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First, today this article is not a hydrological, I don’t know how to make a video project, I have finished reading, I will basically save you. Down.

Second, the article is very long. For newcomers who want to find a deputy, don’t want to spend money, it is recommended to finish reading.

I think this project is really suitable for novice operation.

I have always thought that the project suitable for novice operations, at least in line with three characteristics, one is simple; second, less spending money or don’t spend money, three is really making money.

The medium-view frequency project satisfies these three conditions.

01. Simple operation.

China video plan is jointly launched by watermelon video, shake, today’s headlines, as long as the creator meets the conditions, the work can also get flow at these three platforms, and of course also acquire gain at the same time.

It does not need to drain, nor does it require secondary marketing, people set up, project extension.

I only need to send a video, then wait for the benefits.

02. Small spending money or not spend money.

Look at this article, you don’t have to give me tuition, I am very happy to give a little praise. The tutorials needed are finishing. These two days will be done, and they will be shared free of charge.

03. Can make money.

This project, I have seen at least 4 peers, basically determined to make money. And this project I have also operated more than half a year, and later, because of the operational mistake, it caused my husband account permanently banned. . . This project has not continued.

Everyone is relieved, the reason I am giving up is not the project does not make money, but because the fans of this project will be weak, it is basically full of flour, and I am different from my idea, so I gave up this. project. If you don’t need to consider this problem for friends who have passed the video plan to earn gains.

Start tutorial below. very long.

Accounts are prepared.

With the same mobile phone number, register, today’s headline, watermelon video, and bind three accounts. Search the header number, the watermelon video creator platform, then log in according to the prompt scan.

After registering a good account, perform real-name authentication, occupational certification can also be occupational certification.

This account is ready to complete. Remember, it is better to bind.

Apply for joining the video partner program.

In the shake or watermelon video, you can find the \”Video Plan\”.

EnterAfter that, click Apply to join.

There are two applications, one is to release at least 3 original horizontal screen video, and the other is that the video cumulative playback is 17,000. These two conditions are very good.


For the accumulated play amount 17000, the flow of the basic use of the published work can be used, if it is anxious, it can be heated with a pod with a pod, but I don’t think there is no If necessary, it can be achieved substantially from natural traffic.

There is a point where you need to pay attention. That is, the release of the video can only pass four ways: 1, watermelon video app; 2, watermelon creation platform; 3. Watermelon video applet in shake; 4, the waters video release in the cutout.

Only the video released by this four ways will be counted in the application task, and the video published in the headlines and jams today is not included in the video partners planned task! ! ! Caution.

Content. 头条中视频计划全面解析,适合新手做副业,这个方法学会就能赚钱 For the project of China, the viewing amount and revenue are directly hooked. Therefore, we must ensure that the continuous output of the works per day can ensure the benefits of the project.

In this way, the original boutique video is less suitable for this project.

First, the shooting cost is high, and the second is too efficient.

Suppose an account releases 10 videos a day, and some people have several or even dozens of accounts. If it is pure original, this workload has spoken blood.

The fine works are more suitable for creating personal IPs, and then utilizing with goods, selling courses, etc.

So how do we guarantee that you can mass production every day.

First, we have to choose the content of content in traffic, such as entertainment, gossip, emotion, society, pet, positive energy, funny, etc.

Secondly, on the selection of video content, we need to choose the content of your own traffic attribute. It is to attract eyeballs, bursts, flip, subversion, etc., can meet the content of people’s curiosity.

Take this big, the direction of choice is the pet, the content is a giant biggerry in the convenience store as a fortune cat, and the customer will always have some different reactions. The content is sufficient, and it is also very attractive. Natural traffic is very amazing.

For this case, we can also go to the extension, like a black found kitten, a split hips, sweet little milk cat, ugly characteristics Animals, etc., we don’t have a store, then we can also take home, such as animals that the owner is not at home, the owner sleeps after sleeping.

Meets new strange, satisfying people’s curiosity, naturally generates traffic.

Of course, you can also choose other directions. The big set of rural areas, gathered every day, the chess and card stalls in the community, etc. can be done.

头条中视频计划全面解析,适合新手做副业,这个方法学会就能赚钱 I have seen the most outrageous, my big sister, 40 years old, take the phone on the window after getting up at 6:30 in the morning, broadcast live in the garden east of your house, noon Go home, then hang it again in the afternoon, then go back to 9 o’clock in the evening. . . It is equivalent to adding a camera to the garden on her home.

This live broadcast, never show, more than 500 pieces per month. Can you imagine?

With the resources of your hand, use a simple way, sustained production content. There is no need to consider people, dry goods, because we are the traffic revenue of the Chinese video plan, as long as the content is vertical, enough to blind, it is enough.

Maybe some friends say, I don’t want to shoot these things.

That uses the second method.

Mixing. 头条中视频计划全面解析,适合新手做副业,这个方法学会就能赚钱

Most of the tutorials are now useful. Because for a novice, it is difficult to shoot (although it is really simple), it is always the best way.

Mixing, it is to achieve original purpose by rearing, combining, then matching, combined, then matches music, subtitle, and music, subtitle, and music, subtitles.

Why is this way?

It is also previously described, with a simple way, batch production content.

Maybe a finely crafted video can get hundreds of thousands of playback, but can also get almost benefits by increasing the number of videos.

Most of the income produced in this way higher. Because everyone does not fully understand the platform’s recommendation mechanism, just more experience, but 100 videos and 1 video outbreak probability, the results are obvious.

It is usually added to the mirror, which is usually added to the tail, replace the title, red scrub, and subtitles, background music, lens change to slogging. I tried a 1-minute video, it can be found within 15 minutes. Skillers can use bulk ways, 100 videos may only take a few hours, and the efficiency is not to say.

Specific way, I am not mentioning here, because it is completely written, you have to do 10,000 words. This specific tutorial will be shared to everyone.

Video editing tools and techniques.

The first kind of video captured, can be used to use the \”cutting\” to take the essence (a few seconds or ten seconds) on the sheet, and the clip can be directly synchronized. To watermelon video.

After the video is released, it commented on a time in time, then set top, manufacturing a topic, and actively interacting.

The length of the video must be greater than 1Minute, because the video below 1 minute (including one minute) does not produce a benefit, but don’t be too long, because it will affect the full rate, the most appropriate is a few seconds.

头条中视频计划全面解析,适合新手做副业,这个方法学会就能赚钱 Title.

The meaning of the title is to attract the audience, increase traffic and click. Even if your video content is attracted to the eye, but a flat-pair title, you may have no desire to open, so good content is useless.

To create explosions, the title also requires certain skills.

First, refer to the templates and routines of other explosions;

Second, the highlights and suspense in video content must be shown;

Third, it can use appropriate exaggeration , Pay attention, do not headline, easy to be complained.


The role of the cover and the role of the title is basically attracting more flow and click.

My suggestion is to do it yourself, not a screenshot in the video.

With the high-definition map with highlight text as a cover, let the audience look at the highlights and conflicts of the video at a glance.

The tool is recommended to use the simple tools such as Meitu Xiu Xiu, after all, the Professional software such as PS is more difficult to operate.


Ok, the basic content is these.

Medium-view frequency project I think it is the most suitable project that is now operable.

Simple and make money.

It is required to be uninterrupted content output.

Ok, just like this.

There is a problem to ask me in time, welcome everyone to praise comments. Thank you ~~~

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