big white? If everyone can understand, the judge can look at the headache.

Moreover, how complicated files is better than the word of old Chinese medicine?

In the United States, the image of a lawyer is really not happy .

Many analyzes believe that \”annoying lawyers\” are a typical phenomenon that rooted in \”anti-elite culture\” in the United States.

The US lawyer fee is very expensive, and no one can afford. Over time, people will feel that the lawyers are always in the opposite side of ordinary people.

The lawyer who is \”talking to ordinary people\” is of course. Unfortunately, the lawyers in netizens are often the lawyers in the film and television works and news reports.

It is the so-called good events that don’t go out, and the wicked is a thousand miles. In the American TV, the lawyer seems to be \”bad things\”.

Trump’s private lawyer Rudy

Because of the suspected false statement, the lawyer license is suspended

No matter where, the lawyer \”confidently\” is inevitable.美国为什么那么多人讨厌律师?

But in essence, the lawyer is a \”fast knife\” that helps customers solve the problem.

This knife, the sharper the sharpness.

If it is blunt, who is still used?

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