Let’s \”look very money\” in your photo, what kind of road number?

Recently, Ouyang Na is attending the \”rich family of thousands of gold\” makeup flying out of the game, not only hot, but also swept the B stop beauty area, trigger a new round of imitate a boom.


要让照片里的你“看起来很有钱”,到底有哪几个路数? ▲ Ouyang Na’s hand in hand, eye wave flow.

▲ # 欧阳 娜 娜 # # 冲 热 热 热 总 总 第 位 位 位 位 位 位 位 位 位 位 位 位 位 位 位 位 位 位 位 位 位 位 位 位 位 位Mood.


▲ The video of \”Ouyang Na Qianjin makeup\” is high in the B station.

The lottery of the fire is highlighted by Ouyang Na, a pair of deer-like clear eyes, and combined with the overall shape, successfully created a rich family, no worries, no A feeling of a world.

Of course, the big breezy clothing is also one of the main points of privacy. 要让照片里的你“看起来很有钱”,到底有哪几个路数?

▲ Givenchy brand spokesperson Ouyang Na’s interpretation of similar shape.

▲ Clothing is a liberah 4g logo jacquard slim sweater, the price is 7190 yuan; necklace is Given Glad Large G-shaped necklace, the price is 19900 Yuan.

This is a very interesting psychology. When the economy is not very popular, people \”look very money\” wear and even the makeup, but the more sought after, This is probably the so-called lack of what is the realistic performance of what I think, after all, the economist said, the more the skirt is, the better, the lipstick is selling.

Real life pressure hills, everyone is long-distance and relaxed and comfortable.


▲ Jessica (Zheng Xiuyu), before Korean Women’s Women’s \”Girl Age\” member, successfully founded personal fashion brands.

▲ Jessica’s hard sound looks like a lady in the Korean drama. 要让照片里的你“看起来很有钱”,到底有哪几个路数?

So problem, how can people make people look very money?

It is actually not more than the following four paths.

1, high-profile high-profile stacking with brand

The world is the most simple and rude way, and the well-known brand names and price items are stacked and overlapping. This is also the landmark wearing of rich returns and incompetent RAPPER. . 要让照片里的你“看起来很有钱”,到底有哪几个路数?

▲ Netflix Reality Show \”Empire\” The head.

要让照片里的你“看起来很有钱”,到底有哪几个路数? ▲ European and American Rapper for the name, diamond and big gold chain.

▲ Thai Thai Paren PEEPY \u0026 Mother Lee, with a luxurious painting wind in Instagram. (We have written, click here) 要让照片里的你“看起来很有钱”,到底有哪几个路数?

The above-mentioned wearing style makes others aware of your rich, but it also exudes an exaggerated breath. Outstators are commonly used, and the liar is also commonly used.


▲ Zhang Tinglin, who has a first-line river to make people lost luxury homes, is investigated by suspected pyramid schemes. There are two characteristics of people who are desperately desperate and rich. One is to have lacking inner, two is to believe in their own strength, good business.

(123) Money is not so exaggerated.

Silicon Valley Technology Daban seems to have a good preference for dark jackets, and simple wear has become its iconic image.


▲ Apple brand founder Jobs (in 2011 due to cancer death) loves a black round lead with jeans, these tops are quite Cheap, is a senior custom, \”I invite three homes to customize some black tops I like, and he brought about hundreds of hundreds. This is my clothes, enough for me to wear.\”


▲ Social website Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zachberg, his simple T is usually Brunello Cucinelli, more than 400 dollars, more than 3,000 Sample, inconvenient for ordinary peopleIt is advisable for him for hundreds of billions of people.


Successful business people’s wear style can look at a US drama, called \u0026 # 34; Billions \u0026 # 34 ;, Chinese translation is \”100 million\”.

As the king of the whole US hedge fund, the actor Bobby Axerrod in the drama fully demonstrated the low-key, comfortable and comfortable style of the billionaire.


▲ The play in the play is also prejugged in the casual dress of dark jacket plus jeans, and there will be no logo.

▲ Be sure to have a reloading table, the best watch is the price of a house.

The play in Bobby has many hoodie in the play, although it seems to be flat, but almost all from Loro Piana, we have introduced this brand – Its biggest feature is that there is no logo, but the material is excellent, the design and high price of the low-key design and high-profile are also in line with the top-level rich consumption habits.


Hollywood’s well-known actress Angelina Jolie is also faithful to Loro Piana’s brand.

要让照片里的你“看起来很有钱”,到底有哪几个路数? ▲ Angelina Jolie fares the SESIA handbag of Loro Piana.

要让照片里的你“看起来很有钱”,到底有哪几个路数? Angelina Jolie has been in the private service in recent years.


▲ White set is worried and not more serious, black watch wristbands echo the color of the bag.

▲ Celine red ceramic Triomphe bag is put off from Angelina Jolie’s gentle temperament.

From this, we are not difficult to find, in many cases, low-key text-sensitive single products plus appropriate LOGOs are also a valid \”rich\” way, Let you \”look more money.\”

▲ Chanel Classic FLAP lights up the entire set.

▲ Korean actor Xiu Zhi has \”National First Love\”, Dior’s bag makes its shape more elegant.


▲ The female star Yang Cai’s Hermes mini Kelly second generation.

Probably all girls will not exclude such a style: make people look at the life, there is time to be ourselves.


This is also the secret behind the second type of \”innocent\” style. It is put into considerable time and energy.

▲ Brand Ambassador Liu Shi poetry is full of Chanel, which is elegant and exquisite.

▲ This photo of Xizhi seems to be lazy, the embellishment of the earrings is just right.


3, the whole of the holiday creation has the whole wind

The way \”looks very money\” and the relationship between makeup and dress is not so big.


Because the photo is finally fixed in a moment of life, if you want to look rich, the people are important, and the scenes behind them are more important. To know, only the least lack of money Talents are eligible to travel and vacation.

The female star Yang Cai has known \”people rich and expensive flowers\”, and she is a sense of \”365 days a year, every day in vacation\”.

▲ Yang Caiyi is good, the scenery is more impaired.

▲ This expression This makeup This dressing this coffee is not in the daily life of the people rich.


▲ It is said that this is in the sun, thinking about the strength support after this scene, seconds.

However, \”the world is rich\” is not limited to the female star.

Summary Time Radio Event Shouting Xiao San’s heroine direct, with its lacted and colorful rich lady’s daily life attracted a lot of embarrassment, it is a small fire. One.


▲ On April 17, 2020, a stone surprised the waves of Weibo shouting.


▲ The microblogging shouts after the first update, a photo of a quiet life in the world.

As a young man in Ali, Mr. Jiang Fan’s spouse, and maternity, a pair of children, and Ms. Chambard did have a lot of a lot of vacation, camping, show, show jewelry, collect the lotion of the lotion. Available for sharing.

要让照片里的你“看起来很有钱”,到底有哪几个路数? ▲ This year’s outdoor camping trend is of course not missed.

要让照片里的你“看起来很有钱”,到底有哪几个路数? ▲ Take out the cute back of the daughter. Of course, you should also get cute little animals.


▲ Collection Antique jewelry, visit the painting of the jewelry show, eat food, the days are beautiful.

, because of the common black powder, there is a black powder, the front time of the boiler is suspected of exposure, the account tries to consolidate its ladies, contribute The people of the golden sentence \”The people feel very respectful\”, and ultimately, because of the loss of the message, \”whether it is my post\” and nights.

要让照片里的你“看起来很有钱”,到底有哪几个路数? ▲ The Douban account sunlights the original picture of the Duanhua HD large size without watermarking, if there is a photo in the mobile phone, there is a picture that is simply unable to do .

▲ and the small red book screenshot released by the main building can display the number of views (illustrated is a picture of the own account).


▲ It is pointed out that there is a hurry to change, try to explain, and praise the flower flower.

However, this also does not hinder the green flower ladies fire to change a avatar and then delete a wave of comments in the social platform, continue to stay in the year, sun-out recently in Arna (Qinhuangdao City A well-known community) the seaside vacation.

要让照片里的你“看起来很有钱”,到底有哪几个路数? ▲ The new avatar is still very good.

▲ changed the \”flower kitchen\” after the avatar, and it is not that I can’t see the number of views.

4, the show is not as good as the show circle

Show Hotel, Xiu Hotel, Xiuwa, Xiu Dog Show clothes, full of world holiday sun and tea drink coffee, in fact, there is still a way to \”look very money\” in your photo.

This type of representative person is a small red book blogger that is not particularly famous – Valerie is diligent. On the platform, her number of fans is only 96,000, far lower than the direct flowers (344,000 fans).

要让照片里的你“看起来很有钱”,到底有哪几个路数? But the fans in the comment area seem to be identified by the blogger’s identity, which is inevitable.

The brother and sister refer to the 12-year-old son and a 10-year-old daughter. 要让照片里的你“看起来很有钱”,到底有哪几个路数?

In addition to maintaining the beautiful beauty and body, as well as the normally attacked cute pair of children, Valerie continued to take a large number of celebrities in the social platform these years.

▲ Liu Jialing and Valerie 要让照片里的你“看起来很有钱”,到底有哪几个路数?

▲ Guanzhilin and Valerie (Right) took a group photo at the Wang Shixi Birthday this April this year.

▲ Valerie and Guanzhilin have a photo in 2007.

▲ Valerie and Wang Jia Sisters (Wang Yuanyuan, Wang Shishi) gathering.

要让照片里的你“看起来很有钱”,到底有哪几个路数? ▲ Ren Dahua wife Qi Qi (Figure right) participated in the Valerie’s home banquet.

▲ Zhang Yushan and Valerie

要让照片里的你“看起来很有钱”,到底有哪几个路数? What is VALERIE?

▲ Weibo and Xiaohong Book’s brief introduction is very far.

▲ Facematter is brand of Hong Kong Listellation Medical Beauty Group Migi Disposal Holdings Co., Ltd. (8307.HK), inquiry the latest annual report Executive work. 要让照片里的你“看起来很有钱”,到底有哪几个路数?


Valerie, Chinese name is Xu Qin, graduated from the Zhejiang University of Zhejiang, later in the Central Committee of London Studying in studying, is a partner of Dr. Jiang, a famous doctor of Hong Kong.

▲ Only one \”old husband and wife\” is a photo.


Valerie recently Mid-Autumn Festival photo (now deleted), there is a friend of He Chaoqiong, Zhu Lingling, etc. 要让照片里的你“看起来很有钱”,到底有哪几个路数?

Simple Friends Private Dinner Photo achieved far greater than the detailed travelers, lovers and vermicles. After all, you can buy a package, I can buy enough money to buy, but the quality of its high quality is obviously a more scarce resource.


In fact, the difference between one or two posted and the truth, both of which were significantly subtle, but It is not difficult to distinguish.

要让照片里的你“看起来很有钱”,到底有哪几个路数? Ironically, long-term mixed names may still be able to build a name for famous people: such as New York Reality Show bodily born \”Mingyuan\” Olivia Palermo and Well-known net red evening.


▲ 10 years ago, \”Gossip girl\” Queen B prototype (New York City \”Olivia Palermo, with its Wearing a skill contributing countless classic street shooting.


Olivia Palermo fashion taste is excellent, but the so-called real estate tycoon woman’s identity is not built. With unremitting efforts to go up to social, their fashion ladies have settled so far.

▲ When married with German model, it is dressed in Karolina Herrera, which is mixed with ostrich hair cream shorts, with a high-ground fork Transparent thin weld skirts can be described as unfair sets.

The evening is to attend activities with boyfriend Lin Hao (that is, the husband) to take a photo with a big name, gradually create a \”upper class society\” Man set up. (We also have written before, you can review)


▲ Nine-pace from top to bottom, from left to right,: Ni Ni, Fan Bingbing, Shu Qi, Liu Wen, Du Fu, Jing Zha, Jiang Wenli Gu Chang Weifeng, Liu Jialing, Zhang Ziyi.

The girl who originated and a mixed name of the circle, of course, there is still behind the unforgettable, plus the identity of the ambient girlfriend in the evening, and the delicious look of the various blurred languages \u200b\u200bof Linyi. Let this husband and wife also provoke a lot of black powder.

要让照片里的你“看起来很有钱”,到底有哪几个路数? Some time, late evening, Lin Yu, this pair of red couples and luxury cars, Rolls Royce, business cooperation video, was strongly boycotted by netizens, commentatics It can be \”large rogue scene\”, and even Wang Song also leaves a message, the entire incident quickly fermented, negatively swearing on the list.

▲ \u0026 # 34; RR \u0026 # 34; \”Rolls-Royce, which mentioned above.


In the end, this farce deleted a dispute video with the official Weibo of Rolls Rolls and closed the comment area.

The evening couple took an interview to cry, Lin Lan said that netizens used to \”insult\”, now It is \”destruction\”.


In fact, this is also Social name people’s dilemma, when you work hard to get into the upper society, have a celebrity friend but it is not too big, and the show is also a lot of water, it is also normal to face the netizens and spit.


This probably calculates a kind of flow of anti-allel – In fact, all the famous names must be operated by social media, such as we have Introduced the little red book, a small red book, a small red book, take a photo, and a photo of the patriarch.

要让照片里的你“看起来很有钱”,到底有哪几个路数? It is indeed entering Hong Kong’s top society. The mother-in-law is the past movie star, but the recruitment is not ahead. The career of the lady and husband, it makes us realize that first, the way to make money in the top two generations of the upper society is really a trick, and a smart person will take a group with the European top society, get inexplicable title Made a business.

Second, the names of the two generations are also the same as all the micro-commerce, and they have taken a photo to prove the strength. At this point, the world’s micro-commerce is like.

So, although you look at you in the photo is very cattle In the case, the shadow of the name is indeed the most powerful trick, but the people in the upper society will send a pair every day. I don’t know how many people have taken pictures. This true holiday is constitute this cruel and gorgeous fame and fortune.

The last type will \”look very money\” way may also be the most difficult, It seems that it is very rich, the best way is really powerful.

Miss Dogo.


The same color bright big skirt or the same styleSimple coat, wearing Huawei CFO Meng Light Zhou or entrepreneur Dong Mingzhu is a great idea, and it is easy to control or flat in other peers.

▲ 2015, the two venue venue, \”Miss Dong\” wears FENDI 2014 early autumn coat, and the reporters are still surrounded by the reporters. .

▲ 2017 \”Miss Dong\” wearing Caroline Herrera Dress when presenting activities.


In recent years, with more and more opportunities to appear in front of the public, \”Miss Dong\” is also getting better and better.

▲ When we participate in a variety \”to enter the workplace,\” Miss Dong \”has passed through a pair of Chanel 2020 spring and summer vacation series boots. .


▲ A white shirt similar to the PRADA in the program.

▲ Ms. Dong Mingzhu prefer Roger Vivier’s classic side to high heels. 要让照片里的你“看起来很有钱”,到底有哪几个路数?

▲ It is also easy to control the red skirt of Gucci 2019 spring and summer series.


▲ Ms. Dong Mingzhu and his favorite necklace from the German 100-year jewelry brand Huapove.

▲ It is this to accompany Ms. Dong Mingzhu attended a large and small case.

要让照片里的你“看起来很有钱”,到底有哪几个路数? However, Dong Mingzhu once said that he can get out of the door every five minutes, and the clothes are also love, but these are not the protagonist of life. The protagonist of life is still their own career and created results, so really rich people don’t mind if they look money, they mind is to seem to be decent, is it more elegant, those who are more impossible Dress up something.

▲ Ms. Dong Mingzhu is very sharp.


Although it is said that people have been put, but temperament is not fully installed, more than two Directors, you can see True women who have experienced calendarThere is a sense of power, and the tiger is just a feeling.

The social media era, people have not been able to get rid of daily in all major social platforms, no one wants to have good, share it, it is also a self-motivated. However, there is a comparison of people, and the people who are rich and rich are common diseases. You must admit that there is always more people who have more money than you, but if you still have time, you will explain you. It is still not mixed in the autumn, because people who have a bad mixed person do not have time to spend on social media.

▲ Pro Mazhong usually does not have some specific desire to \”prove yourself\” trouble. 要让照片里的你“看起来很有钱”,到底有哪几个路数?

In everyone, the ridiculous one is because of the vanity of excessive expansion and swelling, the fat man, it is undoubtedly a terrible self-abuse, the first is his own The money bag can’t stand it, followed by the netizens who will be by the fire-eyed netizens, the people humiliate, say that this is really.

要让照片里的你“看起来很有钱”,到底有哪几个路数? ▲ The movie \”a shopping madness\” in the heroine of the debt is high.

No one has vanity, no one wants to have good.

There is money is a good thing, but the real good thing is not just that there is money. The real thing is that you can live your day within the capacity range, let your family happiness. Happiness, contribute to the society, and can make you live in real my style in a limited more than a life of more than a million days. 要让照片里的你“看起来很有钱”,到底有哪几个路数?

I hope that everyone can earn money in the new year, and they can find themselves. It seems that it is the most confident. Sampling.

要让照片里的你“看起来很有钱”,到底有哪几个路数? Blessing.

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