Make money (earning money to record)

Tonight, I quietly painted in the room, my mother suddenly came, I would like to hide the painting, but it is a bit too late.

Mom asked: \”What is your painting? It’s very special!\”

I watched my mother didn’t make angry, tell her: \”The painting of my painting is used The school exchanged. \”

Mom said:\” I am full of curiosity for this matter, can you tell me? \”

I said:\” The classmates of our class have set up a Company, I am a senior technician of their company. It is responsible for painting similar paintings. They go to sell, and one of my paintings can be exchanged back to two math paper, essay paper or English paper. \”

Mom said:\” Then, what is your company? \”

I said:\” Youth Card Culture Co., Ltd. \”

Mom said:\” What is your organizational architecture and personnel division? \” 123]

I said: \”We have a boss, a senior technician, an ordinary technician, two sales, a quality inspection.\”

Mom said: \”The position is quite complete, then How do you pay? \”

I said:\” I am a senior technician, so I have been issued two days, others are issued for four days, and the remaining is the boss after the delivery. \”

Mom said: \”Is your salary fixed?\”

I said: \”Yes, fixed.\”

Mom said: \”If your painting is not sold Going out, your boss wants to pay your salary first? \”

I said:\” Yes, if there is any remaining, it is the boss left. \”

[123 Mom said: \”Well, the boss undertakes the risk of salary, so his income may also be higher.\”

Mom said: \”Then you can draw a few days a day. ? \”

I said:\” 5-6 per day. \”

Mom said:\” How much is it selling? \”

I said:\” I have painted Better, one can sell two math paper, work paper or English paper, and the painting of ordinary technicians, a picture can sell a math paper, essay paper or English paper. \”

Mom said: \”That’s going, the paintings created in these two days will be exchanged back to 20-24 sheets. The two days of salary is exchanged back. The result you created is 20-24 times that pays your cost. Why don’t you consider yourself? Do you sell it yourself? \”

I said:\” Maybe you will do it yourself in the future, still in the stage of learning experience. \”

Mom said:\” Then your customers are mainly boys or girls. ? \”

I said:\” Most are boys. \”

Mom said:\” Who do you have a record? \”

I said: \”There is still no.\”

Mom said: \”Do you have sales to other classes?\”

I said: \”There is no current!\”123]

Mom said: \”What is the original intention of this company to set up this company?\”

I said: \”How is it established, I am not very clear. I joined a story, I see themIn the painting card, I also want to draw some as a commemoration, I gave one of my paintings to them, he felt that I painted very well, just put my painting to their bossLook, the boss also feels good, hired me to be their senior technician. \”

Mom said:\” How do you think about how to improve your own painting skills? So your painting may be sold moreMoney? \”

I said:\” I haven’t thought about this problem. \”

Mom said:\” Find a time can think about it, if you need me, I am happy to be with you. \”Discussion! \”

I said:\” Thank you Mom! \”

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