Make money, don’t hesitate to live

Life and death, rich in the sky.

How many people have a person, it is destined, how much money is made in this life, and it needs to be taken, don’t think about making money, not to pay your own body.

The body is the capital of the revolution. In order to earn money, he will not hesitate to borrow, and go to an empty. The life is gone, the family also collapses.

There is a final, and there is a final start.

Let’s talk about a small story: The fox found a chicken, because it is too fat, it is not going in. It is finally in the three days. After eating, I find it out, I have to hungry for three days. This fox is just a mouth addiction and nothing. This is also the case, make money with life, but can’t buy life, make money with time, but I can’t buy it.

Make money is not the purpose of life, but to enrich the means of life, do not invert them.

There is a hundred years of life, there is a diloy in the sea, nothing is more important than life. We can’t make money in order to make money. Strive to make money, not because of the money, but to make money, it is not so important.

In the end, the body is the capital of the revolution, if the body is collapted, make more money, what is the use?

Have a healthy body, we have more than a more money, let the family live more dignified life.

Life, the biggest mistake is to exchange money with health. Some people, in order to achieve the goal, they did not hesitate to sacrifice health, hurt and hurt. If you lose your life and freedom, even if you let you achieve your go?

A family is safe and healthy, and it is the greatest blessing in life.

The human life is only once, and it is also the most precious. With life, it will create wealth, and there is no life everything is a cloud. Cherish your body is responsible for yourself and is responsible for your family.

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