Life is long, only money and reading can not live up

Knowledge and money, which is more important? Which is an indispensable wealth?

I have seen a comic. If life is a wall, so knowledge and money, it is to support how much you can pass through this wall, and you have two pieces of foot stone in one side.


No money is not reading, you can only stand under the window, two eyes are black;

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There are too few readings, only the corner of life, is tired by life;

only take care of money, do not study, will be blinded It is taken by money;

Only one foot stepped on money, one foot on the reading, in order to open his own one and earth through the wall.

In November 2021, Chen Zhi was sought after by the media because of \”Migrant Workers\” of the Listeners of Libraries.

He sent a post on the Internet that he was a migrant worker, translated the philosophy of Richard Portrtrans, \”Heidegur Introduction\”, I want to know this work Without publishing, there is no chance to apply for a university. 人生漫长,唯赚钱与读书不可辜负

Chen straight a 90, the original examination of the second university’s mathematics major.

In admission, because of the business is not interested, the results are not good, the economic conditions in the family are also difficult, and they have chosen to work.

He successively working in many cities in Beijing, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Fujian, etc. Thousands of dollars, barely maintain life.

One year in the university, he read many philosophical books in the school library, although some can’t understand, he felt the attraction of another world.

In the working career, studying philosophy has become the greatest comfort after he has worked.

At 8 o’clock in the morning, at 8 o’clock in the evening, after home, start reading from around 9 o’clock, watching two or three hours a day, sometimes even seeing 1 am.

In the second-hand Kindle bought by 200 yuan, more than 1200 e-books were stored.

In addition to reading books, Chen Duan also observed that many migrant workers like to read books, \”Some people read books For the exam, some people are watching magazines, novels, and some people think that the reading is meaningful, very fulfilling.

After the network is a network, Chen Zhi understands that it is difficult to publish itself, it is difficult to enter college reading, but the meaning of reading is not only here.

The writer Liang Xiaoyu said: \”The purpose of reading is not to achieve much achievements, but when you are retrieved back to the original shape, it is inherent to give you an intrinsic power. \”

Everyone who has a request to himself, people who have pursuit in the future know that there will be better life if they constantly improve their skills or vision.


\”Sanlian Life Week\” interviewed by the hotel staff, Girls who have grown as \”30 years old, annual salary of 500,000 foreign companies\” Zheng Jing.


人生漫长,唯赚钱与读书不可辜负 When she was studying, the English was very good, but the college entrance examination is only more than 60 points.

After the college entrance examination lost, she went to the local hotel The waiter, with a good oral level, soon being assigned to the administrative VIP floor to do a reception.

Where, she is in contact with the foreign executive of the hotel, slowly In the foreign company, it became the next step of the next step.

After, she went to Shanghai. After the sea, the sea has finally entered a German company for export trade. Be a front desk.

Although it is the work of the front desk, she pays attention to what colleagues who observe the business unit, through the mail of the company’s mailbox, familiar with the company’s basic business, know one The product is probably price, how much is the amount of order, what is going to do when contacting customers.

Soon, the company’s purchase department is recruiting, she is self-recommended, successful transfer.

[123 ]

Doing procurement, Zheng Jing is a newbie, once, what is the meaning of a colleague an English abbreviation, colleagues ask her: \”Do you not check it yourself?\” \”

From that, she was desperately completed, and all historical order records came out, read the way inside; and read a lot of export industries, mastering the working method.

[ In this way, her professional ability is getting stronger and better, and her annual salary is nearly 500,000.

人生漫长,唯赚钱与读书不可辜负 and this Duan experience gives her the biggest gain, is a way of learning: \”Now I lost me into a new industry, I won’t panic.\”

In \”power game\”, the little evil is a pygmy, and it takes this by force.In the story of winning, he has no advantage, but he is always a book.

Others ask him: \”Do you read so many books?\”

The little devil said: \”My brother has a sword, I have My head of my head, good brain needs book, just like the sword needs to sharpen the stone, this is the reason I keep reading. \”

Today, learn more knowledge, tomorrow may be less In a question;

Today, read a book, tomorrow will be ignored and confused far away, and you will be nearly yourself.

Some people say that not reading one day, no one can see; do not study in a week, start to burst; Not reading month, IQ is lost to pig.

In turn, the change in reading to a person is also a process of water droplets.

Read a book, you may not feel what changes you can do;

Read ten this, you find your horizons change It is not so easy to be anxious, it is not so easy to be disturbed by the outside world;

Reads a thousand books, your realm and heart, it is already most people in a lifetime Cocreative and open-minded.

\”Book in the own golden house\”, no matter what you use knowledge to improve professional skills, or use culture to expand Vision, inspiration of wisdom, reading is invisible, and it will become a tangible wealth.

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人生漫长,唯赚钱与读书不可辜负 On the road and off-shift in the car, the pedestrian crowd;

In every weekend of housework;

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Everything is silent, enjoy the unique night …

Book is the most loyal partner, the warmest friend.

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