Lost \”China Manufacturing\” face!Shenzhen big selling operation hegemony BSR


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Even Halloween has come, but many sellers Direct call: sales reached the lowest level of history. Just when the seller felt the traffic order double decline, it was repeated that the competitors were boarded on the Best Seller, WTF! ???

, then look at the appearance of the product, but also The wave \”wild soaring\” came.

\”I feel this clothes in a very ugly.\”


The strongest BSR

is not \”Evil Gate\”

Not much nonsense Is the Amazon list or a large class of Sports \u0026 Outdoors?

After the seller observed this Listing, summed up:

4 reviews and 4 1 star Ratings; 丢“中国制造”的脸!深圳大卖骚操作霸榜BSR

2021.10 .26 on the frame;

Month: 19000+.

Tell the focus, calculated according to the date of the seller, that is, October 30. The product is on October 26, that is, only 4 days, sales reach 19000+, but 4 comments and 4 1 star Ratings, what is the operation?

The more surprising is that many buyers have questioned this fraud in the Listing QA and comments, but they collect data because The home only needs to pay $ 1.09.

丢“中国制造”的脸!深圳大卖骚操作霸榜BSR Soon, there is a seller to reveal this kind of gameplay, the seller explains:

This kind of gameplay is almost a station + discount, 0 Yuan purchase white delivery, and is FBM without stock. How much is it sold? This is not selling so many months, it is three or four days of the shelves, and I will go to the apple for the first. I think it is possible that the old number that is not deprecated is to cut Amazon.

Subsequently some sellers Out of the site promotion information of this product, further confirming that the shop may be a cannon gray account to sell from the delivery link, do 100% OFF discount station delivery.


This series of operations make people incredibly. A pile of question marks in the vendor’s mind: Can this really deceive money? Hahaha, is Amazon are a fool? What is the meaning of this? Is it empty?


Damage is unfavorable

Sao camhom is from Shenzhen Putian Wuhu


A large number of sellers, for this lossless operation, It is difficult to agree. It is also curious that this kind of \”门 道\” is from which big 佬?

Seller broke the news, such a Stronte BSR, the strongest BSR, from Shenzhen, Putian Wuhu, Bao **.

Bao Shi + is this operation, first sell (with an unstead, ranking, selling the kind of not shipped), then sell it, this should be the fastest link Speed, asking is a child who was destroyed, miserable.

More self-proclaimed Zhou **, former executive to confirm this method, he said:

(for 1 year, don’t spray me) This kind of practice is to look good, Improve the price of Listing, then use 70% -90% of the Code station, general price will not be too low, the discount between at least 2.99-9.99 is much more, some products can set shipping, such as 1.99- 4.99 shipping template, the price of CODE is too low, this product is a product, which is a low cost price. The bad review is much, even if it is not shipped, it will not hang, but it is generally a small bag, the cheapest The small bag, the overall profit can reach 5% -15% (here, crying, there is no other fees, there is only 300-500 net red money).

The effect is usually three days, the effect can make the net red continue to post, this is the amount of relief, the ranking is generally stable, even if it got the first BS mark, there is no natural single.

(Don’t ask me why I also played), as for the difference, it is simpler, directly deleting that SKU is, the background can create new new, because it is self-delivery, basically No affected.

Since this year, Amazon has continued to emphasize the regulatory operation, and is it more necessary to play a seller? As of the paper, [Seller House] opens the listing again, and finds the case where the item is present.


Hope, do not selfish

Be sure to deserve \”China Manufacturing\”

For such a wave Operation, some sellers expressed appreciation, not only rowing, but also collected a wave of buyer data; but more sellers said not shameful, this is the behavior of corruption of Chinese sellers.

China’s seller is very difficult. In Americans China’s products have some bad words, Amazon is treated differently for Chinese sellers, and the Chinese people can stand upright waistite Don’t engage in these fingers, thisYou are cool, what about others?

丢“中国制造”的脸!深圳大卖骚操作霸榜BSR Does the old man do not trade? Also think black?

I don’t know much about international trade, this kind of damage to the country, and some people who collect the collective trust to make money praise. This kind of bracket-gamble thinking, the gambler psychology of the soldiers, sacrificed the rape rape, which is not a gentleman. A five thousand years of ritual culture, inheriting the training of a thousand years of gentlemanship is fully trampled. Everything is a law, as a view. There must be fruitful.

In the past few months, Amazon has suspend hundreds of Chinese top sellers, and a large part of the reasons are caused by the seller’s violation of platform policies. I hope to play a wake up to the seller. The seller who stayed, and the seller, also remembered Ms. Dong Mingzhu once said:

Let the world fall in love with China, is the value of entrepreneurs.

\”The gentleman loves money, there is a way\”, China’s manufacturing development is not easy, I hope that cross-border sellers will be unable, but they must also be able to identify four words \”Made in China\”. .

* text topic map From: Tibet, based on the VRF protocol.

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