Midowo Industry Observation: I am tired and don’t make money.

In recent years, the national open secondary policy, many managed chain have also been capitalized, and the spring of the hosted education industry seems to have come. But no matter what you make money, you still have the same emotions: tired, too tired! \”Tired, fees\” is a lot of principal’s direct experience, the capital is hot and the hardships of the employees disconnect investors’ live thinking … \”Tired\” became the normal state in the hosted industry, where is it?


1. Time of the transfer fee

The child of the hosted class is generally small, and the school is going to school needs. Teacher goes to pick up. Compared with other projects in other teaching, time and labor costs will be taken. The organization close to the school, the teacher only needs to bring the child over, but the agency far needs to consider the transfer of the car. There is also a big problem that needs to be consumed to guarantee, how to ensure the safety of children on the road?

2. The demand of the students is uneven

The same institution, the students may be different, the class is different, and even the school is different. Of course, the work behind the teacher is different, so some of the contributions that have just begun, and the sunset need to prepare in advance is also relatively more.

3. Parental culture levels are different

Parents have no counseling skills, here is two What is the case:

(1) Parent-level cultural level is not reached, counseling children’s homework (such as the child of grandparents). 米德优行业观察之:我做托管为什么又累又不赚钱

(2) Parent-level level can be achieved, but the child is naughty or behavioral habit, and it is more difficult to counseling.

4. The results are upgraded.

Many parents sent their children to the managed institution to counseling homework, I hope that children can improve their achievements in the help of institutions, but affecting The factors of primary school students learn more, unlike the high school counseling results to increase significantly. Therefore, parents are relatively easy to produce dissatisfaction.

5. Teacher is not professional

Most managed institutions grow up short, and employees start at home members, and they are doing concentric. With the increase of the range of business, the evening counseling project has increased, so many managed agencies will choose part-time teachers or college students to do the evening tutor, and this kind of teacher has a large fluidity, and there is no deep study on the counseling content.

Mide can help you get rid of your dilemma!

High quality service, the responsible attitude is very important for the hostedIf you want, it is actually a lot of hosted profitable space, and there is no problem in making money in the hosted class.

For example: Monday to Friday Napo or Evening To, the weekend is a mode of discipline, quality education, using hosted as an entrance to introduce children to the child, and a large number of students can become a weekend class enrollment water storage pool.Therefore, on the basis of carefully managed, we must use the weekend time to launch a discipline.

Microes have a professional teaching faculty, a good learning environment, formal start-up operation procedures, high-quality team services, the characteristic curriculum system of each discipline, a perfect campus management system.Choose Midowo, full support, and professional team guidance.Choosing Midhao is to choose a social responsibility, choose the cause of lifelong development, and have chosen success!

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