Man makes money to make a picture of a woman (woman giving man money)

After Wang Lihong and his wife Li Yu Lei broke out, one appeared on the Internet, and the only actress of the only public voice supporting the man, she is Tian Puzhen.


Tian Puzhen sent a text in a circle of friends, called the wife, should not be treated with his own ex-husband, even if it is just a former boyfriend, it should not be done.

The meaning of the words is obviously to assign the spear header Li Yu Lei, and the interpretation is a \”woman has an anthrograph\” typical.

靠男人上位的女星,有成亿万富婆,她逆袭成影后,最后两位被抛弃 This move also caused Tian Puzhen again to pay attention to the outside world, and it is not exempt to suffer a lot of criticism.

But in fact, understand the netizens of Tian Pu Hao experience, but it will be disdainful to her. After all, as a female star who relies on men, her success is far more than anyone. It is \”direct\”.

Moreover, there are also many actresses with the same experience. Although they are not as good as Tian Puzhen, they are indeed because of men, successfully caught up with the \”fast lane\” of life.

01. Tian Puzhen I have been following my mother and my life.

靠男人上位的女星,有成亿万富婆,她逆袭成影后,最后两位被抛弃 Different from many children’s children, from small experience to life, let Tian Pongzhen firmly determined to make money, when she is sensible, she decided to go to Beijing to develop, I want to be an actor.

Only, Tian Puzhen’s achievements are not ideal, and all kinds of efforts have entered the middle opera performances, and they are as they do, because of the absenteeism, finally her Also sent out of school.

Since then, Tian Puzhen will be exchanged in all major powers in Beijing. From 2003, she met the director Wang Jing, and then she went to Hong Kong to shoot her first movie \”God’s brave iron gold\” and signed it. Local brokerage company.


But it is not imposed that Tian Puzhen has been successful. After a long time, Tian Pu Yizhen is surrounded by all kinds of gossip and \”shock\” Type of news.

For example, she is in the movie \”three more dumplings\” with the passionate drama of Yandi Liang Jiahui, for example, she is on the film \”Hancheng Raiders\”, \”chest\” Liang Chaowei, and Airport \”Strong Kiss\” Football Mr. Robert Bacchi et al.

靠男人上位的女星,有成亿万富婆,她逆袭成影后,最后两位被抛弃 Obviously, after Tian Puzhen has been destined to go to the entertainment circle.

The day has been continued until 2012, Tian Puzhen and the three-year-old Kingshi will be seen after the frame, and the two love exposed.

After later, Wang Shi and his wife divorced, at the same time, Tian Puzhen changed, from the 38-way actor a film \”Chinese partner\”.

靠男人上位的女星,有成亿万富婆,她逆袭成影后,最后两位被抛弃 I don’t know what time, Wang Shi and Tian Puzhen quietly registered married.

Tian Puzhen will also gradually play, she opened the studio, transformed into a manufacturer, writer, fund directors, etc., but if they can give the face, she has involved.

Moreover, Tian Puzhen has also begun to get frequently in major events.

靠男人上位的女星,有成亿万富婆,她逆袭成影后,最后两位被抛弃 In 2018, in the New York Award Ceremony, Wang Shi was publicly called the Fantian Pu Wei for his wife, that moment, former \”small actors\” Tian Puzhen, became a \”famous\”.

Today, Tian Pu Hao has no need to have an appearance in the entertainment circle, she lives with luxury homes, driving luxury cars, and come out to comment on the current affairs, high-profile enjoyment is their own rich life.

02. Xie Nan, the host changed billions of rich women

Xie Nan was born in Hefei in Anhui in 1983, because of the family of radio and television system Xie Nan is hosted from the broadcast.

When 5 years old, Xie Nan won the prize in Mandarin, and then she was arranged by the teacher to serve as a announcer in the school broadcast station, and in junior high school, high school, and even colleges. 靠男人上位的女星,有成亿万富婆,她逆袭成影后,最后两位被抛弃

After graduating from Anhui University of Finance and Economics, Xie Nan graduated from Anhui University of Finance and Economics, she was assigned to rural broadcasting because of personnel configuration issues. Channel.

But good, Xie Nan has always had a perseverance. In the second year, she participated in the \”Cats Super Charm Host Show\” hosted by Anhui TV Station, Light Media and Cats.

In the end, Xie Nan stands out in this game, and the champion is successfully signed, and the \”Best Scene\” and \”Film and Television Chart\” and \”Film and Television Chart\” are held. Class program.

Although Xie Nan, when Xie Nan is already a company, but it is still not small compared with He Wei, Xie Nan, Liu Yan. gap. 靠男人上位的女星,有成亿万富婆,她逆袭成影后,最后两位被抛弃 At this time, in 2010, Xie Nan met Wu Jing, which came to publicize the movie when he presided over the \”best scene\”.

The first film of Wu Jing is the favorite film and television work of Xie Nan, including Wu Jing himself, and the idol of Xie Nan.

And Wu Jing also saw Xie Nan at first sight, just opened in the show, I asked Xie Nan, no marriage, there is a boyfriend, what constellation, etc.

[12In this way, in this interview program, Wu Jing wiped the spark with Xie Nan, and Wu Jing took the initiative to contact us, and took the initiative to pursue Xie Nan, and made this paragraph.

In 2012, Xie Nan and the 9-year-old Wu Jing public relationship, then Wu Jing’s self-directed self-finals, the \”Wolf\” suddenly encountered the production of the producer, and Wu Jing was very distressed. 靠男人上位的女星,有成亿万富婆,她逆袭成影后,最后两位被抛弃 On the one hand, it means that his dream will not be realized. On the other hand, it means that you have been working hard to pay the east, and there is more qualifications for marriage in the future.

But at this time, Xie Nan firmly supports Wu Jing. She not only agrees that Wu Jing takes all the assets of the two to invest in movies, not knowing that it may pour the production At the time, she even comforted Wu Jing: \”I am not raised you!\”

With Xie Nan’s sentence, Wu Jing finally decided to let go, and later the story everyone knows, \” \”Wolf\” has got 550 million box office invested less than 100 million boxes.

After marrying Wu Jing, Xie Nan was launched to stop all the work on his hand, followed by two sons. 靠男人上位的女星,有成亿万富婆,她逆袭成影后,最后两位被抛弃

In today, from the second-line host, it turned into Fu Po’s Xie Nan. Even if you don’t work, you don’t need to worry. It is even more profitable, even if the couple will retire now, it is just a word.

03. Tong Yao, reverse attacks after the view

Tong Yao was born in Kunming, Yunnan in 1985, 11 years old, she once sent to Beijing China Song Dance Art school learning, then admitted to Kunming Literature and Art School, and then entered the Central Drama Academy with the first achievement of professional classes.

Because the long phase is well-behaved, Tong Yao just entered the school, with the beautiful appearance, it was \”Xia Zhang Ziyi\”. She was also directed by Li Wenyi in the big one year, with the legendary drama \”Lin Hai Snowland\” and early debut .

靠男人上位的女星,有成亿万富婆,她逆袭成影后,最后两位被抛弃 When Tong Yao met the child of Zhang Guo Li, Tong Yao met, and then, after Zhang Mo’s initiative, the two did not have long been a pair. Open lovers.

For this relationship, Zhang Mo cherishs that not only take Tong Yao home to see his parents. As long as you look down, you will take the initiative to find Tong Yao.

But the good scenery is not long, Zhang Mer is beaten by Tong Yao and broke out. The two will break up, and then there is a break from the news. Tong Yao is taught by the teacher, Zhang Mo knows that this is just a touch. hand.

is affected by this, Tong YaoThe word-of-mouth and image are greatly reduced, and the cause of career after her is extremely deep. 靠男人上位的女星,有成亿万富婆,她逆袭成影后,最后两位被抛弃 In 2012, Tong Yao walked into the public vision with the TV series \”Military Ge Ben Egg\”, and she also won multiple film and television awards with this drama.

On the surface, Tong Yao this is \”bitter wife to become a woman\”, but according to logic, Tong Yao at the time of the coffee level, with the movie emperor Huang Wei Similar heaven.

When the netizen is still curious, Tong Yao was photographed with the love of the capital circle. 靠男人上位的女星,有成亿万富婆,她逆袭成影后,最后两位被抛弃

After this, the cause of Tong Yao fly, she has played the \”new girlfriends\” and \”custom happiness\” and other thermal playback drama.

\”If the Biography\”, \”If the Night\”, \”the Night\”, \”Dajiang Da River\”, the \”thirty\”, \”30 and the\” thirty \”of the brush screen last year, etc., these works also let Tong Yao will win After Golden Eagle and the white magnolia.

靠男人上位的女星,有成亿万富婆,她逆袭成影后,最后两位被抛弃 October 2, 2019, Tong Yao and the 17-year-old boyfriend held a wedding in the castle of Italy, truly verify the background theory into fact.

There is no doubt that it is because Wang Yu is supporting behind, this has made Tong Yao after experiencing a gray, and finally got red-red opportunities.

04. Kun Ling, work sister into the king of the king

Kunyi’s birth in Kunyi in Taipei in 1993, because it is a mixed blood in Central Australia. Kunling has been beautiful and cute from Xiaoying. At the age of 14, it was also selected to become \”black skin will be eyebrows\”.

靠男人上位的女星,有成亿万富婆,她逆袭成影后,最后两位被抛弃 However, due to premature exiting the program recording, the subsequent Qunling did not continue to develop in the entertainment circle, until the age of 16, she introduced by a friend, and she went to work in a chance.

Coincidentally, one of the shareholders in this tie shop is Jay Chou in the rumor of the song.

At each time, the two have their own lovers. Kunling boyfriend is a member of the \”Lollipop Combination\”, and Jay Chou is also fighting with Hou Pei.

But I didn’t expect to just over the past year, Kunling and Zhou Jielun have been separated after a while, in this way, the two lost lovers have healing, and it will quickly determine the relationship. 靠男人上位的女星,有成亿万富婆,她逆袭成影后,最后两位被抛弃

In 2010, Jay Chou and Kun Ling official declared in love, and then two were several times, and they were taken in France, Japan.

At the same time, Jay Chou also arranged his girlfriend to participate in the heroine of the new song MV, let her take a film and television drama, pick up the words, and the girlfriend will take the way.

靠男人上位的女星,有成亿万富婆,她逆袭成影后,最后两位被抛弃 January 17, 2015, Jay Chou and Kunling in a British castleInside the grand wedding, the 22-year-old Qunling became the true meaning of the innocent, provoke the outside world.

But it is actually more embarrassing, or Jay Chou’s love of Kunling, especially the two years after marriage, and then give birth to a woman. Witnessing the grace of the two.

Although it is troubled by rumors, this feelings must inevitably be questioned last year, but both husband and wife also use practical actions to break all the unhaneous sounds.

靠男人上位的女星,有成亿万富婆,她逆袭成影后,最后两位被抛弃 True, with Jay Chou, Qunling, not only stabilized in the entertainment industry, not only she is \”the king\”, she has reached an unprecedented height, it can be said The biggest luck in Kunling’s most life is probably married to Jay Chou.

05. Yang Ying, Xiao Migte into a first-line actress

Yang Ying was born in Shanghai in 1989, when she is 13 years old, she travels to Hong Kong and join Talent Bang, after which it also served as the host of Viva Club Disney.

靠男人上位的女星,有成亿万富婆,她逆袭成影后,最后两位被抛弃 In 2003, Yang Ying began to serve as a model of photography salon, and then signed Japanese brokerage companies, became the exclusive model of the trend magazine \”ray\” and \”dear\”, gradually beginning to emerge in the model.

In 2007, Yang Ying passenger bunch of movie \”breaking the way\” began to enter the film and television circle, and later appeared in \”Huada Xi Yixiao 2010\” and \”The City of Love\” Movie.

While Yang Ying’s beauty is recognized by the entertainment industry, but because of the lack of acting skills, plus resources is not too good, Yang Ying did not pay much attention in the entertainment circle. Spend.

靠男人上位的女星,有成亿万富婆,她逆袭成影后,最后两位被抛弃 Until 2010, the 21-year-old Yang Ying was photographed with a photo of the 11-year-old Huang Xiaoming dating, and the relationship between the two was officially exposed.

Although, in the beginning of the two love exposure, there is news in the outside world. Yang Ying is involved in Huang Xiaoming and Li Feier’s feelings.

After five years, the two were officially registered in Qingdao in 2015, in October of the same year, held \”AH\” marriage.

Like other people, Yang Ying was in love with Huang Xiaoming in love with Huang Xiaoming. In 2011, she starred in the movie \”Cook Drama Scorpion\”, the same year \”Summer \”\” The heroine.

At 2012, Yang Ying was selected as a new \”four small flower Dan\”, and later served as the heroine of the film and television drama, and he rushed to an exaggeration of 80 million when he had the highest. 靠男人上位的女星,有成亿万富婆,她逆袭成影后,最后两位被抛弃

Today, Yang Ying and Huang Xiaoming have gone through 6 years of marriage, even though moreI have passed the marriage, but the relationship between the two is still strong.

And Yang Ying has become a first-line actress, and Huang Xiaoming brings her to her.

06. Wu Qian language, after Lin Feng abandoned, then in love

靠男人上位的女星,有成亿万富婆,她逆袭成影后,最后两位被抛弃 Wu Qianlian was born in Zhejiang in 1993, because his father is in Hong Kong, number After the month, they moved to Hong Kong with their mother.

Because there is 8 points of 1 French mixed-blood, the long-term beautiful Wu Qian language is received by the people around him, which has caused her to enter the University of Hong Kong, and become a member of the \”Happy Girl Group\”, at the same time Become a model to start shooting TV advertisements.


2010, 17-year-old Wu Qianyu took the TEMPO paper towel advertisement, won the founder of Tianma movie, Huang Baiming, and then she signed Huang Baiming Company, and served as a movie \”Happy The magical \”actress is evident.

Although Wu Qi language has played a series of movies such as \”8 Star Hug\”, \”Men, Men,\”, \”\” \”\” \”\” \”\” \”\” \”\” \”\” \”\” \”\” \”\” \”\” \”\” \”\” \”\” \”\” \”\” \”\” \”\” \”\” \”\” \”\” \”\” \”\” \”\” \”\” \”\” \”\” \”\” \”\” \”\” Not high, Wu Qian’s popularity is also difficult to improve.

But at this time, Wu Qianlian has met with Lin Feng in love, and the two were officially announced in February 2013, since then, Wu Qianlian gradually The outside world is concerned.

靠男人上位的女星,有成亿万富婆,她逆袭成影后,最后两位被抛弃 In this emotion with Lin Feng, Wu Qianyu always took the initiative. Hong Kong media also took two pictures of the two people to go shopping together, and pointed out that Lin Feng often spends thousands of gold for Wu Qian. .

In addition, Lin Feng also determined to appear in the face of the two people, not only take the initiative to see the parents, facing the media It is even more express \”good love to love thousands of words BB\”, which is getting a lot of ridicule.

But unfortunately, later, since Lin Feng family is dissatisfied with Wu Qian, the relationship between the two is also in 2018, with Lin Feng’s active breakup, then Lin Feng Turned and married the tender model Zhang Xinyue, and Wu Qi-language, fell in love with the three generations of Schubao after turning.


It is worth mentioning that although Lin Feng and Wu Qian have finally break up, but in this time with Lin Feng, Wu Qianyu’s popularity rose I have become a first-line actress in Hong Kong.

After breaking up with Lin Feng, the cause of Wu Qianyan is difficult to refine, but she is still with Schubro, and it is not ordinary in the future, and now the two are low-key in love. 4 years It is nothing more than a time problem.

07. Liang Luo Shi, was abandoned by Li Zezhen to receive 500 million points

Liang Luo Shi was born in Macau in 1988, because his father passed awayShe followed her mother with her sister from urging, and the days were very poor.

靠男人上位的女星,有成亿万富婆,她逆袭成影后,最后两位被抛弃 At the age of 12, Liang Luishi had to enter the entertainment circle because of the age problem, she tried to develop in the entertainment circle because of the age of 16 years old.

In June 2004, Liang Luo Shi participated in the personal movie \”insect ignorance\”, played on the day.

Subsequently, Liang Luo Shi Shi Shi’s movie drama, although the visibility is not too high, the outside world is good for its acting and image.

靠男人上位的女星,有成亿万富婆,她逆袭成影后,最后两位被抛弃 At the end of 2007, Liang Luo Shi was introduced by Yang Ziqiong, met Li Yu Li Ka-shi, Li Zezhen, although the two were 22 years old, but it was also difficult to understand.

In order to express his feelings of Liang Luo Shi, Li Zezhen pays for the price of the price of the price of the price for the lover, so that Liang Luo is moving, then the two are listed in the same time, Liang Luo Shi is also A baby boy was born in 2009.

After, Liang Luo was completely faded out of the entertainment circle, and once again, a pair of twins were born again, she looked away, she was only one step away from the giants.


But a pity Canada’s Liang Shu is separated from two places.

However, fortunately, the outside world has passed, Li Zezhen has given Liang Luo Shi 500 million high-priced breakup, which will not worry about life.

In 2018, Liang Luo Shi was exposed to the entertainment circle to completely reast, but after receiving a movie and a show, he hired, this repeated move It is also difficult to ponder. 靠男人上位的女星,有成亿万富婆,她逆袭成影后,最后两位被抛弃

But it is also undeniable that even if Liang Shu is not able to marry into the giants, the bodies have expensive, because of the relationship between Li Zezhen, naturally make her well-known and quality of life have improved a lot. .

In fact, the actresses who rely on men in the entertainment circle are not in a small number, including those who marry the giants, the same, but it is better life and quality and future.

Perhaps, in a sense, this \”climbing in person\” behavior is not necessarily recognized by everyone, but no matter what kind of lifestyle, this is a personal choice, compared to Respect us more need to try to understand. 靠男人上位的女星,有成亿万富婆,她逆袭成影后,最后两位被抛弃

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