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8 Mobile Games Surpass $ 1 BILLION in Global Player Spending THIS Year 8 mobile games over $ 1 billion, China’s first three

a replaord-breaking elech Mobile Games, Including Pubg Mobile from Tencent, Honor of Kings from Tencent, and Genshin Impact from miHoYo, have generated more than $ 1 billion globally from the App Store and Google Play so far this year. PUBG Mobile, localized as Game For Peace in China, and Honor of Kings rank As The Number 1 and Number 2 Revenue Generating Mobile Titles Worldwide this Year, Accumulating $ 2.8 Billion Each So Far this Year, Up 9 Per Cent and 14.7 Per Cent Year-over-Year, Respect Philli.


[ 123]

USA [Sərpæs]

v. Beyond; more than; better; more than;

Third person: SURPASES Words: surpassing past: surpassed Past: surpassed

Sur-, over, exceeding, pass, after.

Word Source

SURPASS (V.) 1550S, from Middle French Surpasser \u0026 # 34; Go Beyond, Exceed, Excel \u0026 # 34; (16C.), From Sur- \u0026 # 34; Beyond \u0026 # 34; (See Sur- (1)) + Passer \u0026 # 34; To Go By \u0026 # 34; (See Pass (v.)).Related: surpassed; surpassing.

He Hopes One day to surpass the world record.

He hopes that one day can refresh the world record.

He Was Determined to Surpass The Achievements of His Older Brothers

He is determined to surpass a few brothers’ achievements.

Pubg Mobile

Player Unkown \u0026 # 39; s Battle Grounds 全球8款手游收入超10亿美元,中国包揽前三


\”Jedi Survival: Stimulating the Battlefield (China Localization Version \”Game for Peace

) is the self-developing combat trainer of Tencent’s photon studio group. In combination, the stimulus battlefield and the whole army have the advantages of two mobile games, and retain the original classic operation, and strive to survive with the PC game.

Honor of Kings

King glory Ou service

Genshin Impact

Genshin should be \”the Japanese\” Chinese character Japanese pronunciation, it should be translated from Japanese to English, and Impact has specific words in English, meaning: \”Impact\”, according to MHY’s words, this should be a new word, not translation

\”Genshin Impact\” is a PC, host, mobile phone 3-end RPG game made from domestic mobile game Meiha



Ying [Revənjuː] US [Revənuː]

n. Revenue; income; fiscal revenue; tax revenue;

This Contract Represents 20% of the Company \u0026 # 39; s Annual Revenue.

This contract is equivalent to 20% annual income of the company.

Accumulating 全球8款手游收入超10亿美元,中国包揽前三

英 [əəjːmjəlEɪtɪŋ] US [əəjːmjəleɪtɪŋ]

v. accumulation; accumulation; (quantity) gradually increase; (amount) gradually increase;

Accumulate’s present words;

Household Accumulate Wealth Across A Broad Spectrum of Asserts

The family accumulates wealth in a wide range of assets.


全球8款手游收入超10亿美元,中国包揽前三 英 [jɪə (r) əʊvə (r) jɪə (r)] beauty [jɪr OʊVər Jɪr]

China Base; Year;

YET WALMART \u0026 # 39; S Year-over-Year Online Sales Only Grew 7 Percent, Leading ITS CEO to Lament, \u0026 # 34; Growth Here IS TOO SLOW. \u0026 # 34;

However, Wal-Mart’s online sales only increased by 7% year-on-year, and its CEO lamented \”growth is too slow.\”

Since the beginning of this year, there have been 8 mobile games from Apple App Store and Google Play. The income of billion dollars, including Tencent \”Jedi Survival\”, \”King’s Glory\” and Miha Tour \”Original God.\” Tencent’s \”Jedi Survival\” (China’s localized version \”Peace Elite\”) and \”King Glory\” still occupies the top two of the world’s most profitable homes this year, deadline now, two game accumulated income exceeds $ 2.8 billion, year-on-year The increased by 9% and 14.7% respectively.

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