Meweis is rated as the greatest boxer!Half an hour to earn 1.4 billion, Pacquiao Second

Recently, the US submantasto-level unbearable king Melwis, was the greatest boxed by the BoxRec net! Merweather is recognized as the most defensive boxer, in his 21-year career, almost all the master of the same time. For example, these gods such as Awarz, Pacquiao, Jintong Jia, have been eclipsed in front of Meiwei, and he retired with the perfect record of 50 battles.


In addition to defensive skills, Mayweis is very good, and since the famous Compubox system (Compubox is a software for data statistics in boxing competitions) It is also a \”technical statistics\” that the audience is well known. For example, how much two boxers fight against the Chinese Communist Party? Among them, how much is the punishment, how much is the hit rate? one.

In addition to the boxing farm, Meiwu is also considered to be one of the most profitable boxers in sports! In 2015, in the battle of Meiwan and Pacquia, Meiwu earned $ 22 billion half an hour (equivalent to RMB 145 million), so far, incomplete statistics, Meiwei’s career earned at least US $ 1 billion, about 7 billion yuan! 梅威瑟被评为最伟大的拳击手!半小时狂赚14亿,帕奎奥第二

Recently, the world famous BoxRec network (boxer archive network) commented on the best boxer list, data showed that Meweisi 2255 points First, Manny Pacquiao followed by 1629, ranking second.

梅威瑟被评为最伟大的拳击手!半小时狂赚14亿,帕奎奥第二 In addition, boxing idol Mohammad Ali is divided into Argentina boxers in Argentina boxers in Argentine boxers, ranking in the Argentina boxers. 4. Another worth noting this list is Bernard Hopkins (1470) leading the great Schome Robinson (1469), Joe Louis (1466) and Achi Moore (1289). The highest British in the list is Joe Calzaghe, and he ranks 32nd in the 859 points.

Deli, do you think Merweather is the greatest boxer? Welcome to the message!

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