Make money and unscrupulous means (earning money, unscrupulous means)

All people catering you must have something to do.

Is it very conspicuous?

Sorry, it is useless, there is not much people will care.

The truth of this business world is that users don’t like to listen to the truth, but I like to listen to those who are so nice, interesting, and they are interested.

From small to big, our parents, schools, how many of us have to have the true meaning of life?

In our ear, all of which turned harsh, boring and false.

The true meaning of life is usually a road to Jane, but it is strong, it does not meet the finch formula of chicken soup, the young people don’t like to listen, is the mainstream law of society.

You have to see which young people hang in the mouth all day, and the body is in power, this kind of person is usually seen by passers-by as a problem and 13.

The world of adults is not wrong, only pros and cons.

If you are also a person who believes in life, if you have a sad trouble, then I also send you a rumor: Don’t try to crane, you have to leave the chicken. !


The era of female power prevalent, the media and the people who wish the female users, \”male slaves \”The wind is prevalent, you have to listen to the woman, pay for the salary card, family live, do not pay for the social, every day, the stove is turned around, the woman should not fight back ….


These I have touched, but you said that \”men derailed is the slag male\” \”Women derailed because men are not good to her, it is worthless, I can’t accept this double mark.

How do you have a bowl of water?

Wrong, the above is full!

\”Croo Self-Media Creation Guide\” has said that the explosive copying case must be in line with \”strong culture\”, and the point of view must be clear, and it is a controversy. Attributes.

Looking at the topic of marriage, you said that this is a comprehensive analysis, and the man is responsible. The woman also has problems. It needs Barabara …


Get, your article is a fart.

You are on both sides, the content is destined to mediocre, saying that he is not asked.

There is no traffic, what are you on?

What is the best way to capture a group?

The answer is, no brain support!

Speaking for them, shouting for them, this is the appearance of the contend.

The above viewpoints are not refuted. If there is any doubts from the media, please refer to \”How to develop the 100 million in the year of the year\”. \”

You said Johns, you are too important, do not meet the core values \u200b\u200bof socialist.

Is the position of this public number?

is to popularize the business underlying logic and make money thinking, not graduation thesis.

From different social phenomena, combined with commercial cases, it is our original intention to help us earn money or improve our money.


From a business perspective, how should we look at this phenomenon?

With many years of entrepreneurial experience, Kang Ge summed up a truth, you have to enlighten, I believe you can also make enough money.

\”Don’t try to wake up a group, you can cater to them and earn money from them.\”

We still talk about feminism, what is the back of feminist?

It is a new generation of young women who \”the serfs turned over to fight\”. They broke the secular, overturned the old social rule dominated by men. They re-mastered their families (marriage) The words of the words.

The above sentence is me.

In fact, it is now increasingly popular with girls, and the appearance of male idols is even more featured.

Look at those idols in the street now, I will suspect that they have degraded their throat.

What is the essence of these phenomena?

Essentially is to actively cater to the preferences of female users.

After this back is the disorder of the national male and female proportion, plus high cost prices, as well as the income of ordinary workmanies and increasing inflationDegree, led to a decreasing marriage rate, causing the cruel status quo of \”being a non-fun to find object\”.

Summary is that there are too many men on the bachelor, and single women are not enough.

When our ancestors are still a long-haired animal, their mating fertility is strictly decided in accordance with the strong size of the body, and don’t understand the market. Classmates can refer to the \”The Story of the Monkey King of the World\”, the most capable monkey monopolizes the midranges of the entire monkey mountain.

Why is the mother monkeys are willing to be with monkeys?

It is very simple, it can be a monkey king, that is, the real gun is played out, the physical condition is good, the gene is good, and can protect the family.

Take a look at the current girl’s choice: high, rich, handsome, three o’clock, two points is the same as the starting point of the monkey, but everything is normal, Male organizations that want to have quality and physical conditions, can make money (no bad heads) into new families, no problems.

Let’s talk about this.

[High, Fu, Handsome] in the standard of women, can be practiced as \”average height of more than 175, more than 500,000 income, and long-distance\”.

This is not that I said, you asked the single girl around him, is it a high or more than 175,000 income years?

After all, in the per capita 985 of the small red book, there is a Ferrari every 10 people, this requirement does not look a bit.

Statistics in 2020 show that China’s adult men’s average height is 169.7 cm, and Shanghai’s per capita disposable income is 76,347 yuan (30 provinces, Shanghai ranking first). Source of data: \”China’s nutrition and chronic illness report (2020)\”, and statistics.

This one, most adult men are inexplicably filtered, and even the chances of lighting don’t. Do you say how much do you say a bacon?

In the freely circulated commodity market, under the condition of inquiishing, the buyer will usually lead to unscrupulous means and compete with each other.

A single girl, more than a dozen old bachelors are auction, can you say this market price can be rational?

No! Can! can! of!

Make the same ten-like martial arts, I want to do every way to take the girl to my hand, is the truth.

How to make a girl?

Back to the beginning of the article,

\”To say that some girls love to listen, do something that girls like to do.\”

What? Do you want to tell me?

Take you!

The reason why the sea king will become a sea king, not just a color value or money, more is to crush the girls in the emotional business.

There have been a street interview, asking girls, a boy, how to choose a slag man, how will it choose?

The girls have chosen the slag men in the Qing Dynasty.


Standard men’s mouth is sweet, discuss!

Don’t talk to me, I don’t know if I have a good person. I am wrong to use the slag male as a treasure. I can have this realized girl. I have experienced vicissitudes, and the older old woman is old. Question, if you have the opportunity to choose, would you choose these girls?

呸! You will not choose, right is wrong.

Both virtue.

So, simply from engage from the object angle, be sure to learn to use commercial skills, high-efficiency and low cost, rapidly, the girl is a man, the male compatriots who have a bachelor.

OK, it has come to today’s job summary link,

1, how do you quickly realize the order?

Answer: If you don’t want to go to you, you will be more fishing.

2, how to get a group (or make a group of money)?

Answer: Do not divide the wrong, the banner has stolen this group, saying that they want to listen.

Today’s dry goods are doing?

Can both go to order, but also make money.

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