Make the mirror shop (how much can the optical shop can earn a year)

About this topic, I am opening the glasses store, or there is more saying. We first start with the cost profit from its own cost, myopia glasses are generally divided into single-focus, gradually entering more focus, full focus, and more. Legile cost, processing fee, frame (general domestic brand frame), integrated costs are typically between 50 and 150. Sold prices are generally between 260 and 580 (my store is not very big, so the price is relatively low). In this way, many fans will say, too dark, earn too much. I am doing another account for fan friends. My glasses shop is not too bad. Average 3 days can sell a pair of glasses, one year is about 120 pairs. A average profit of a pair of glasses is around 400. Then, you can earn 48,000. The rent is 26,000, and the remaining 22,000 remains, which also includes water and electricity, labor costs. This is calculated as a profiteering industry? Glasses are not fast food, some have been changed once, and some for two years or even longer. Of course, the large-scale glasses shop can sell more expensive, the same glasses can sell more than 1,000, the profit margin is relatively larger, but the expenditure will be larger, and the present people are getting more and more difficult, and a close look Glasses sell 1000 is not easy. If you say so much, is it a profiteering to comment.

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