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Thank attention, here is the pig girl, headline number: Pay attention to Duck (‘· ᴗ · `) Beyond

Although EPIC has brought many additional troubles to Steam, the V-society did not show his panic. . For the player’s attitude, the VCP is currently not changed because of the emergence of competitors. The most direct proof is that their optimization problems in the Steam platform is not enough.


For players of the Steam platform, the problem that is easy to be stolen has already existed. Some because the player logs in to the QQ and Steam account at the Internet cafe, but is a pot of one pot by the criminals. At some point, you just got into the platform inexplicably link, or touched a tool in the Steam platform, it is possible to lose control of the account or even the computer.

躺着赚钱习惯了?Steam一个漏洞拖了两年,R星游戏BUG靠玩家修复 Recent Steam repaired a hacker to click on the Steam Game invitation by tuging uninformed players to achieve control of the victim computer, and obtain a vulnerability of sensitive information. The vulnerability is more intuitive and expressive, that is, everyone often saw \”Click on the link to add my captain, he will let you know more.\”

躺着赚钱习惯了?Steam一个漏洞拖了两年,R星游戏BUG靠玩家修复 This vulnerability is The repair is not a positive optimization of the platform itself. In fact, the SECRET Club team in two years ago will give them feedback to them. However, the V society did not work after understanding, but it continued. Midway, even trying to stop Secret Club in a vulnerability.

Until the Secret Club released this vulnerability on the Internet last week, the problem was applied to the V-Social pressure. But in these two years, how many players’ computers are invaded, and the information is leaked is a difficult to estimate. 躺着赚钱习惯了?Steam一个漏洞拖了两年,R星游戏BUG靠玩家修复

There is no longer concerned that RTS, which is no longer concerned about optimization problems after the product is successful. The last month \”GTA5\” online mode has been updated. After rewriting a code, the players will look at the cloud in front of the Luosheng, it is reduced by 69%.

This change is a huge optimization since the \”GTA5\” online mode, but the initial payment is a technical house player rather than R.s. 躺着赚钱习惯了?Steam一个漏洞拖了两年,R星游戏BUG靠玩家修复

The player found \”GTA5\” online mode introduction link, one piece of code will repeat 1.9 billionThis is the key to the game loading time when it takes a few minutes.Relying on the rewriting code, the load time of \”GTA5\” online version is greatly shortened.Rase rewards the player $ 10,000 after understanding the situation and adopts it.

躺着赚钱习惯了?Steam一个漏洞拖了两年,R星游戏BUG靠玩家修复 But even so, it is still possible to cover the content optimization of Rase to this most famous game, and the degree of importance is not high enough.

The tube is a platform for the game or selling the game, and the player (user) experience should always be placed first.The \”GTA5\” problem can also be said to be the negligence of R stars, but after someone has feedback the problem, Steam is still a matter of behavior.At this stage, EPIC is working hard to narrow the gap between the Steam platform, maybe the two competitive relationships, future enable players to get more benefits.

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