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After the 35th year of reform, my country’s economic development has entered a new stage. Although my country’s economic fundamental and strategic opportunities have not changed, they have entered the slow-speed slowdown, structural adjustment, and power conversion.

Today, the huge pressure of the economic new normal is in front of major companies. The economic downtown pressure is large, overcapacity, leads to intensive competition, and the profit margin is compressed.

In this case, the company wants to obtain large profits through a single business. So most companies have begun to seek diversified development and expand their emerging business to seek new profit growth points.

Major business is great due to huge market scale, and the development prospects is broad and the risk is low.

Nowadays, large-scale enterprises have set up awareness, such as Suning, Jingdong, Shougang and other large private enterprises and state-owned enterprises have set up their own legal companies to establish and improve their own financial services system through massage business. Supplementary traditional financial institutions cannot provide funding in some ways, while disconnecting the company’s availability resources, extends the market value chain, and gains a generous profit return.



With the development of the times, hugeging The content of the business is also growing, and it is no longer just a comprehensive financial service.

The principal is specifically referred to whether the seller (creditor) is transferred to theaer with the receivable of goods sales contracts or service contracts enrolled in the buyer (debtor), and inform the buyer (Debt), under the premise of the massager, providing comprehensive financial services including trade financing, responsibility of buyers, payment of buyers, accounting management and income, etc.

What kind of congenital advantages have you carried out this business?


Big enterprises carry out commercial security advantages

Due to its own strength, it has strong discourse rights in the supply chain Therefore, there is often a unique advantage when conducting a child.

1. Based on its own credit backbone to carry out business, it is possible to effectively eliminate fraud risk

The biggest risk facing the harvest industry is the risk of trade fraud.

General hules often need to repeat trade in trade, but still eliminating trade fraud risk.

But large companies do not need to consider the issue of trade authenticity based on supply chain.

One is the transaction between suppliers, the big business is clear, how much transaction volume, how many accounts payable are knownIf the authenticity of the trade, the authenticity of trade can be determined without repeated argument;

Second, large companies can enhance the supplier’s credit level and reduce default risk. On the other hand, this is also conducive to reducing risk control costs.

2. Puzzles that can break through the buyer

The buyer’s authentication has been a big problem facing the unpackage business.

This is mainly because of the unpackage of business standards, accounts payable, for large enterprises, for cope, enterprises often can drag without payment, enterprises have no enthusiasm, Many large companies often do not cooperate with the legitors and do not provide supplier information.

But if the big enterprise carries its own business, the problem of authenticity can be easily solved.

On the one hand, the enthusiasm of enterprise authenticity will often increase rapidly.

First, because the benefits of the factor company are closely related to their own interests;

Second, because of its own legitors, financing, can effectively ease the relationship with suppliers, It is also possible to fight for discounts and superior accounts.

On the other hand, the restraint is part of the large enterprise. Based on what kind of channel to solve the problem.

3. Sitting in supply chain resources, there is no need to worry about lack of customer resources

Reality, the factor should want to survive for a long time, we must not only put money, anti-fraud, but also from a limited market. Muga is divided into customers.

The lack of customer resources have also become a major heart disease in today’s factor.

Big companies are often the management of the entire supply chain, organizers and coordinators, often have absolute control over the upper and downstream, with very strong words. And there are many suppliers of suppliers, and the suppliers have many suppliers, the customer group is large, and it is difficult to imagine.

These suppliers and large companies are easy to reach cooperation based on mutual interests, and this cooperation is long-term stable.

Therefore, when the big company is carrying out the assembly business, there is no lack of worries of customers.

4. Self-funded strength, wide financing channel, low capital cost

Although the domestic business massage company is constantly emerging, many commercial massage companies are hard, The reason is that the external assets of ordinary commercial security companies are poor, and it is difficult to deal with shortage of funds.

In reality, the source of funds from the factor company has the following:

(1) Self-funded, including registered capital and its own profit;

(2 ) Bank financing;

(3) Shareholders borrowing or shareholders commission loans;

(4) Financing such as Travel, Trust, Fund;

(5) Repair;

(6) Asset securitization;

(7) Internet financial platform;

(8) Financial assets trade.

However, due to such a reason, most of the commercial security companies are difficult to finance from the outside.

For large enterprises set up

First enterprise’s own financial strength, back to the big tree, take cold;

Second, due to the big company itself has good The credit, and there are few fraud risks, and the authenticity is not a problem. In addition, there is a stable customer resource, so the massage company with large business background is easy to obtain financing through other channels, and the cost of obtaining funds is relatively low.

Therefore, the probability of funding funds in large enterprises to carry out the problem of funds is very small.

The profit implementation of large enterprises to carry out the maintenance of the maintenance business

Enterprise is a rational economy, and naturally can’t escape the essence of spirituality.

large enterprises carry out the assembly business, one is to focus on the core competitiveness of the supply chain, achieve their own diversity The strategy of development is, more importantly, achieving its own profit growth and has a sustained and stable income.

The profit growth of large enterprises to carry out the maintenance business is mainly achieved from the following two aspects:

1. Increased profits based on the maintenance business itself.

The profit model of the massage business is generally charged to the customer, which not only brings a generous profit, but also more importantly, it can create considerable intermediate business revenue for thearators.

Generally, if you have a professional team yourself, you can set up your own independence company, so that you can earn a security fee, you can also obtain financing interests by providing financing services to the supplier.

Of course, if the conditions are not allowed, companies can also cooperate with banks or unpacking agencies, earn a handling fee, and also get rich returns.

For this profit, many large companies often have questions in their hearts. Because the handling fee of a single massage business or financing interest is not very high.

However, it is very low in the feature of financial services as a financial business, so it is very low. 保理业务——大企业新的利润增长点

Big enterprises have to carry out their own business, only need to increase the cost of humanivity, if they do not need to put humanity or fundamentally with other institutions. In general, it is extremely low.

Again, large companies have many suppliers, and the supplier has many suppliers, and the unparalleled business can be step by step.Boot, a single income may not be a lot, but in the face of such a huge customer base, income is very considerable.

Moreover, large enterprises carry out legitimate business, and their cooperation with suppliers is long-term stable, then this income based on hindering business continues to stabilize.

In the long run, there are fewer accumulation, and the final income will present an exponential outbreak. Is this profit not rich?

2. Carry out the duisy effect of the assembly business.

Many large companies have to see the profits that the hustle business itself can give the company, and it is more important to the company’s sustainable development strategy to achieve long-term development strategy. .

For a long time, large enterprises often choose to extend the accounts accounts for the supplier due to their own interests. The period, leading to the slow supply, the funds are shortage, have to get high cost funds from the outside to maintain operations.

At this time, in order to obtain stable income, suppliers often choose to reduce product production quality to reduce costs, or improve product sales prices to improve their income.

This makes the procurement cost of large enterprises, and the sales prices have increased naturally, so the impact on sales is not known.

This often leads to the consequences of enterprises and suppliers rigid and supply chain is unstable. This is often a fatal blow for some industries that require long-term stable suppliers.

If large businesses set their own commercial security company

, it is possible to obtain discounts and better accounts in accounts payable, and solve their own fund issues.

Second, it is possible to help suppliers to solve financing issues, obtain low-cost funds, enabling the entire supply chain’s capital flow to achieve a benign circulation, and then open the fund flow of the supply chain.

The funding problem is resolved, the supplier guarantees the product quality and product price stability, and large enterprises can also obtain stable supply, sales, guarantee, and income continue to stabilize.

If there is no problem with its own capital turnover, it naturally does not want to find a law to extend the supplier’s account. In this way, form a benign loop to bring a reproological effect for the company.

From this point of view, it can be a big business as a large business, whether it is from the perspective of the maintenance of the business itself or from the company’s long-term development. Enterprises have a rich return.

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