Ma Yun analyzes 17 years earned money industry (Ma Yun said the most profitable industry in the next five years)

Ma Yun didn’t brag? The most profitable 3 industries in the future, no real estate, Alibaba has already laid out!

As we all know, in the era of Internet economy, people’s lives have become more convenient, smartphones, mobile payment, giving everyone’s lives, bringing subversive changes, and some new industries, The occupation has also appeared, but the most profitable industry may now seem to be in real estate, but Ma Yun once predicts that the future \”housing price as onion\”. Nowadays, Ma Yun has no bragging? The most profitable 3 industries in the future, no real estate, Alibaba has already laid out!


The first industry is education, and it is said that it is not stranger because of the epidemic, and the nail, the nail, and no matter which era. Education is crucial, especially in the future, some new industries, new occupations need technical talents, so everyone is also getting bigger and bigger, but nails are also Alibaba. One product, which shows that Ma Yun has foreseen this earlier.

The second industry is healthy, people’s lives are getting better and better, in fact, doing clothes, basically is not a problem, but health problems, still can’t Ignore, Alibaba has also gained a health industry, Ma Yun also said that the next Chinese richest, will also appear in the field of big health, so this is also one of the most profitable industries in the future. 马云没吹牛?未来最赚钱3个行业,没有房地产,阿里巴巴早已布局

The third industry is that the pension, the living standard is getting better and better, and it means that many people will have \”pension life\” after retirement in advance. It is also an industry that Alibaba has been layout, and as people’s demand improvement, the increase in consumption levels will also mean that the industry will usher in the blessing period.

马云没吹牛?未来最赚钱3个行业,没有房地产,阿里巴巴早已布局 Ma Yun is worthy of China’s richest, some of his remarks, although it was once a prophecy, now it is a changing, he doesn’t have to blow, then in your opinion Which industry is the most profitable in the future?

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