Life is all connected, and many things you don’t experience, you won’t know what is right.

There are many things in life, and many things you don’t experience, you won’t know what is right.

It is like wearing clothes. Everyone must bought a \”wrong\” dress that is not suitable for her own, some people can find out the \”right\” suitable for themselves; some people need After a long time, I have found \”right\” after I bought \”wrong\” that is not suitable for myself; even many people are wearing \”wrong\” in their lives.

If the reason, maybe the problem, some people have the ability to have many opportunities for \”trial\” in a short period of time, and he may have obtained professional people in this process. A variety of help and mention, and some people have limited conditions, can only be careful, while walking to self-study, a little accumulation;

may be a child’s natural qualification, some people are smart, there is The person is not smart enough, under the same conditions, the smart human eye’s hurricane is live, can find \”right\” and methods relatively fast; the qualifications are general people, relatively dull, reaching the road to \”\” to \” Tervement of more than one.

There are still some people who don’t matter, maybe he really doesn’t matter, maybe he has no condition, so-called, have been used to it.

Everything is connected, I want to understand, maybe you will not ask why so bitter? So? Will not often blame yourself why didn’t you do it? Why not do it? Because you are an ordinary person, to allow yourself to try wrong, give yourself a little more time, then stick to it, one thing, things.

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